Trump, Biden fight for primacy on social media –

trump, biden fight for primacy on social media –


July 5, 2020 12:27 PM

Associated Press

Posted: July 5, 2020 12:27 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — On an average day, President Donald Trump sends about 14 posts to the 28 million Facebook followers of his campaign account. His Democratic rival, Joe Biden, delivers about half that many posts to an audience of just 2 million.
The numbers are similarly skewed in other spheres of the social media landscape.
On Twitter, Trump’s 82.4 million followers dwarf Biden’s 6.4 million. The president has spent years cultivating a ragtag digital “army” of meme makers and political influencers who retweet campaign messages hundreds of times daily. Trump is outspending Biden on Google and YouTube advertising by nearly 3 to 1.

As his reelection bid faces growing obstacles, his primacy in the dizzying digital world is one of his top advantages, giving him a massive platform to connect with supporters and push a message that ignores his vulnerabilities related to the pandemic, unemployment and race relations. Biden and his allies are now working feverishly to establish a social media force of their own.
For the first time, Biden outspent Trump on Facebook advertising in June, pouring twice as much money into the platform as the president. His campaign is recruiting Instagram supporters to hold virtual fundraisers. And …



Pandemic offers solution to tech industry’s big Brexit problem | The Japan Times

pandemic offers solution to tech industry’s big brexit problem | the japan times


The pandemic taught Britain’s technology executives that business can still happen even if everyone’s working from home. That lesson is providing a source of relief as the nation’s year-end departure from the European Union looms.A range of senior members of the industry say that having to fabricate remote workforces almost overnight in response to the coronavirus has transformed how they’ll approach recruitment after Brexit. A rough consensus on this is emerging: executives will be kept local to headquarters, but most other roles will not.This approach may lessen the need for work visas, something that could be a huge benefit to an industry where almost a fifth of its workers are born outside of Britain. Though remote working has limits, the prospect of being able to attract and keep a scattered workforce suggests the tech industry, and perhaps other service businesses such as recruiting, are in a stronger position to survive Brexit than they may have expected before the spread of COVID-19.Previously, video-game developer Codemasters Group Holdings Plc “didn’t like to have people working from far away,” said Frank Sagnier, chief executive officer. Now, remote working isn’t an issue in staffing considerations, …


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Reasons to Join Digital Marketing Course

reasons to join digital marketing course


With the world suffering from a dangerous pandemic named ‘Covid-19’ virus, jobs have become scarce with lockdown taking effect all over the world. It has become important for every individual to improve his/her knowledge and skills, to remain competitive and employable. For aspiring & seasoned marketers, getting hold of digital marketing certification has become crucial. Why Need for a Course in Digital Marketing?With almost every persona and corporate using modern technology including the net, the social media is filled with influencers. Today’s business, in almost all domains, is influenced by digital marketing. It ranges from customer service to operations to sales, etc. Thus, it is regarded to be among the largest CMO marketing spend areas. Latest marketing technologies introduced has been assisting effective content development & delivery and develops personalized & relevant communications. Digital marketers are in huge demand in the global market and are offered excellent pay package and perks. Hence, undergoing the course does make huge sense to be part of this growing demand and enjoy stable job, especially at a time, when there is lack of jobs across the globe. Is Digital Marketing Certification Necessary?Most digital marketing professionals are not found to have proper digital marketing …


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Working to keep digital marketing on message | Business Post

Information Access and Management (IAM) Platform powers IAM Network - 60,000 + engaged information professionals worldwide.


The digital landscape and social media are constantly evolving, with businesses and non-profits alike doing everything they can to keep up. When attempting to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace, nonprofit organisations and businesses have no choice but to either change their business model to an online one, or beef up existing marketing efforts combining both social media and digital marketing. In this digital arena, where business and commerce are heading, digital marketing…


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How to Create an Omnichannel Content Marketing Strategy for 2020

how to create an omnichannel content marketing strategy for 2020


How to Create an Omnichannel Content Marketing Strategy for 2020 – Influencive ​ Creating an omnichannel content marketing strategy ensures that your customers can start the buyers’ journey using one device and marketing channel and complete this in another.


