Opinion: Understanding black rage behind the riots

opinion: understanding black rage behind the riots


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50 minutes ago

I teach criminal justice to a majority White audience of college students. My students are respectful, bright and very eager to do a deep dive into understanding diversity, an opportunity not often presented in their small, rural communities. As a black woman, I am more than willing to act as a conduit to my world that goes well beyond the four lines of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech every student hears during Black history month.
Teachers will tell you we often lie awake thinking of examples that can bridge a topic for students from ignorance to awareness. For example, I connect the moral underpinnings of awarding longer prison sentences for hate crimes to WWII genocide; a society that tolerates the targeting of people based on status never returns to moral redemption.
I have a unique vantage point of American race relations as my mother is white, my father, black. I travel easily in both worlds and am facile with all cultural cues. But I have no voice, no example, no relatable moment for …



Inside Jeff Bezos’ delivery drone dreams: With fake team names, changing leaders and delays, Amazon Prime Air is fighting to finally take off

inside jeff bezos’ delivery drone dreams: with fake team names, changing leaders and delays, amazon prime air is fighting to finally take off


Amazon said last June that its Prime Air drone delivery service would launch “within” months.It’s been 12 months since that announcement and Prime Air still hasn’t launched.Business Insider spoke with over a dozen current and former employees to find out what’s been going on within the team.Employees say the Prime Air team has struggled with years of internal conflict, lack of focus, and regulatory issues.David Carbon, a former Boeing executive who took over Prime Air in March, is taking steps to turn the team into a more mature business-focused entity that’s closely aligned with the broader retail team.Do you work at Amazon? Contact Eugene Kim via encrypted messaging app Signal (+1 415 926 2066) or email ( Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Last June, when Amazon said its Prime Air drone delivery program would launch “within months,” some people inside the company laughed, baffled by what struck them as an absurdly premature pronouncement.The newly re-designed drones needed more testing. The service wasn’t fully integrated with Amazon’s warehouses. Regulatory hurdles remained.Fast forward 12 months, and Amazon’s drone delivery service is still nowhere to be found.A management shake-up has brought a new boss to the group, …


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Listen to What They’re Saying

listen to what they’re saying


As a medium without visual biases, podcasts give you permission to listen in on other people’s lives by dropping you into the room for a deep conversation or taking you along on someone else’s journey. They can bring you perspectives that may have otherwise been inaccessible and allow you experiences other than your own.The podcasts here are guaranteed to add a little more context to the protests you are seeing on your screens. Find each in your listening app of choice.The StoopWith their insightful storytelling, the radio veterans Leila Day and Hana Baba chart the many ways, and meanings, of being black. Every episode of “The Stoop” points a journalistic lens at a different facet of black life in all its variety. The hosts tackle the real challenges, like navigating homophobia in black spaces or finding a place as a black woman in a diverse Muslim community.Come Through With Rebecca CarrollThe first episode of this WNYC show was uploaded in early April. It was presciently timed: This podcast promises “essential conversations” about race in America, and it absolutely delivers. The journalist Rebecca Carroll interviews guests like the actress Issa Rae, the activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham …


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Fake news on social media hits poultry industry

fake news on social media hits poultry industry


LAHORE:The government functionaries, including the senior officials of Punjab Livestock Department and representatives of other provincial governments, are acting as silent spectators as fake news targeting poultry products sweeps social media as part of an organised media campaign.

As numerous fake news items containing morphed images and baseless warnings taking rounds on social media, the high-ups are not only tightlipped on the issue but also are in a sort of hiding due to the better reasons know to them. All the government officials concerned seem to be in hibernation in the time of an emergency situation hitting hard the sale of poultry products in the country, said a poultry trader.These attempts are bound to hit poultry farmers at a time when they are already in deep trouble due to multiple factors. The gap in supply chain of poultry products have resulted in its high prices as farmers had to bear losses of millions of rupees due to slump in sales.The viral posts warning people against consumption of, what they dubbed, chicken laced with coronavirus going rounds since last about a couple of days at micro-bloging site Twitter, popular socialising platform Facebook, instant messaging and content sharing site …


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What the Tech? Spotting Deep Fake Videos Online – Alabama News

what the tech? spotting deep fake videos online – alabama news


Posted: Jun 5, 2020 5:11 PM CDT

Alabama News Network Staff

As if spotting fake photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter weren’t already hard to spot. It’s only going to get more difficult, if not impossible with advances in technology called “deep fakes”.
Perhaps you saw a video from 2 years ago that went viral of former president Barack Obama using profanity to describe president Donald Trump. In truth, the voice of Mr. Obama was from comedian, movie star and producer Jordan Peele.
The video was intended to demonstrate deep fake technology and encourage people watching to be skeptical of shockingvideos of celebrities and other notable people saying or doing things out of the ordinary.
“It’s not just that it sounds like, it’s not just that you see the person’s face, it’s the mannerisms too. Everything is the same,” says Adam Chiara, a communications professor at The University of Hartford.
Chiara has been studying deep fakes in recent years and says the possibilities of people using them to incite people or spread misinformation on social media is enormous.
“It is scary,” he said from his home office Wednesday. “And that’s why I think we need …


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May’s jobs report surprise masked weaknesses that could make the rebound a ‘head fake’

may’s jobs report surprise masked weaknesses that could make the rebound a ‘head fake’


