The importance of an integrated health and wellness system



In light of heightened awareness regarding senior health and the importance of healthy aging, along with the flu season upon us and the coronavirus pandemic continuing, it is an important time to consider the distinct benefits of an integrated health and wellness system that helps keep seniors safe and healthy: Erickson Health Medical Group (EHMG).In a recent interview, Dr. Matthew Narrett, chief medical officer at Erickson Living, manager of Ann’s Choice and Maris Grove in Pennsylvania, shared his perspective on the benefits of living in a community that offers a comprehensive approach to well-being.Q: Why is an Erickson Living-managed community a top choice for retirement health care?

A: What sets us apart in the senior housing industry is our comprehensive approach to well-being. You have to create an environment for seniors — and staff — to flourish, and this requires addressing all dimensions of health and wellness, from the social to the emotional to the physical and more. Because of our size and the scope of our services, we are able to address all these important aspects offering health care services, including EHMG and our very own insurance plan (Erickson Advantage), plus a wide range of opportunities and activities for residents to realize their personal wellness goals.EHMG’s dedicated providers are right on campus and include doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, mental health providers and podiatrists. The medical center is literally down the hall from where residents live, and our providers also visit assisted living, memory care and our …