Digital transformation and sustainability, how to balance both

digital transformation and sustainability, how to balance both


We are living in a digital age. However, the planet on which we are living is not digital; it is physical and its resources are finite. As a result, any trade-off between digital transformation and sustainability must be counted with care, not just in terms of the value to business and society, but also the cost to the Earth.

In pre-pandemic times, digital transformation and sustainability often appeared together towards the top of the business agenda. However, recent research from Dassault Systèmes, conducted with analyst firm Tech-Clarity, found coronavirus caused 38 per cent of organisations globally to decrease attention on environmental sustainability, while 18 per cent put it on hold completely. The same survey found 46 per cent of organisations have increased their focus on digitalisation.

The trend is understandable, even beneficial, says Séverine Trouillet, global affairs director, EuroNorth, at Dassault Systèmes. “While this may look like businesses are neglecting the planet to focus on immediate priorities, going digital is a leap in the right direction,” she says. “By reducing reliance on travel and paper-based evidence, and increasing their ability to collaborate virtually, companies are effectively reducing their carbon footprint.”

Green data and a cleaner cloud

Any COVID-induced conflict of interest …



A Viral Theory Cited by Health Officials Draws Fire From Scientists

a viral theory cited by health officials draws fire from scientists


As the coronavirus pandemic erupted this spring, two Stanford University professors — Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Scott W. Atlas — bonded over a shared concern that lockdowns were creating economic and societal devastation.Now Dr. Atlas is President Trump’s pandemic adviser, a powerful voice inside the White House. And Dr. Bhattacharya is one of three authors of the so-called Great Barrington Declaration, a scientific treatise that calls for allowing the coronavirus to spread naturally in order to achieve herd immunity — the point at which enough people have been infected to stall transmission of the pathogen in the community.While Dr. Atlas and administration officials have denied advocating this approach, they have praised the ideas in the declaration. The message is aligned with Mr. Trump’s vocal opposition on the campaign trail to lockdowns, even as the country grapples with renewed surges of the virus.The central proposition — which, according to the declaration’s website, is supported by thousands of signatories who identify as science or health professionals — is that to contain the coronavirus, people “who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal” while those at high risk are protected from infection. Younger Americans should return …


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Tech Talent Charter ‘Doing It Anyway’ campaign aims to inspire women to consider a career in tech

tech talent charter ‘doing it anyway’ campaign aims to inspire women to consider a career in tech


High-profile creative campaign, in partnership with the Rankin creative agency (@The_FullService), @Global, @PwC, @HP and the Institute of Coding (@IoCoding) directs working age women to tech vacancies and retraining programmes 
21 October 2020, London: The Tech Talent Charter is today launching its first ever creative campaign designed to tackle gender inequality in the UK tech sector. 
The campaign, entitled ‘Doing It Anyway’ aims to encourage working-age women to consider a career in tech, and features images of women from a variety of backgrounds who have found careers in technology through inspiring, non-traditional paths. The women were selected from more than 300 candidates nominated by Tech Talent Charter signatories, and invited to take part in an exclusive photoshoot with Tatjana Galic at theRankin creative agency.  
The outdoor, social and digital adverts, featuring the striking images of the women and the stories of their personal journeys into their tech roles, highlight the need for more women in technology roles. The link directs people to a directory housed of more than 300 vacancies, courses and retraining programmes run by Tech Talent Charter signatories and the wider tech industry. 
“Women’s careers have been disproportionately affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, explained Co-founder and …


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Why You Should Build Links

why you should build links


Help My RankOctober 20, 2020For a website to do its job, it must be as visible as possible, and the biggest factor in this influence is linking. This strategy has been in use for some time, but you can achieve this by implementing a high quality SEO campaign, whether you are new to the linking and construction industry or have been doing this strategy for some time. Something that explains a lot about SEO and its role in SEO development is embedding links. For this reason, linking Building as a Service is very important and to understand how valuable the quality of your links is in increasing your website rankings.
Search engines like Google also use links to rate the content on your site, identifying two crucial things: authority and relevance, which we will come to later. To cut a long story short, when a search engine like Google assesses the relevance of a page, it looks at content in two ways: content quality and content relevance. [Sources: 3, 5] 
Following the Penguin update, Google has emphasized the importance of link building in SEO by making it a ranking factor in search engine rankings. You can spend a lot of time, effort and …


