Unisys recognised as powerful AWS partner thanks to digital transformation solutions

unisys recognised as powerful aws partner thanks to digital transformation solutions


Unisys has maintained its membership in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program for the third year in a row, and has been recognised as a member in the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program for its cloud offerings.Unisys earned both designations after AWS reviewed the capabilities of CloudForte, Unisys’ secure solution for digital transformation and hybrid cloud management and application development.

Unisys is an AWS MSP Partner in the global AWS Partner Network (APN) and has achieved the AWS Government Competency designation for deep experience working with AWS government customers.

The initial AWS MSP Program validation process consisted of a multi-day onsite audit performed by an independent, third-party auditor and aims to confirm the APN Partners ability to provide next-generation managed services and capabilities in cloud architecture, automation, optimisation and management of their clients AWS environments.

This year, Unisys completed an online Performance Review to renew its status in the program. The renewal was effective April 24 and Unisys will go through the full audit again in 2021.

The AWS MSP Program was created to help customers identify validated APN Consulting Partners skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration and to deliver value to customers by offering proactive …



How to Match Your Key Metrics to Your Content Goals

how to match your key metrics to your content goals


Content marketing is a key component of any successful marketing strategy.
Just look at GE.
The company joined forces with BuzzFeed to develop branded content, and most people who saw it perceived GE as “inspiring,” “creative,” and “innovative,” leading to a 138% brand lift on social.
But marketers can realize results like those and see how content initiatives affect them only if they’re able to track metrics consistently.
Fully 38% of marketers say measuring content effectiveness is one of their biggest challenges. Only 39% of content marketers say they’re at least somewhat successful at tracking ROI, and just 8% say they’re “very” or “extremely” successful.
But before marketers can determine which metrics they should use to track ROI, they have to know both why they’re measuring results (the reason—the goal) and how each metric ties to that overarching goal.
So, whether you’re focusing primarily on SEO, lead generation, or thought leadership, read on to learn which metrics you should track to monitor content marketing success.


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Ernst speaks on Trump’s leadership during pandemic, protests, being behind in polls

ernst speaks on trump’s leadership during pandemic, protests, being behind in polls


Watch the second part of the interview at the bottom of the article. Republican Sen. Joni Ernst was interviewed by CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday morning to talk about President Donald Trump’s leadership during the pandemic, protests across the country.Protests across the country”I think there’s a great level of frustration across the United States all the way around,” Ernst said. “And as a combat veteran, as you stated, someone who has served this great nation, I truly believe that we do live in the greatest nation on the face of the planet. And we do have blemishes in our history and we need to come together and have some very hard discussions about our past. But the great thing about this nation is that we can learn from those blemishes, learn from those hard times in the past and continually evolve as a blessed nation.””Would you agree, seeing what’s happening out there, the protest, that the majority is actually peaceful and not the way that the president described them?” Bash asked. “Yes, I do think that there are so many peaceful protests and that’s exactly the kind of discussion and exhibition that we want to see: peaceful …


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Understanding how digital transformation engages customers

understanding how digital transformation engages customers


Eric Schaffer
As recently as 2019, a column in Forbes decried the 84% failure rate for digital transformation projects. It pointed out that the failure is caused by a lack of customer-centricity, which is a popular focus for online commerce. As a solution, the article from Forbes recommends customer experience as a remedy for the lack of customer-centricity. Yet as early as 2012, Forrester Research reported that 97% of organizations had customer experience as a strategic imperative. If there’s been a focus on CX for about a decade, why is customer experience still failing so often?
What’s missing from CX?
Noah Schaffer
Customer Experience is good at measurement. CX focuses on Net Promotor Score, conversion rates, bounce rates, and other similar metrics. Those CX metrics seem valuable to commerce , so what’s missing? The answer is: User Experience (UX).
In contrast to CX’s focus on measurement, UX is good at understanding customers and designing in a way that’s driven by that understanding. Where CX is based in marketing, UX is based in psychology. Because UX is based in psychology, UX research is uniquely effective at understanding the story behind the measurements that CX makes. UX research enables merchants to understand …


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Oklahoma football: Gerald Gurney says NCAA needs new leadership

oklahoma football: gerald gurney says ncaa needs new leadership


Gerald Gurney spent 18 years as director for academics and student life in the OU athletic department. Since 2011, Gurney has been an OU assistant professor in of Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology and Policy Studies, and Human Relations. Gurney is a frequent critic of the NCAA and has teamed with Ohio University’s B. David Ridpath to write a reproach of NCAA president Mark Emmert.Mark Emmert’s Decade of DisasterBy Dr. B. David Ridpath, Ohio University& Dr. Gerald Gurney, University of Oklahoma

In fall 2020, Dr. Mark Emmert will reach a decade as president of the NCAA, the nation’s largest tax-exempt and educational non-profit governing college sport. Last year, his contract was extended until to 2023. Emmert earned a staggering $3.9 million in total compensation last year, including an annual salary of $2.5 million.Emmert has enjoyed unwavering support from his board of governors despite steady and warranted criticism. After Emmert’s 2016 contract extension, the chair of the NCAA board of governors, Kansas State University president Kirk Schultz said, “I and the board feel strongly that Mark is integral in leading the association forward as we navigate the complex and challenging way ahead, while better supporting student-athletes.”Heading the NCAA has been personally profitable …


