Industrial IoT will aid in advancement of 5G, analysts find

industrial iot will aid in advancement of 5g, analysts find


Frost & Sullivan finds that the integration of 5G in industrial internet of things (IIoT) systems will help the technology evolve to reach high speed, low latency, and large volume data transfer.While the application of 5G-enabled IIoT is currently limited to quality inspections, supply chain management, and generic machine control, key system manufacturers are actively exploring other areas in industrial operations where the benefits of 5G connectivity can be leveraged for process optimisation and increased automation, the analysts state.

Significant sectors that can leverage the growth opportunities from 5G-integrated IIoT include financial services, retail and automotive.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the banks, financial services, and insurance sector deals with millions of transactions every day and most of them are repetitive.

5G-integrated IoT devices and systems allow transactions to be completed and recorded at a faster pace, increasing accuracy by reducing human errors in the process, thus improving the overall productivity of the system.

Businesses in the retail sector can automate in-store transactions with 5G-ready radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, which can be attached to items or shopping carts to facilitate autonomous check-out in brick-and-mortar stores, leading to unmanned/cashier-less stores.

For automotive, 5G facilitates data transfer among AI algorithms, sensors, and …


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Industry Voices — Baker: China pulls ahead as motor of 5G smartphones for 2020

industry voices — baker: china pulls ahead as motor of 5g smartphones for 2020


In my last column here I talked about the difficulties of forecasting this year in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. This time I will focus on 5G and some precise figures from the first quarter, stemming from the latest IDC research.

Both Qualcomm and Mediatek have kept to their forecasts for 5G for this year. Despite a near 10% unit contraction in the global smartphone market, IDC research confirmed a strong start in the first quarter of the year for 5G; such smartphone shipments were up to 21 million, nearly twice the total in the previous quarter. They will still need to grow a lot more to meet Qualcomm’s estimate of 175-225 million units for the full year (Mediatek’s range is marginally lower).
A close look at the 5G numbers shows some areas of strength and some of weakness. The US had a strong start to the year, with 5G phones crossing the threshold of 10% of the smartphone market. This threshold was also breached in Australia. On the other hand, in South Korea, the first market to really turn to 5G, numbers weakened. In Europe as well they were modest.

Sponsored by Qualcomm

How Does Support for Unlicensed Spectrum …


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DoD, Air Force Building 5G Prototype

dod, air force building 5g prototype


The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering at the Department of Defense (DoD) and the United State Air Force Warfare Center are partnering on a 5G prototype to be deployed for both defense and civilian use at the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada early next year.The agencies are planning to deploy a private network for team members at mobile operations centers to test out the capabilities while on the move. The 5G infrastructure will be built from relocatable cell towers that can be quickly set up and taken down.
”The Defense Department recognizes 5G technology is vital to maintaining America’s military and economic advantages,” Joseph Evans, DoD technical director for 5G and lead for the 5G development effort, said in a May 28 press release. ”We expect to start construction on the network at Nellis in July and have it fully operational in January of next year.”
The Information Warfare Research Project will seek input from its members on Applications and Services for Survivable Command and Control (C2) and Wireless Network Enhancements prototypes for the project through an Other Transactional Authority process.
The latest test at Nellis is one of five 5G prototypes …


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Verizon Introduces 5G Upload Speeds to Its Next Gen Network @themotleyfool #stocks $VZ $T $TMUS

verizon introduces 5g upload speeds to its next gen network @themotleyfool #stocks $vz $t $tmus


Verizon (NYSE:VZ) kicked off 2020 on a ho-hum note, reporting a not-unusual 50,000 net decline in postpaid net subscribers during the first quarter. Adjusted earnings per share increased 5% from a year ago, but the company updated its full-year forecast for adjusted earnings to be down 2% to up 2% compared with 2019 (previously forecast to be up 2% to 4%) — thanks to uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic lockdown.  
The mobility growth story from the emergence of the smartphone over a decade ago is long gone, but Verizon’s network is proving to be a basic staple among customers during the current recession. Q1 2020 wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough, and next-gen 5G mobile networks should provide enough of a bump in the coming years to keep Verizon in the lead — both in terms of its network’s technological advantage and in dividend reliability.

Image source: Verizon.

