U.S court upholds FCC cap on 5G small cell fees in win for wireless carriers

u.s court upholds fcc cap on 5g small cell fees in win for wireless carriers


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A federal appeals court on Wednesday upheld a 2018 decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to cap fees for wireless carriers to deploy “small cells” essential to the adoption of next-generation 5G networks. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco largely upheld the three orders the FCC adopted in 2018 to speed 5G deployments, despite objections from dozens of U.S. cities. The decision is a win for wireless carriers like AT&T Inc, Verizon Communications Inc and T-Mobile US Inc. AT&T said in 2018 that excessive fees sought by Portland, Oregon, were preventing it from deploying 5G small cells in the city. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai called the ruling a “major victory” for the commission “and for American consumers.” FCC commissioners have said the United States over a decade will need to install as many 800,000 small cells for 5G networks. The FCC has said some 5G services will provide data speeds 100 times faster than current service and almost instantaneous response time. 5G networks could eventually lead to capabilities such as remote surgical procedures. The 2018 FCC orders limited local governments’ ability to regulate telecommunications providers and prevented owners and operators of utility poles from …



Envisioning a 5G-Powered Retail-Healthcare Hub – Op-Ed

envisioning a 5g-powered retail-healthcare hub – op-ed


Mitzi Amon, Director of Healthcare Marketing at Vertiv

If you’ve been to a big-brand grocery or department store recently, you probably noticed some form of healthcare outlet – or maybe you didn’t. These in-store pharmacies and clinics have become so omnipresent, right there next to the diapers, dog food, and green beans, that unless you use them, you may not notice them at all. 

This convergence of healthcare and retail has been happening for a few years and represents one of the fastest-growing corners of the healthcare market. In fact, retail health is growing at 10% each year – twice as fast as conventional healthcare. 

The shared spaces are the latest and most obvious ways healthcare providers have emulated their retail counterparts. Just as retailers moved on from the 1980s mall archetype toward a more individualized, customer-friendly model, so too are healthcare providers – perhaps grudgingly. A large, decentralized healthcare system is more complicated than similar retail models, but patient expectations and other drivers are pushing the change. As a result, today’s hospitals increasingly are foregoing the traditional, centralized architecture in favor of distributed points of care – separate or offsite surgical, imaging and testing facilities are the norm for the modern …


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Blockchain Adoption Is Critical For The 5G Economy To Thrive

blockchain adoption is critical for the 5g economy to thrive


Next generation technology tools and applications have the potential to redefine the economy; blockchain will need to play a leading role.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

There is no shortage of emerging technology applications and tools that are rapidly moving from the realm of science fiction to practical reality. Self-driving cars, the internet of things, smart devices for both individual and institutional use, digital twins of physical devices, and all kinds of other new ideas are quickly becoming mainstream.
That said, and no matter what specific tool is being examined, all of these new ways of doing business are dependent on the information that is being communicated. Put simply, data needs to flow in real time, and do so in a manner that is encrypted or otherwise deemed trustworthy.

Recommended For YouIf blockchain had not already been invented or thought of, it would certainly be in development to address these needs. Taking a step back from the specifics of blockchain, it makes perfect sense that in order for this array of new inventions, products, and services to operate as advertised, and create the economic growth that is predicted, the information that underpins these inventions must be secure.
A smart phone malfunctioning …


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5G is on the Fast-track, Spurred by COVID-19

5g is on the fast-track, spurred by covid-19


CAMPBELL, Calif., Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today Mobile Experts released an RRH Semiconductor Report that clocks the accelerating 5G system as it races toward a peak in 2021 and continued growth through 2025.
According to the 70-page report, Massive MIMO will be a major impetus for the breakneck RRHSEMI growth. The most significant beneficiary for the impressive market RRH Semiconductor market growth is the Power Amplifier (specifically using GaN technology), but Filters and ASIC/FPGA solutions will also benefit.
“In addition to overall product growth, we expect to see significant focus on the domestic semiconductor supply chain in China,” commented Principal Analyst Dan McNamara. “The political climate between the US and China as well as effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to an increased push to ramp up internal suppliers but also a disruption to parts that cannot be exactly replicated in the short term.”
As with all rapidly developing markets, change comes with growth. According to the report, the sheer number of massive MIMO transceivers will drive a huge boost in the RF semiconductor market, though opportunities for individual suppliers could differ case by case due to uneven global deployment and regional strengths for each network OEM. Mobile Expert subscribers enjoy …


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China Unicom hails SA 5G progress – Mobile World Live

china unicom hails sa 5g progress – mobile world live


China Unicom chairman and CEO Wang Xiaochu highlighted progress on its joint 5G network with rival China Telecom, expressing confidence it would commercially launch standalone (SA) service in Q4.
Together with China Telecom, Wang said it “doubled the 5G network deployment pace and capability” as it rolled out 150,000 5G base stations in H1, taking their combined total to 210,000 sites in 50 cities. The pair are targeting 300,000 sites nationwide by end-2020.
China Unicom has not revealed its 5G subscriber numbers.
It said H1 capex reached CNY12.6 billion ($1.8 billion), with the investment for the full year earmarked at CNY35 billion. Wang stated the operators will save a combined CNY40 billion by jointly building and sharing the network.
He said through spectrum sharing it delivers the world’s fastest network speed of 2.7Gb/s using low- and mid-band spectrum.
Interim resultsH1 net profit grew 10.1 per cent year-on-year to CNY7.57 billion, while service revenue increased 4 per cent to CNY138 billion.
Mobile service revenue declined 2.8 per cent to CNY76.5 billion, data revenue increased 1.4 per cent and voice revenue dropped 16.7 per cent. Equipment sales were flat at CNY1.25 billion.
Its mobile subscriber base fell by 14.8 million to 309.5 million, while ARPU declined 6.5 per cent to CNY42.90. Average mobile …


