Opinion – What’s The REAL Reason Behind Why We All MUST Take The COVID-19 Vaccine?

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Okay at the risk of being sucked into a mind goo producing vortex one can never get out of and the possible ruination of my reputation in this industry, lol, I am going to write an opinion on the various statements being made about the upcoming Novel Coronavirus Vaccine and its application to the population of humans on this planet.

If you talk to most people on the street in the USA, most will tell you they don’t trust vaccines, even though the polio vaccine literally saved millions of lives and millions more from debilitating paralysis caused by the disease just a few generations ago. Why is that? Seems strange that something meant for good would be so ostracized. But it apparently is. I think it goes far beyond the avoidance of needles, although I have to say I am a bit queazy about needles (shiver).

So what is the problem? The problem seems to consist of what people think is in them. Nobody knows for sure what is in a vaccine and that vaccine goes directly into your body via injection. That is a recipe for mistrust right there. So it is understandable that all kinds of myths about vaccines creep up and hide under our beds at night waiting to get us.

Some people think that it is a great big global depopulation/behavior modification scheme where they will use mRNA and CRISPR technology to either give you a disease that kills you in a certain number of years (population control) or changes your behavior (make you more docile or gullible). On the face of this, it seems bizarre, but in reality, it is theoretically possible to do both. However, the current state of such technologies is not sufficiently advanced that even if that was something that was desired from whoever might desire such a thing it is not possible to actually do it. The current laws in place also make it illegal to even try and do it. So there’s that.

Some people think that it carries a live virus and can infect and kill in short order. This is not all that far-fetched and there are cases where live polio was given to those who received the polio vaccine worldwide and got the disease and died or were paralyzed. Granted it was an extremely small number, but it did happen. In the case of COVID-19, however, the risk of death or severe complication from the disease are much lower than with polio and in any case, such things have not been reported in any of the trials so far. So while this is possible, it is not probable. There are strict regulations in place now that were not in place when the polio vaccine was invented and widely dispersed that make such an event extremely unlikely.

Some folks, some very smart folks, think that there is a shot at keeping the Novel Coronavirus of 2019 (Official Name BTW) from getting a foothold in humanity like the flu already has done. The problem with a virus is that once it is in your body it is always going to be in your body. Current technology and current medical practices do not allow for the complete removal of a virus pathogen from human anatomy. It hides somewhere where nobody (even our best technology and drugs) cannot locate it. In fact, the only way we detect viruses is when they are active in the system or we can see the immune system response or what is left of the immune system response to the active virus that may or may not have gone dormant (hiding). Since the virus is in you once it is in you, it is in humanity once it is in humanity. The problem is that almost 54 million people (as of 11-15-2020) have contracted the Novel Coronavirus of 2019. We have no idea how many people have to be infected for it to gain a foothold on humanity, but I know this, it all started with one person and 54 million got infected. So is there really a threshold we are trying to avoid? Is there really a way to keep this from being a seasonal infection that bounces from one hemisphere to the next? Is the bounce of mutation from Northern to Southern Hemisphere actually how we get reinfected, or does it have to do with other factors like poor nutrition, lack of vitamin D/sunlight that produces vitamin D, and so on? Nobody has a definitive answer at this point and I don’t know if one can be had. It seems implausible that we are going to stop this from gaining a foothold. I think it already has one. I think we have to deal with this forever, or until technology, like nanotechnology, gets to the point where the entire human system can be patrolled in minute detail and can wipe out literally 100 % of a pathogen microbiologically.

So what is the real reason everyone MUST take the vaccine? Fear, monetization, and politicization pretty much are neck and neck on the driving factors of the vaccine implementation IMHO. I think fear is slightly in the lead at this time and politicization is fanning that fear as fast as it can (which is why it is in the lead). What motive would political bodies have in wanting everyone on a vaccine that is clearly not going to stop this particular virus from gaining a foothold on humanity? I think the list is long, control, and see what you can get away with sounds too conspiratorial for this guy, but I think a tinge of that might be around here and there. Ultimately, it’s about money. Monetization is again a driving factor in why everyone simply MUST take this vaccine. We are talking about almost 8 billion doses. That is a ton of money if you consider the infrastructure that will have to be built to make it happen and the roadblocks that will have to be cleared and the hurdles that will have to be jumped to get such an injection rate completed. So for me, the age-old driver of greed is going to be my safest bet. Hell, if I was a lizard from Hell, I just might bet on it too! (did you get that joke?)

Be safe, be brave, wash your filthy hands and wear a damn mask.

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