This Artist Filmed His Life With Snapchat Spectacles for a Year and Created a VR Time Machine

this artist filmed his life with snapchat spectacles for a year and created a vr time machine


Lucas Rizzotto created his own “time machine” by recording his life using Snapchat’s Spectacles for a year.Screenshot: Lucas Rizzotto (Other)Time travel is one of those things that fascinate people. Although time travel currently isn’t possible—thank God, as if humans needed another way to make a mess of things—this creator decided to do the next best thing: film his life with the Snapchat Spectacles 3 for a year and create a virtual reality time machine.AdvertisementOn Friday, Lucas Rizzotto, a virtual reality and augmented reality artist, debuted a YouTube video showing the process he went through to make a real-life “time machine,” so to speak. The time machine would let him go back in time for one year, the entire year of his life that he recorded using the Spectacles, Snapchat’s camera glasses that record at 60 fps in 3D. It wouldn’t be a normal year, either. Rizzotto recorded a year living as a “digital nomad,” documenting his experience traveling through different countries around the world. [embedded content]Friday’s video is the first episode of a series Rizzotto wants to do called, Lucas Builds The Future, in which he builds “something crazy” every episode …



This Time-Tracking App Is a Must-Have Tool for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Alike

this time-tracking app is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike


Timemator 2 makes it easy to prioritize and schedule out your day.

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11, 2020

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For entrepreneurs, time management is essential. You don’t have unlimited amounts of time in a day so if you have to delegate tasks or reorganize your priorities, it’s valuable to have a concrete grasp of how you’re using your time throughout the day. Looking up at the clock every few minutes isn’t exactly a foolproof practice, however. Instead, trust Timemator 2 to be the ultimate source of time and reason for your workday.[embedded content]Timemator 2 is designed to simply make timekeeping easier. As you work on your Mac, Timemator automatically tracks everything you do, giving you a simple breakdown at the end of the day so you can review how long it took you to work on specific tasks. You can create your own rules and set time limits on certain apps so if you’re …


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Estonian digital nomad visa finally starts to get implemented

estonian digital nomad visa finally starts to get implemented


The Estonian parliament on 3 June adopted amendments to the current laws to create a digital nomad visa that would allow people to come to Estonia as a tourist and at the same time continue working for a foreign employer or as a freelancer independent of location; starting from 15 July, people should finally be able to start applying for the new visa.
According to the newsletter of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, the bill became a law on 1 July, but its implementation acts have not so far become valid. “Presumably, people can start applying [for the visa] from 15 July 2020; should this date change, we’ll inform of this additionally,” the police said in the newsletter.
The new digital nomad visa is meant for people who work remotely and therefore travel around to different countries. “The digital nomad visa will enable foreigners whose work doesn’t depend on their location to work in Estonia. It can be issued both as a short-term (C-type) or a long-term (D-type) visa,” the newsletter asserted.
The Police and Border Guard Board also pointed out that when applying for the digital nomad visa, the general visa conditions are applicable. “Even though [digital nomadism] is a …


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Why Wizards Of The Coast Apologized To A Former Freelancer

why wizards of the coast apologized to a former freelancer


The company behind Dungeons & Dragons has issued a public apology following allegations made by a former freelancer regarding their treatment while working on the game. The apology was made to Orion Black, who released a scathing statement on Twitter about their time at Wizards of the Coast.

Orion Black is an indie tabletop game designer who created titles like Mutants into the Night and plot Armor. Black was hired by Wizards of the Coast as a narrative designer in 2019, but they recently announced on Twitter that they were no longer working for the company.

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Black released a lengthy statement on Twitlonger that accused Wizards of the Coast of a number of things. According to Black, liking or interacting with a tweet that criticizes Wizards of the Coast is a quick way to lose your job with the company. Black believes that they were a diversity hire, due to being non-binary & black, and that their opinions and criticisms were ignored by the company.