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Smartphone Chip Giant Qualcomm Seeks 5G Riches After Bruising Antitrust Battle

iam platform login page background


Qualcomm Inc.’s legal victory in a high-stakes battle with the U.S. government raises the opportunity for the smartphone chip giant to enjoy a period of relative calm and growth propelled by rising appetite for new 5G handsets. The company is emerging from what, by most corporate standards, has been an unusually tumultuous five-year period. It has faced antitrust allegations, legal battles with its biggest customers, U.S.-China trade tensions, an activist shareholder advocating for the company to split up and a $117 billion…


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Ericsson achieves 100th 5G commercial agreement with unique communications service providers

ericsson achieves 100th 5g commercial agreement with unique communications service providers


Ericsson President and CEO, Börje Ekholm: milestone reflects Ericsson’s commitment to meeting customers’ needs
Milestone includes 56 live networks globally
Ericsson 5G platform helping to drive the company’s success

KISTA, Sweden, Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has achieved a significant 5G milestone by securing the company’s 100th commercial 5G agreement or contract with unique communications service providers. The figure includes 58 publicly announced contracts and 56 live 5G networks, spanning five continents.
The milestone was reached with the announcement of the 5G deal with Telekom Slovenije on  August 12. Ericsson has worked with major service provider partners since the early days of 5G R&D development. The company’s first public 5G partnership announcement came in 2014.
Initial technology engagements and memorandum of understanding (MoU) partnerships were followed by 5G New Radio (NR) technology testing and trials. Commercial deals and network roll-out announcements followed. The first live commercial launches were announced in 2018.
Ericsson’s contracts span Radio Access Network (RAN) and Core network deployments, enabled by products and solutions from the Ericsson Radio System and Ericsson Cloud Core network portfolios.
Ericsson 5G deployments include 5G Non-Standalone, 5G Standalone and Ericsson Spectrum Sharing technology. They also include cloud native capabilities with Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core.
Ericsson …


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O2: Ultrafast 5G technology to play ‘huge role’ in building greener economy

o2: ultrafast 5g technology to play ‘huge role’ in building greener economy


O2’s living billboard installed in Shoreditch advertises firm’s eco-themed customer rewards week | Credit: O2

O2 argues Britain can become a leader in 5G ‘if we invest now’, as it publishes report outlining how technology remains a key component for the low carbon transition

5G mobile technology will play a critical role in greening the UK’s economy after the pandemic, delivering sizeable reductions in carbon emissions that will steer the UK closer to its net zero ambition, a new report from O2 today argues.
The report contends that the application of 5G networks across four industries – transport, utilities and home energy, manufacturing, and healthcare – could help the UK save as much as 269 megatonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 2035, the equivalent of all of England’s 2018 carbon emissions combined.

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It argues the mobile technology can enable ultra-fast communication between the myriad devices working to steer Britain’s economy towards a net zero future, including smart meters that allow households to monitor and reduce their carbon consumption, autonomous vehicles, and smart grids.
“Ultrafast connectivity can play a significant part in rebuilding Britain whilst helping to green the economy, and at O2 we are committed to playing our part,” O2 chief …


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Bosch Launches 5G Tests At Reutlingen Wafer Fab

bosch launches 5g tests at reutlingen wafer fab


As an Industry 4.0 pioneer, Bosch believes 5G will be a key building block of digitalization and connectivity in manufacturing and logistics. The company is now starting compatibility tests and channel measurements for setting up a 5G network in its wafer fab in Reutlingen. 

“We at Bosch started researching and developing 5G early on, and we are convinced that this new mobile communications standard will give Industry 4.0 a boost,” said Dr. Michael Bolle, Bosch CDO/CTO. 

For this reason, the company is taking an active role in the international 5G-SMART research project, which aims to test, demonstrate, and evaluate the new communications standard in real-life manufacturing environments. The 5G-SMART partners will be testing 5G manufacturing applications at the Bosch wafer fab in Reutlingen, as well as at the Ericsson location in Kista, Sweden, and on the Fraunhofer IPT’s 5G Industry Campus Europe in Aachen.

Setting up a 5G network at the Bosch wafer fab in Reutlingen

Industrial manufacturing is undergoing a digital transformation: manual processes are in decline, technical assistance systems are making inroads, sensors transmit a wide range of data and the degree of connectivity between people, machines, and systems is rising. In all this, 5G is the key. “ …


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AGIS with COMSovereign’s Virtual NetCom Introduces the World’s First 5G Cellular Base Station System

agis with comsovereign’s virtual netcom introduces the world’s first 5g cellular base station system


JUPITER, Fla., Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS) announced that its LifeRing Geo-Centric networking software system has been successfully integrated with the RAID™ Secure Portable Cellular Network system from Virtual NetCom (VNC), a unit of COMSovereign Holding Corp. (OTC: COMS). The fully integrated solution enables an instantly deployable 4G/5G Network bubble with full featured LifeRing features in any location worldwide.
The addition of LifeRing Server software to VNC’s 4G/5G Platform enables all PC, Android and iOS users to be automatically networked together creating a geocentric Communications, Coordination and Collaboration system that enables the exchange of encrypted location information along with chat, PTT, voice and video between each user while viewing each other’s location on a map or satellite image. To facilitate complete interoperation between the networked participants, LifeRing also provides the ability for users to: declare that they are in an Emergency, enter map symbols and attach files and photos to the symbols by touching their map symbol, enter drawings on their map for all to view, select map types, send commands, and exchange email like message traffic.
LifeRing software operates as a downloadable App or as a web client. Data entered on either the LifeRing …


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