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3 Advanced SaaS SEO Strategies & Best Practices

3 advanced saas seo strategies & best practices


The number of SaaS companies grew from 150 in 2011 to 8,000 in 2020 – a 5,000% growth, according to Scott Brinker’s annual Martech 5000 analysis.It’s getting crowded and competitive.As a result, basic SEO tactics don’t cut it.I compiled three of my favorite advanced SaaS SEO strategies in this article, some of which I used during my time at Atlassian myself. (Disclosure: I worked at Atlassian for years.)Usual Challenges of SaaS SEOA lot of startups see initial traction with content marketing.They build a couple of landing pages, get a TechCrunch article, and hit the 1M ARR (annual recurring revenue) mark.But then they lose momentum.Conversions and traffic stagnate, the marketing team becomes overloaded, and the attention on paid channels becomes bigger.Once a business is hooked on paid channels, it’s hard to get off.And those that get on it too early take away their chance for organic growth.Sometimes paid channels mask Product/Market-Fit, and the company runs into the “leaky bucket problem” – they have a hard time retaining customers.AdvertisementContinue Reading BelowSo, the main challenge for SaaS startups is to keep the early momentum going and scale organic traffic.But title optimization and blog articles …


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Forbes School of Business & Technology to Present Webinar Series on Leadership Skills in Today’s Global Economy

forbes school of business & technology to present webinar series on leadership skills in today’s global economy


SAN DIEGO, Calif., Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Forbes School of Business & Technology at Ashford University will host Leadership Skills You Need to Compete in Today’s Global Economy, a four-part webinar series featuring topics related to enhancing individual leadership strengths and redefining the attributes of today’s impactful leaders.
Each webinar session will feature presentations by a member of the school’s MBA Advisory Committee, who will share their thought leadership and industry experience related to the education and skills needed to compete in the global business environment.
The webinar sessions and MBA Advisory Committee presenters include:
Adaptation – The New Competitive Advantage
Friday, October 30, 2020 at 10 am PTPresented by Dr. Chitra Anand, Author, Global Speaker, and Advisor to High-Growth  CompaniesIn this talk, Anand will explore how Adaptation Theory can be used as a new way of thinking for organizations to achieve sustainable innovation, and to pivot successfully as necessary.
EQ/DQ/CA – The Winning Combination of Emotional, Diversity, and Communications Intelligence
Friday, November 13, 2020 at 10 am PTPresented by Kevin Allen, Founder and CEO, E.I. GamesAllen will examine these three areas of emotional intelligence and how together, they are an intrinsic part of vital leadership skills development.
BQ (Business Quotient) and Leadership
Monday, November 23, 2020 at 10 …


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Maine company makes history building nation’s first firefighting robot

maine company makes history building nation’s first firefighting robot


Howe and Howe Technologies in Waterboro designs and builds robot that helps fight massive fire in downtown Los Angeles

WATERBORO, Maine — At Howe & Howe Technologies they build things. 

They build extreme vehicles for Hollywood movies—fast and powerful ones for the U.S. military, and helpful ones for first responders and people with disabilities.

Powerful technology that is making a difference and making history.

“It was all over the news last week, national news, LA fire department uses robot for the first time in fire. Guess where that was? Right here in Maine,” Geoff Howe, CEO of Howe & Howe Technologies, said.

Howe and Howe Technologies in Waterboro is where brothers Mike and Geoff Howe have built robotic vehicles for decades. Twelve years ago, they designed one that could help fight fires.

“Let’s take this unmanned technology and let’s give firefighters a tool that can help save lives,” Michael said.

Howe and Howe’s two remote-controlled firefighting robots, RS1 and RS3, can unleash a lot of power. 