What Orion Black Has Said Regarding WOTC

Black says that …


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The 4 best European countries to work remote from this summer

the 4 best european countries to work remote from this summer


The 4 best European countries to work remote from this summer

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The Guardian view on arts freelancers: they must not be forgotten | Editorial

iam platform login page background


The £1.57bn rescue package for the arts that the UK government announced on 5 July was both absolutely necessary and rightly welcomed. The funds ought to be sufficient to sustain Britain’s artistic and cultural infrastructure until the spring. Had they not materialised, institutions such as the Royal Opera House would have faced collapse by Christmas.Yet theatres, concert halls, opera houses and arts centres are only the pipes through which art flows. While it is clearly important to keep this infrastructure functioning, it is of absolutely no use on its own. Indeed, the purely physical infrastructure is, by and large, the problem in terms of Covid-19, since it presents the issue of mass gatherings indoors. It is the work – art made by freelancers – that matters, and that audiences pay to see.Freelancers, however, were missing from the announcement, and absent from Rishi Sunak’s supposedly jobs-focused summer statement. The overwhelming majority of the cultural workforce in Britain is freelance, more than 70% in theatre alone: self-employed set designers, artists, musicians, technicians, actors, directors, composers, sound engineers, stage managers and many more kinds of creators and skilled workers. This compares with 15.3% across the whole economy. The government’s support scheme for the …


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Lessons I learned transitioning my company to ‘working from anywhere’

lessons i learned transitioning my company to ‘working from anywhere’


For many business leaders, it took a pandemic to recognize that we live in an unplanned world that needs better support for a workforce that is global and digital. And this overhaul goes beyond working from home.advertisementadvertisementThis modern-day situation has shown us that getting remote work to succeed requires a fundamental shift in considering what “working remote” really means. This process means removing hierarchical structures and enabling speedy “hyper decision-making.” It means supporting a myriad of existing and new touch points as part of the multi-experience economy. It means designing our businesses with both customer and employee experiences in mind, in equal measure.This is the new reality we are transitioning to as the world begins to reopen; one where we must balance in-office and remote workers with more care than before COVID-19. We must employ a “work from anywhere” mindset that takes into a range of considerations including where our employees can best serve the needs of the business—wherever that might be.There have been several important lessons learned as we help prepare us for a “work from anywhere” mindset:Human connection can exist without in-person connectionThis fact was proven long before the pandemic with people all …


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How Travel Opened Up a New World of Business Opportunities

how travel opened up a new world of business opportunities


My first solo trip was to Cambodia in 2016. A choice inspired by many travel memoirs I had read and by my mother’s own trip to Cambodia a year prior.When I first stepped foot on that plane – first to Taiwan and then to Phnom Penh, Cambodia – I had zero idea what solo travel had in store for me.What was revealed was a complex, imperfect world full of opportunities, both personal and professional.A single dusty tuk tuk ride and since turned into many. I’ve met smiling and discerning faces across the world. I have been exhausted and challenged.And all of this has opened the door to creating a thriving, remote business.Inspiration to Start a Remote BusinessOnce the travel bug bit me, there was no going back to a regular 9-to-5 job.Except I did.I felt like “paying my dues” was the right thing to do even though I was itching to hop back on a plane.ADVERTISEMENTCONTINUE READING BELOWI had many memories and photos of my trip to Southeast Asia and later Costa Rica, Cuba, and Mexico to keep me company, but a regular job kept me shackled in place.To me, having a …


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eBay Motors partners with Freelancer’s to offer secure car sales

ebay motors partners with freelancer’s to offer secure car sales


The first completed transaction was a 1931 Ford Model A sold for US$10,000.

In what could become a trendsetting move, the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, Freelancer (ASX: FLN), has unveiled a new partnership with leading automotive marketplace eBay Motors.
The new partnership is set to deliver an added layer of protection for buyers and sellers by escrowing client money, ensuring every transaction is genuine and that it meets both buyer and seller expectations.
In a statement to the market, Freelancer said it completed the partnership via its subsidiary, an entity that specialises in secure online payments and with a US$4.5 billion transaction history.

As things stand, is already integrated into both the eBay Motors website and mobile app, with users able to select a digital payment option for both the website and new eBay Motors app, which launched in December 2019. has been a recommended payment method on eBay since 2000, although the new partnership announced today is the first time the payment system has integrated into eBay’s service.
Faster and safer
According to Freelancer, the partnership will allow eBay Motors customers to store their funds with while the vehicle is …


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