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Allegations of bias upend leadership at Vancouver’s Magenta Theater

allegations of bias upend leadership at vancouver’s magenta theater


A few weeks ago, any underlying history of racial tension at Magenta Theater was just that: underlying, simply simmering.
Today, complaints of racism and bias that have erupted in all areas of American life — from streets and parks to police precincts and even the Vancouver Public Schools board — have also disrupted this town’s nonprofit community theater.
Founder and artistic director Jaynie Roberts, the friendly public face of Magenta Theater for nearly two decades, has resigned from the organization after a group complained to Magenta’s board of directors about her involvement in a racially charged Facebook conversation.
After the group demanded Roberts’ ouster, the Magenta board asked Roberts to step down temporarily and take racial sensitivity training. Roberts instead chose to quit the nonprofit organization that she launched in 2002 and labored to build into Vancouver’s premiere local theater.
“I decided to comply with (the complainants’) demand,” Roberts told The Columbian by email in late June. “It was apparent to me … that my remaining would have interfered with Magenta’s ability to take the necessary steps to diversify and be more reflective of our community.”

After Roberts resigned, the board received a complaint from Leann Johnson, a Black woman …


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Twin Cities foundation leaders join forces to fund rebuilding efforts after George Floyd’s death

twin cities foundation leaders join forces to fund rebuilding efforts after george floyd’s death


Pahoua Yang Hoffman, the new senior vice president of community impact at the St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation, is working with other nonprofit leaders to promote racial equity and help rebuild small, minority-owned businesses damaged in the unrest after George Floyd’s death on Memorial Day.

Hoffman joined Minnesota’s largest community foundation in mid-May after six years as executive director at the St. Paul-based Citizens League.

Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police led Hoffman to team up with Chanda Smith Baker, senior vice president of impact at the Minneapolis Foundation, and Acooa Ellis, senior vice president of community impact at the Greater Twin Cities United Way.

In early June, their organizations created the Twin Cities Rebuild for the Future Fund to support small businesses damaged in the unrest. They announced June 25 that the fund will distribute $2.5 million to 11 nonprofits to help business owners pay for repairs, get technical assistance and disseminate information in their native languages.

A member of the St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation’s executive leadership team, Hoffman serves as its chief strategist for grant making.

Hoffman was born in Laos and immigrated to the United States with her parents after a year in a Thai refugee camp. She …


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Cleveland police, leadership say ‘no excuse’ after 20 people shot and 3 killed over holiday weekend

cleveland police, leadership say ‘no excuse’ after 20 people shot and 3 killed over holiday weekend


CLEVELAND (WJW) — The July 4 holiday left 20 people wounded and three people dead in Cleveland, police report.

In a joint statement today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Director Of Public Safety Karrie Howard and Police Chief Calvin D. Williams all expressed outrage over the incidents.

“Gun violence and violent crime is on the rise,” they said. “This holiday weekend specifically, the city of Cleveland has seen a large number of incidents involving shootings and tragically, three people killed. There is no excuse for this violent activity and police are actively pursuing the perpetrators. We remind citizens to do their part. If you see something, say something.”

The shooting incidents all occurred between 8 p.m. yesterday and 5 a.m. this morning.

Here’s what police are reporting about each of the incidents so far:

July 4

8 p.m.: A male arrived at the Cleveland Clinic with a gunshot wound to his arm. He was reportedly shot on East 148th Street.

9:30 p.m.: An 8-year-old girl was shot in the arm while traveling in the back seat of a car. There is no suspect at the time, but the child is in stable condition. The incident occurred at the corner of East 139th Street and …


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Are Narcissistic Leaders As Confident As They Appear?

are narcissistic leaders as confident as they appear?


Inflated egos may mask deep inner insecurities – what does this mean for leadership?

Concept of ambitiousness, careerism. A golden egg walks through heads the white eggs.


Scientific research suggests that it is shockingly common for narcissistic individuals to become powerful leaders, particularly when they are male. Perhaps this explains why it’s not terribly difficult to think of famous leaders who behave in entitled, self-important, overconfident, and self-absorbed ways. Or why a humble politician, entrepreneur, or business executive is as improbable as an Argentine vegan (in Argentina, where I grew up, veganism is even more improbable than humility, and a vegetarian is “someone who enjoys their steak with a salad”).
But, are narcissistic leaders really as confident as they seem? Leaving aside the non-trivial fact that their confidence is unlikely to reflect actual competence, as there is marginal overlap between how people think they are, and how good they actually are, an intriguing question is whether their apparent assertiveness and bravado truly derives from similar levels of inner confidence. So, even if narcissistic leaders lack the actual talents to match their grandiose self-presentation, can we be sure that their external confidence and bravado is genuine, to the point …


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