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local classified: professional seo services in usa – search marketing experts


Search Marketing Experts is a US-based digital marketing company that has been providing digital marketing solutions to businesses in the United States for more than 15 years. The company offers a whole spectrum of digital marketing services to both SMEs and large-scale enterprises. The services include Professional SEO Services in USA, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns, and reputation management services. The company comprising experts experienced, and trusted digital marketing professionals specializes in designing marketing strategies according to a business’s unique set of specifications. The leading eCommerce service has worked for more than a decade to establish a vast network of satisfied customers.



O’Connor: New program helps minority businesses

o’connor: new program helps minority businesses


Cathy O’Connor
Once again, the Oklahoma City Council has listened and extended help to small businesses in our community. Next week, we launch the Minority Owned Business Recovery Program to provide grants up to $25,000 to help small businesses with payroll, rent, retrofitting the business, purchasing sanitizing equipment or other operational needs arising from COVID-19. The program also provides technical assistance to help the business with accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, web development and more.
The goals of the program are to provide short-term relief to businesses to help them maintain payroll and sustain their operations.
To qualify, the business must have a physical headquarters within the city of Oklahoma City, be a for-profit business, have 25 or fewer full-time equivalent employees and demonstrate lost revenue or increased operational expenses caused by COVID-19. At least 51% of the business ownership must be one or more of these minority groups: American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian, Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.
Our minority businesses are our most vulnerable. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce issued a report in August that showed minority-owned businesses were denied loans to help survive the pandemic at a rate of 13%, compared to non-minority businesses that experienced …


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Make writing code simpler with this $19 HTML and PHP editor

make writing code simpler with this $19 html and php editor


(Image Credit: StackCommerce)
Writing code is about to get much easier for web developers everywhere. The Tumult Whisk 2.0 HTML & PHP Editor is a lightweight HTML and PHP editor with a live preview screen that updates your progress as you type. This 5-star rated app is currently listed at $19.99 for a limited time.
The preview pane swiftly renders HTML and PHP as typed, using the same engine as Safari. Its live HTML W3C-based validation displays errors and highlights problem tags with a red underline. This way makes it a lot easier to catch mistakes earlier before it’s too late. The developer tool access lets you view the console log, inspect elements, optimize the page, and debug.
You can test how your web page will look on different browsers as well. Just use the preview toolbar button and you can view your page in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. The Tumult Whisk 2.0 even allows you to see a live preview of your PHP code. You can also change the preview to see a raw HTML source that was generated.
This app is perfect for those who are learning web development, testing code, or building web pages. It’s originally priced at $29, …


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5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Work for Your Small Business – Small Business Trends

5 ways to make your content marketing strategy work for your small business – small business trends


Content marketing is widely successful for generating new leads and attracting new customers to your business. A full 70% of companies say they invest in content marketing strategy, and 60% say that content marketing is very or extremely important to their overall business strategy. How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Small BusinessBut successful content marketing requires more than simply starting a blog and posting on social media. You need an effective strategy that connects up all your content marketing efforts, and that’s far more challenging. Many marketers still aren’t handling it efficiently, with one study reporting that only 23% of marketers agreed that they are succeeding at managing content across the organization.  If you’re part of the remaining 77%, don’t panic. We have some essential tips for boosting your content marketing strategy.Optimize Your Blog for SEOYou’ve set up your blog and you’re posting regularly, but you’re just not seeing the results you hoped for. It’s not necessarily because your content is weak; it could be that you’re forgetting to optimize for SEO. Only 30% of small businesses have an SEO optimization strategy, which means over two-thirds are neglecting this vital marketing tool. SEO …


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How An MMA Fighter Became Digital Marketing’s Next Big Success

how an mma fighter became digital marketing’s next big success


As the global coronavirus pandemic has silenced the hopes of many entrepreneurs, some have taken advantage of the moment to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations. One of those online influencers is MMA-star-turned-digital-influencer Orel Shitrit.At the young age of 22, Orel has shown the world how the hard work and dedication required to thrive in the ring can translate to entrepreneurial success. Orel’s passion and dedication helped him earn an Israeli National Champion in Muay Thai – an inspirational rise to the top that was tragically cut short by a debilitating leg injury that ended Orel’s ability to train and fight in any further fights.While many individuals would simply give up and sink into a depression, Orel chose to take this unexpected opponent by the horns and pivot to a new venture: online digital marketing and social media. During his recovery, Orel threw himself into learning as much as he possibly could have how social media and digital marketing works, and searched out every possible secret for building a powerful digital enterprise. That time spent driving toward his personal development and skills paid off. Orel soon developed an online media company – which helps online personalities and brands build their …


