YOU at WMU: Engaging with the wellness platform



When logging into GoWMU, members of the Western community may see something noticeably different on their homepage.YOU at WMU is a wellness platform made for students and faculty members to have something to look at when in need of organizational help in achieving present or future goals. The platform is found on the right hand side of the home page after logging into GoWMU and features a way to set goals and have a consistent checklist as well as useful tools for mental health. The resource allows the student to go at their preferred pace by being both interactive, and individual-based. YOU helps students in multiple ways, from financial budgeting, to information on how to land a good interview. 

Starting with the individual, YOU has a check-list with the different assets that anyone in or starting college can use. It gives questionnaires on finances, personality traits the student can improve on or help to focus on studies. When setting a goal, YOU makes a timeline on the student’s schedule, whether it be daily reminders or monthly check-ins. It allows the student to choose what they need best for the goal they want to achieve. This could be  making a study group or helping a student organize a check-list of their responsibilities. YOU at WMU is an individual-based launch that many students can use to help themselves, as well as make their life easier with days going by so quickly this semester.