Content Marketing Tips That Fit Your Needs Now | Hotel Business

content marketing tips that fit your needs now | hotel business


By Meg Towner
With the world outside constantly in flux and life seemingly shaped in 24-hour news cycles, it can be challenging for hospitality businesses to grasp when, where and how to communicate their status with their audiences. Even as the hotel industry emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown and economies begin to reopen, everyone is experiencing events of the day differently, so it is important to be mindful and create digital communication strategies that relate to broad audiences. Navigating this takes finesse and thoughtfulness. As situations around the world continue to evolve, so should your social strategies, which will vary from location to location and business to business as local policies and advisories allow. While no one “best practice” fits all, grasping the options is the first step toward successful communications.  Hawkins International has curated some helpful tips to allow you to execute the strategy that works for your business.
General Tips and TacticsCreating a new social strategy can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind as you dive in.

Use the talent you have and what you know. You likely have staff whose role has changed in …


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Effective Content Marketing’s Five Percent Club: How to Rank Alongside Today’s Top Programs

effective content marketing’s five percent club: how to rank alongside today’s top programs


Creating an effective content marketing strategy is easier said than done. In surveying content marketers for their joint 2020 report, the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs found that the majority of respondents believed their strategies were at least moderately successful at driving business results. As for the marketers who called their efforts extreme successes, well, that only amounted to five percent of respondents. In other words: It’s easy to be good, but it’s hard to be great.If you believe your content strategy has room to improve, it helps to look to industry leaders who are setting the standard for modern-day success. In Skyword’s recent white paper, “Content Marketing Excellence: How to Jumpstart, Evaluate, and Accelerate Your Program,” it compiled several key insights it gained from working on more than 1,000 brand marketing strategies. Skyword found that in order to land in the five percent club—joining those marketers with extremely successful strategies—you need to foster and reinforce quality in your content production.To help you join this prestigious class of marketers, we’re breaking down the top four characteristics of highly successful content marketing programs. Consider these as you assess the quality of your projects and identify …


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Is Content Marketing Play an Important Role in Digital Marketing?

is content marketing play an important role in digital marketing?


Technology is evolving day by day, therefore is everybody connecting to it. Marketing approaches took a sharp turn recently and paved the way to introduce digital marketing to all the internet businesses available. Though everyone regarded it as an expensive and complicated approach first, it’s slowly being a necessity for all your small and big businesses.
Advertisement -Digital marketing includes a lot of elements, and today we will discuss how content marketing is the vital among them all. But before getting into further details, let’s get to the fundamentals.
What Is Content Marketing?
Traditional marketing is fading away pretty fast, and every marketer is getting excited about finding an effective option to enter the era of content marketing.
– Advertisement -“Content Marketing is a strategic online approach that is aimed at creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and compelling content to its readers to achieve maximum visitors on its website without having to be promotional concerning the company and its particular services.”
Read that definition again and understand the worth of good content. It not merely attracts more visitors to your internet site like a magnet but also keeps them lingering upon your profile in a longer …


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How to Measure and Analyze Content Marketing Success

how to measure and analyze content marketing success


By now, just about any brand across any industry or niche is doing some kind of content marketing. Many of the businesses have formal content marketing strategies with editorial guidelines, content calendars, and posting schedules. But not many take the time to carefully measure content marketing results. And unfortunately, this comprises the integrity of the campaigns by limiting or suppressing maximum results.
Advertisement -In this article, we’re going to explore precise ways you can measure your content marketing efforts to get a clearer picture of what’s happening both at a micro and macro level. By the end, you need to have some clear action steps on how it is possible to proceed in the coming days and weeks.
Why Measure Content Marketing?
– Advertisement -Before we dig into the how of measuring and analyzing content marketing, let’s explore the why. In other words, thinking about measure your articles marketing to start with?
Though each individual brand will have an unique unique listing of reasons, you can find ultimately three overarching purposes:

Clarity. It’s impossible to know how your articles is being received if you don’t take the time to study the info and analyze …


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Announcing The Launch Of The Global Lockdown Content Showcase

announcing the launch of the global lockdown content showcase


Across the world, we have collectively been experiencing a huge crisis which has not discriminated. When so many business sectors have suffered as a result of Covid-19, marketing has understandably taken a hammering.
Budgets have been slashed as uncertainty has reigned. At the same time, for those who haven’t withdrawn altogether, brand messaging has felt like a tightrope for most, bringing a huge challenge of striking the right tone whilst putting out compelling content. Any brand message that could be seen to be exploiting the current situation has been met with negative consumer sentiment that could cause long term damage to brand equity. At the same time, many of the traditional ways of creating marketing content, such as TV production, have been severely restricted during lockdown.
Several notable brands have pivoted to practically help – from manufacturing hand sanitiser to donating free or discounted food to health-workers. These initiatives have rightly been applauded.
But which brands have gone further in a way that is likely to make a long-term positive impact?
Celebrating best-in-class branded content
There are great examples of brands that have employed creativity, resourcefulness and thoughtfulness during this very challenging time. Content has always been the strongest and …