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Yemeni Development Network for NGOs (YDN) Monthly Bulletin, September 2020 – Yemen

yemeni development network for ngos (ydn) monthly bulletin, september 2020 – yemen



WASH Program:

Hygiene Promotion training for 30 CHVs ,Al Udayn district – Ibb Governorate
Comprehensive cleaning campaign, Al Udayn district – Ibb Governorate.
Health and Nutrition Program:

IMCI training for 15 health workers, Amran governorate.
Providing targeted health facilities with equipment and interagency emergency health kits (IEHKs), in Kharif and Raydah districts Amran governorate.
Discussion interview on nutrition intervention, Yemen times radio, Sana’a governorate.
Shelter Program:

ESKs & NFIs were distributed for 246 flood affected families , Ibb and Ash Shier districts – Ibb Governorate.
A market assessment has been conducted to identify the appropriate exchange company for transferring the first round of rental subsidies for 500 IDPs, Al Udayn, Mudhikhera and Jiblah Districts, Ibb Governorate.
FSL Program:

Strengthening the resilience and participation at local level in Yemen.
Protection Program:

Protection Standards in Shelter and Wash project in Al Udayn and Jiblah Districts, Ibb Governorate.
Distributing hygiene kits and conducting awareness sessions to Al Muhamashin in Ibb district, Ibb Governorate.
Gender Network.


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Web developer is one of Baltimore’s top 20 family-supporting jobs

web developer is one of baltimore’s top 20 family-supporting jobs


Creating tech jobs is important not just for building companies today, but a local economy that’s looking to become more inclusive in the future.It’s something we hear often in economic development circles, and now there’s data behind it: Information technology is one of four industry sectors where a cluster of occupations are forecast to produce the most family-supporting jobs that don’t require a college degree, according to a workforce development-focused report issued Monday by the Greater Baltimore Committee.There are specific computer-based technology roles expected to grow, as well. Alongside a list of 20 that includes electricians, nurses, plumbers and carpenters, the report identifies a trio of occupations that are forecast to produce the most family-supporting jobs, which are defined as occupations that “pay an hourly wage that allows working adults with less than a bachelor’s degree.” They include:Web developersComputer user support specialistsComputer network support specialistsIn healthcare, the report also identifies technician roles in health information, clinical laboratory and radiology.It points to areas where tech skills can lead to more jobs. Getting to that point will require a focus on workforce development and education by the business community, the report states. It also …


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ON24 Will Host FastFWD Summit to Guide Next-Generation Revenue Marketers in Building Predictable Pipeline Models

on24 will host fastfwd summit to guide next-generation revenue marketers in building predictable pipeline models


SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — According to McKinsey & Company, B2B companies say digital interactions are now 2-3 times more important than traditional sales interactions.1 What’s more, new research from Gartner suggests that 80% of B2B sales interactions will occur in digital channels by 2025.2
As a result, marketers own more of the customer journey than ever before, and are at the forefront of driving revenue. That’s why ON24, an engagement platform that enables businesses to turn digital experiences into revenue, will host the FastFWD Summit, an interactive, live virtual event experience. The event will discuss with marketers how they can effectively own the digital buying journey, reimagine their marketing strategies and build a predictable pipeline model with a shared revenue team across sales and marketing.
“Today, marketing is digital-first, and this puts marketing at the helm of enterprise digital transformation,” says Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing at ON24. “As digital experts, marketers must embrace this opportunity and come together with sales as a single revenue team to drive business growth. It’s time for marketers to lead their organization’s evolution to a digital-first future.”
Powered by the ON24 Platform and taking place on October 28, FastFWD will feature a line-up of seasoned …


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The Top App Development Companies in October, According to App Developers Rating Platform

the top app development companies in october, according to app developers rating platform


If an app doesn’t meet users’ needs, 29% will leave it immediately. released the October report of the leading global app development companies, including Apiumhub, Messapps and Scalan Labs.NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Consumer standards are high in the mobile app market, with 29% of users immediately leaving an app if it doesn’t meet their needs. 62% of users would go as far as uninstalling an app when they experience technical, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with app developers, identified the leading app development companies that build appealing and fully functional applications for brands to engage mobile audiences.In October, the top app development companies are:1. Apiumhub – Expertise: Website Design, eCommerce Development, Software Development and more2. Messapps – Expertise: Mobile App Development, Mobile App Design, Website Development and more3. Scalan Labs – Expertise: Mobile App Development, Website Development, Software Development and more4. Goo Apps – Expertise: Mobile App Development, Progressive Web Apps, Wearable Technology and more5. Codewave – Expertise: eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development and more6. Movadex – Expertise: Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Quality Assurance and more7. BeyondKey Systems – Expertise: Software Development, Internet …


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