“The RS3 can deliver 2500 gallons a minute of water so that’s [equivalent] to about 8 firefighters,” Howe & Howe’s product manager of small robotics Paul Ford said. 

“There’s also cameras mounted on the nozzle itself [which] move. …


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ACORD Launches New Annual Event, ACORD Industry First, with Presentation of Study “Digitization & Distribution: The Broker & Agent Imperative”

acord launches new annual event, acord industry first, with presentation of study “digitization & distribution: the broker & agent imperative”


PR Newswire PEARL RIVER, N.Y., Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ACORD CEO Bill Pieroni today presented a new study, Distribution & Digitization: The Broker & Agent Imperative, at ACORD Industry First. This marked the debut of the event, a new conference for senior industry leaders at the intersection of insurance and technology. The new study, sponsored by Stone Point Capital and developed by ACORD, the global standards-setting body for the insurance industry, examines the landscape of distribution across the global insurance industry and the implications on strategies and operating models. The study focuses on the evolution of the distribution options available to global carriers and the investments required for success within and across channels. Based on 10 years of financial and operating performance metrics for more than 12,000 property & casualty, life and multi-line insurance carriers across 94 countries, the study focuses on distribution trends of 1,115 carriers identified as “Intelligent Growth” carriers, having achieved both value creation and growth—outperforming their peers both in financial performance and market share increase.In his keynote address, Pieroni explained that brokers and agents drive significant value for the industry’s most successful carriers. Nearly a full 3/4 of Intelligent Growth P&C and Life Insurance carriers use brokers and agents, illustrating the …


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Oregon-based robotics startup acquires millions in investment – Vanguard

oregon-based robotics startup acquires millions in investment – vanguard


Agility Robotics acquired $20 million from investors in their latest investment round co-led by California investment collective DCVC and venture fund Playground Global, according to their latest press release. This new investment pool will allow the Albany, Oregon-based robotics startup to increase production numbers of their highly-celebrated bipedal robots designed to work alongside humans in logistics, retailer and manufacturing environments.

Agility was founded in 2015 on the backs of 11 years of robotic development at Oregon State University’s Dynamic Robotics Laboratory by Carnegie Mellon graduates Dr. Jonathan Hurst and Dr. Damion Shelton. One of their earliest models was the ATRIAS robot, a bipedal robot that made headlines in 2015 for being the first bipedal robot to accurately reproduce human gait. ATRIAS was able to withstand physical force, such as kicks and impacts, without falling over. 

Their next model was the Cassie robot, also developed in the Dynamic Robotics Laboratory. Cassie was a massive leap forward in bipedal locomotion in comparison to ATRIAS. It was around this time Agility was formed from the team that worked on Cassie at OSU, existing as a subsidiary of the university, which still owns a part of the company to this day. Agility sold and distributed Cassie models …


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Socially aware startups sought for Halcyon, AWS-sponsored Bahrain Women’s Intensive

socially aware startups sought for halcyon, aws-sponsored bahrain women’s intensive


Across the world, socially aware entrepreneurs are working on revolutionary business concepts that will help create a more sustainable, equal world. Supporting them as they incubate their ideas is Halcyon House, a U.S.-based non-profit known for its intensive residency programs. Today, Halcyon and Amazon Web Services are opening applications for a program aimed at helping female tech entrepreneurs in the Middle East.
“This new intensive partnership is designed specifically to support tech-oriented social enterprise startups that are founded by women and based in Bahrain,” said Kate Goodall (pictured), co-founder and chief executive officer of Halcyon House.
“It sits really nicely at this intersection of Halcyon’s goal of supporting entrepreneurs who are often underserved or underrepresented and AWS’ very clearly stated goal of diversifying leadership in tech,” she said.
Goodall spoke with  John Furrier, host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio, during the AWS Public Sector Summit Online event. They discussed Halcyon’s mission and the 2021 Bahrain Women’s Intensive. (* Disclosure below.)
Double bottom-line model brings profit and social impact
The program guidelines state that applicants need to be women-founded, Bahrain-based, tech-oriented social enterprise start-ups. The ideal candidates would be women who have a strong purpose behind …


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