New announcements to increase its 5G lead
When it comes to a network’s performance, there are a lot of factors at play. Fast download speeds tend to dominate the headlines, and in this regard Verizon shines. Whether it’s the current 4G LTE network standard or its new but still limited 5G coverage, America’s largest telecom provider …


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The Latest U.S. Blow To China’s Huawei Could Knock Out Its Global 5G Plans

the latest u.s. blow to china’s huawei could knock out its global 5g plans


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The Trump administration issued tough export rules this month, which analysts say could spell a death knell for Huawei’s worldwide mobile network ambitions.

Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images

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Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images

The United States put up another major roadblock this month against Huawei, as China’s big telecommunications company moves to set up the latest 5G mobile networks worldwide. On May 19, the Commerce Department issued new export rules to choke off Huawei’s access to semiconductor chips it needs to build cellphones and 5G infrastructure. The new controls ban chipmakers — mostly based in South Korea and Taiwan — from using U.S. machines and software to manufacture semiconductors for Huawei. That closes a loophole that had allowed semiconductor makers to continue to sell components and designs to Huawei as long as they were made outside the U.S. Analysts say this latest move likely spells a death knell for Huawei’s global ambitions by freezing out the Chinese company from fundamental semiconductor technology and by raising the costs for hundreds of countries that were relying on Huawei components for their 5G expansion plans, including many in Europe. The new restrictions dramatically raise the …


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The US goes all King Cnut over Huawei and 5G

the us goes all king cnut over huawei and 5g


No less a personage than the William Barr, the current (and 85th) US Attorney General has come to the somewhat belated conclusion that China is “winning the race to 5G”. Reality has dawned on America’s top lawyer just six months after Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), announced that the US was poised to take both the technological and moral high ground thanks to his plan to lead the world in the deployment of 5G.Mr Pai said, “At the FCC, we’re implementing a plan to Facilitate America’s Superiority in 5G Technology. (See what he did there with the cunning use of capital letters? Clever, eh?). Pai continued,  the ‘5G FAST Plan’ is already helping ensure that our nation leads the way in 5G deployment.” Half a year later it seems that FAST is actually slow, the race may already have been lost and the few American runners who were in it have been relegated to the status of ‘also rans’.In a statement providing comment on the State Department’s Global CTO Roundtable that took place last week and focused on IONs (5G integrated open networks). The Attorney General said, “The United States …


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Survey: ‘Speed’ Tops Consumers’ Anticipated 5G Benefits – Multichannel

survey: ‘speed’ tops consumers’ anticipated 5g benefits – multichannel


Verizon Media polls consumers, advertisersAccording to a new Verizon Media study of expected 5G benefits, faster data speeds is what consumers are most excited about, followed by high-definition video and better quality video streaming in a virtual tie at 56% and 55%, respectively. 
The study was of 1,000 U.S. consumers and 300 advertisers/marketers. 
And speaking of virtual, the study found that three out of four (74%) said that 5G will have a “significant” impact on augmented reality, up dramatically from 28% who said that in 2018. Related: Television Ad Revenue Down 41%
Three of five advertisers/marketers polled said they are already using or planning to use 5G. For those planning to use it, 65% said they were excited about it being a better consumer experience. Sounds like they may have already talked to those already using 5G, 90% of whom said they are excited by the technology. 
Verizon Media is the Verizon division that comprises Yahoo, TechCrunch and HuffPost. 


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5G Deployment to Drive Global Expansion for Data Center Power Systems by 2025

5g deployment to drive global expansion for data center power systems by 2025


“The increased power and processing requirements of 5G infrastructure creates the need for highly efficient and reliable power systems that can tolerate heavy loads. This can be fulfilled by DC power systems, which are modular and extremely efficient,” said Manoj Shankar, Senior Research Analyst, Energy and Power Systems Practice at Frost & Sullivan. “Telecom base stations in off-grid areas or in areas that lack proper power supply also present a large market opportunity for DC power systems, which can be coupled with renewable energy sources.”
Shankar added: “The deployment of 5G networks across the globe is expected to be slow initially as most telecom companies have invested heavily in 4G technologies. The expansion is most likely to gather pace in the US, China, and Europe from 2021. The Asia-Pacific and North American markets will see strong growth as companies in these regions lead investments in the telecom sector. China and the US will vie for global leadership in the 5G space, which will lead to the increased demand for DC power systems from these two countries in the future.” For further revenue opportunities, power system manufacturers should:
Focus on markets in both developed and developing countries where 5G, 4G, and LTE networks …


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