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InfluenceMojo – the #1 influencer network in India all set to transform the influencer marketing industry – TechStory

influencemojo – the #1 influencer network in india all set to transform the influencer marketing industry – techstory


Takeaway: Saumya, Marketing Head at InfluenceMojo, goes in-depth into working of the influencer marketing industry in India and talks about InfluenceMojo, the leading influencer marketing platform in India.

As a brand in today’s digital age, it has become mandatory to have an online presence. Since the past few years, various brands have adopted influencer marketing tactics to promote their products and services via platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.The global influencer marketing is poised to be a $20 billion industry, with India contributing a major chunk of $75-150 million.

InfluenceMojo is amongst the leading influencer marketing platforms in India that aims at connecting the right brands with the right influencers, helping make campaigns a massive success for both. Saumya Uniyal, Marketing Head at InfluenceMojo, talked to us more about the topic in a one-on-one interview.

On Influencer Marketing in India

While talking to us about the state of Influencer Marketing in India, Saumya said, “Influencer marketing is an established industry in Tier 1 countries like the US & the UK. India witnessed a sudden boom in the rise of influencers and content creators on platforms like YouTube & Instagram in the past few years. However, many still fail to acknowledge the potential …


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Mapp Launches Digital Marketing Playbook

mapp launches digital marketing playbook


The Digital Marketing Playbook launches today as an interactive tool, which is freely available. It provides straight-forward and easy-to-implement digital marketing tactics that are proven to deliver results. A wide range of measures to increase sustainable customer engagement and optimize ROI in cross-channel marketing are listed. The tool covers areas including website personalization, email automation, mobile and social media, paid media and in-store activities.

The Playbook helps marketers and agencies prioritize their digital marketing activities by creating a clear roadmap in three simple steps:
1. Explore and shortlist tacticsBrowse and explore a list of 100 digital marketing tactics that are tested and proven. The Playbook explains the practical use of each tactic and illustrates how this has already been successfully implemented by other brands. Gain expert tips on what you can do to improve your existing activities.2. Score and prioritizePrioritize the tactics which you would like to focus on and create a clear roadmap of marketing improvement opportunities based on effort, value, and investment. Re-prioritize tactics as your business objectives change.3. Share with your teamShare the list of priorities with your team and agencies to ensure that everyone is aligned on what to focus on.Ricardas Montvila, Senior Director, Global Strategy, Mapp, …


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What is digital marketing: A guide for beginners

what is digital marketing: a guide for beginners


Digital marketing and e-learning are two of the most rising concepts today. All the organisations be it MNCs, startups, or SMEs, are competing to have their website rank on the first page of web results. And they are looking to hire talented professionals who could make this happen.The need for professional digital marketers is growing at a fast pace. With most of the business shifting their operations online, digital marketing has become one of the highest job creating fields. As a result of this demand, more and more students are pursuing digital marketing trainings and courses online. These online trainings are short-term and teach the concepts with engaging visual content and at affordable prices. In fact, now at the time of Covid-19 when students cannot attend colleges is a good time to learn this high in-demand skill from the safety of their homes.What is digital marketing?Digital marketing refers to promoting or advertising a product or service online on the internet. The number of companies who are practising digital marketing is on the rise, but why are they using it?Why is digital marketing important?Digital marketing is a more cost-effective marketing channel than traditionally used marketing channels …


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How B2B Marketers Make Webinars Work Up, Down and Beyond the Sales Funnel [Infographic]

how b2b marketers make webinars work up, down and beyond the sales funnel [infographic]


Most marketers would consider webinars to primarily be a brand awareness tool, yet, over time, many have found that webinars can serve varying purpose, and provide support in maximizing engagement, nuturing leads, and ultimately, closing deals. 
Webinars not only present an effective way to continuously deliver onboarding and after-the-sale value, they’ve also, for many, become a first choice for interacting with customers.
As explained by Demand Gen Report:
“While webinars have historically been a lead generation workhorse at the top of the funnel, more marketers are deploying this content type throughout the buyer’s journey. They are using webinars for mid- and late-stage sales conversations, as well as post-sale activities such as onboarding new customers or rolling out a new product feature.”

With data from their 2020 State of Webinars Report as my starting point, I recently assisted ClickMeeting in creating the infographic below to examine how B2B marketers can make webinars work throughout the buying cycle. Hopefully, it’ll give you some ideas as to how your business can connect and engage with customers via webinars.


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