To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports about the labor market’s recovery may be greatly exaggerated. The U.S. is undoubtedly in the throes of a deep recession fomented by the coronavirus pandemic. Yet Friday’s nonfarm payrolls report showed employers added a stunning 2.5 million jobs in May — a shock to the system for a market convinced the world’s largest economy was in freefall. There were certainly reasons to be cheerful about the data, among them a sharp rebound in leisure and hospitality, hammered by COVID-19 restrictions that only recently began to loosen. The unemployment rate also posted a surprise drop to 13.3% from a post-war high, while the labor force participation rate jumped. The numbers underscored how massive monetary and fiscal stimulus have undergirded the economy, while cementing expectations of a faster-than-anticipated recovery.And therein lies the risk, according to Mohamed El Erian, chief economic adviser at Allianz, who warned of a potential “major head fake” that could lessen the appetite in Washington for more economic support. In theory, the May report might be “picking up the impact of data distortions and policy distortions” that could make Congress do less, he told Yahoo Finance on Friday. “That’s the nightmare …


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EDITORIAL: Reporting means vetting, verifying

editorial: reporting means vetting, verifying


We are cautious about Facebook for various reasons that include fake names and profiles, deep fake images, falsified information, fabricated stories and just plain old lies. That does not mean, however, that there aren’t also true and disturbing things posted and warrant additional reporting. We do, however, take our time to investigate, vet and verify. 
Simply posting something on the internet does not make it true.Even viral videos sometimes are not what they seem to be.Video can be altered, edited, falsified or simply contain a select portion of what actually took place.Anyone can post anything on YouTube or Facebook.A newspaper has a responsibility to fact check.A newspaper should never knowingly print false information.That does not mean newspaper reporters cannot be duped or that they do not make mistakes.However, newspapers take what they do seriously and have high standards for verifying the information published in print or online.Today newspapers strive to post information as soon as it is available.Many of our readers have opted to receive free text alerts and push notifications of breaking news, sports and weather in our coverage area.The goal of the newspaper is always to be the …


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Coronavirus: How to avoid becoming a conspiracy theorist – leader comment

coronavirus: how to avoid becoming a conspiracy theorist – leader comment


NewsOpinionColumnistsWe should be sceptical and cautious as we try to work out what is true – whether about the origins of the coronavirus or a compromising image of a politician – but not become so cynical that we stop believing anyone and anything.Friday, 5th June 2020, 7:30 amDonald Trump may lack credibility over the origins of the Covid-19 coronavirus, but a former head of MI6 should be taken seriously (Picture: Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images) Copyright: 2020 Getty ImagesWho do you believe? Donald Trump, Boris Johnson or Keir Starmer? How about the Chinese Communist Party, a former head of MI6 or a learned professor?In this Age of Information, trying to separate fact from fiction can be a tricky business and we all have a tendency to back the version of events that best fits our world view. But the alarming truth is that, sometimes, our political opponents may be right.The claim by former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove that the Covid-19 coronavirus was designed in a laboratory in China, based on a contentious scientific paper reportedly rejected by some eminent journals, echoes remarks by the US president. However, while Trump is a serial liar, Dearlove has credibility. It seems fairly clear that the paper …


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This Powerful Text Generator Sets a New Bar for AI Writing

this powerful text generator sets a new bar for ai writing


|21 mins ago

Key insights:

Research group OpenAI set the artificial intelligence community abuzz when it released a new paper on the latest version of its cutting-edge language generation system, GPT-3. The model was trained on a dataset more than 100 times larger than the already record-breaking amount of text that informed the previous version, GPT-2.While OpenAI has yet to make the code behind GPT-3 publicly available as it did with GPT-2, the results of experiments outlined in the study show big improvements in the AI’s ability to generate realistic-sounding news articles and other text. The model was trained on nearly a trillion words in total, scraped from around the internet with a total of 175 billion parameters to GPT-2’s 1.5 billion. The whole training process cost about $12 million.The announcement of GPT-2 last January led to a flurry of worrying headlines about its potential to be misused to create passable fake news or spam on a large scale. One agency even set up a fake blog created entirely by AI to demonstrate what that kind of abuse might look like.Because of those fears, OpenAI opted to release the system itself in progressively bigger chunks, finally releasing the full-size version …


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Bending the Curve of Fake Pandemic News by Philip N. Howard

bending the curve of fake pandemic news by philip n. howard


OXFORD – Would you believe that the coronavirus was developed by a government to weaken its foreign rivals? Or that “patriots” created it to foment a revolution against “big government” and the “deep state”? Sadly, far too many people who have encountered such disinformation online have shared it with their friends and family.

America’s Mis-Police State

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Jeffrey Sommers
examines the factors behind systemic abuses in black communities, and proposes solutions.

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The Lonesome Death of Hong Kong

PS OnPoint

Isaac Lawrence/AFP via Getty Images

Chris Patten
shows why the city’s struggle with China’s government matters for liberal democracies everywhere.

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Nonetheless, we are learning more about who produces fake pandemic news, and how to stop its circulation. In addition to the health-care workers risking their own lives and the scientists working on treatments and a vaccine, another branch of the COVID-19 response also deserves recognition. Over the past few years, the world’s fact checkers have developed a capacity to spot and label lies circulating in the public sphere. Now, they have turned their attention to junk news about the COVID-19 crisis, helping social-media platforms move more quickly to dispel and …


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