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Create an Editorial Calendar to Keep Your Content in Check

create an editorial calendar to keep your content in check


There are no shortcuts to engaging your audience with content.
Marketing automation takes care of a lot for digital marketers these days. But there’s at least one thing you can’t automate: the personal touch of great content. Good content engages, convinces, and converts.
It’s not easy. There isn’t a magic ‘create winning content’ button. But you still have plenty of content marketing tools to support your efforts. And of the most powerful tools in your arsenal is the editorial calendar.
You ultimately decide what content your audience will find interesting and compelling. An editorial calendar helps you fill the gaps, lay out a roadmap and stay consistent.
What is an editorial calendar?
An editorial calendar is a centralized, visual working doc that organizes the activities of an entire content team. With an editorial calendar, content marketers can schedule out marketing materials on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Beyond publish dates, editorial calendars help content teams track content type, purpose, authors, channels and more.
Content marketing was never simple, but now it’s more complex than ever. Content teams produce content for SEO, blog posts, newsletters, guest posts, podcasts, social media, and more. Figuring out how …


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What roles are essential on a content marketing team?

what roles are essential on a content marketing team?


The content marketing team is an essential component of any business’s marketing department.
Content marketing is the practice of publishing materials to promote a business but in a subtler way than traditional advertising. The content marketing team handles all aspects of content — everything from creation to deployment — but it takes a number of dedicated people to make the entire content lifecycle work at peak performance.

Here are some roles that businesses should consider including on their content marketing teams.
Chief content officer. This newcomer to the C-suite thinks like a publisher, leading content marketing efforts and overseeing all content that a company creates to ensure it follows the company’s mission, content strategy and brand message. The chief content officer usually reports to the CEO and is generally the liaison among public relations, marketing, customer service and executive leadership.
Chief marketing officer (CMO). This C-suite role works closely with the chief content officer and thinks more like a salesperson, with a goal of attracting and retaining customers. In the absence of a chief content officer, the CMO takes the lead in content marketing efforts.
Content managers. Content managers do more than just coordinate team efforts. In fact, there are …


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How to focus on content, rather than simply publish it

iam platform login page background


Modern marketing teams understand that high quality content is integral to a successful strategy. In fact, recent research showed that large companies plan to dedicate 42% of their marketing budget to content creation in 2020. At that scale it simply must deliver great ROI.Why is it so beneficial to change your process to increase content focus and how is this accomplished? Here are some key pointers to guide you in your process.Boost efficiency using focus and spotlightThere are many different content types that can boost marketing impact. Chances are your marketing or client account team has explored an array of different content formats suited to a diverse mix of channels. However, this doesn’t mean it has been a focused effort. As important as it is to create a wide net of content to fuel all your marketing campaigns, this is only as effective as the focus you place upon it.Here’s what I mean by this. Let’s say you’ve built a wide variety of articles on your blog. For marketing’s sake, they’re only as effective as their reach. Certainly, it makes sense to share them extensively. However, these efforts are potentially overwhelming and time-consuming. …


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3 Content Marketing Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic

3 content marketing lessons learned during the covid-19 pandemic


Written for the LMA Mid-Atlantic Newsletter by Aileen Hinsch, manager of practice group business development and management at Crowell & Morning LLP Legal marketers and business development professionals know it can be a challenge to develop a robust content marketing program. Generally, if lawyers are busy, their billable work will take precedence over non-billable tasks, which means client alerts and articles often get put on the back burner.

…we wrote more alerts in the first four months of 2020 than we did in all of 2019.

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, things changed. Lawyers began writing as never before. In fact, at my firm, we wrote more alerts in the first four months of 2020 than we did in all of 2019. This sudden shift has given me new insight into how to approach content development, both now and in the future.

1. Specific Topic + Clear Business Opportunity = Content Gold Mine

Depending on the practice area, it can be a struggle to identify newsworthy topics to write about. Novel, client-impacting issues don’t arise every day. However, when COVID-19 hit and states began shutting down, there was a tsunami of new legal issues across multiple practices with direct and immediate impacts on the business community. And …


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