UNH Health & Wellness advises students on safety procedures for returning home



Students at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) are taking health and safety precautions as they prepare to return home during the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

UNH students will be leaving campus the weekend of Nov. 20 for Thanksgiving and will remain home and learn remotely through final exams. Students are expected to return in time for the first day of classes on Feb. 1 for the spring semester.  

Health & Wellness sent out to students living on campus a “Know Before You Go: Going Home Checklist” for students to follow before returning home.  

The piece was put together by Health & Wellness and first outlines what students should do prior to going home. In the time leading up to returning home, students should get a flu vaccine, review the travel restrictions and regulations in their home states, and visit the CDC’s travel information site for more information.  

For the day of travel, Health & Wellness recommends to double check any restrictions or requirements your travel destination may have and emphasizes that things can change quickly. Students should also avoid taking public transportation unless it is absolutely necessary to use. Lastly, for students’ day of travel they should delay their plans if they are feeling ill and practice prevention guidelines such as wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands thoroughly.  

Students should quarantine for the first 14 days of being home according Health & Wellness. Their going home checklist also has a list of ways of how to keep everyone in your home safe such as, “Eat …