First signs of the Google Pixel 4a surface with a 5G-capable version

We might have gotten another hint of the Google Pixel 4a, an affordable version of the Pixel 4 devices, and it seems there could be three of these new Pixel A handsets – including one that could have 5G. In other words, it’s the first indication that Google could release a 5G phone before the Google Pixel 5 flagship.

These references were found in Android code – as Android is open-source, people can access the code readily – and 2020 mid-range Pixel phones were mentioned in a new batch of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), this month’s Pixel 4 firmware dump, and the latest versions of several Google applications.

Credit goes to Twitter user @akes29, who dug up the code names, and was then helped by XDA Developers who pored over the code with a fine-tooth comb.

The big differences between 4G and 5G

New York (CNN Business)The development of ridesharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft, was made possible by 4G. With 5G, ridesharing cars could one day navigate themselves — no human driver required.

Self-driving cars are just one of the many potential applications of 5G, the next generation wireless network that is steadily being rolled out across the United States, and in other countries around the world.

Companies are racing to have the fastest or largest 5G networks. And countries are competing to be the first to deploy fully functional, nationwide 5G, because of the many revolutionary innovations experts anticipate will be built on top of it.

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5G in the UK: Two networks offer the fastest speed and best coverage

5G launched in the UK last year and now, at the start of 2020, all four major UK networks — EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three — offer it but to vastly different extents. To see exactly how the networks are performing, what speeds to expect and the extent of coverage, I toured the UK to test 5G in five major cities: London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.

The next-generation wireless technology promises a big boost in speed and responsiveness, bringing not just a faster connection to your phone, but also enabling advancements like telemedicine and self-driving cars.

The UK deployment is among several happening worldwide from the US to South Korea, as 5G slowly turns from hype to reality. EE and Vodafone have the largest UK networks so far, while O2 and Three are ramping up.

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Addressing The Digital Transformation Log Jam

In the enterprise, no buzzword is as buzzy as the term “digital transformation”. If you spend any amount of time reading whitepapers, analyst research, or attending webinars you’ll see the term digital transformation used in conjunction with a wide range of enterprise-focused technologies ranging from data centers to application development, and enterprise architecture and AI and blockchain. But what does digital transformation even mean? And how does AI fit into the picture of how enterprises are thinking about AI and related cognitive technologies?

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The iPhone vs Galaxy war forces 5G phones to start cheap

Within the next year, there’s a good chance you’ll want a new iPhone with 5G connectivity. Or a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone with 5G connectivity – or some other brand. Given the brand dominance of those two companies in the smartphone realm, it’s statistically sound to suggest that there’s a good chance you’ll chose a phone from one of those two brands.

We’re a few years out, now, from the launch of 4G LTE. The speedy data network launched in a big way just about a decade ago. We were reviewing devices like the HTC Thunderbolt back in 2011, getting excited about the data speed above all else. Those were different times, in a very different smartphone market.

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The 5 Essential Components of Digital Transformation

In what has been dubbed the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology is rapidly changing virtually every aspect of business and consumer behavior. The digital era is upon us—and it’s here to stay. Across the board, tech has had a profound impact on both the B2B and B2C realms. To keep up, companies must align their operations with the demands of today’s digitally-driven society.

This dramatic shift toward new tools and processes is part of the overall movement toward digital transformation. This article defines what digital transformation is, why your business must embrace it, and how to prepare your company accordingly.

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Deutsche Telekom Selects Vlocity for Digital Transformation

Vlocity Inc., a leading provider of industry-specific cloud software, and Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, announced today an agreement to use Vlocity Communications Cloud to advance Deutsche Telekom’s digital transformation initiatives in Europe. The modern cloud software will be used to help Deutsche Telekom simplify buying experiences, accelerate time to market, and increase revenue through new communication and digital services.

“We consider the selected cloud software as the best configure-price-quote solution for B2B across our EU footprint,” said Guido Menzel, SVP Technology Europe of Deutsche Telekom. “Vlocity’s commitment is very high, thus I’m fully convinced that we will execute a successful implementation and gain new growth opportunities.”

Selecting Vlocity extends Deutsche Telekom’s existing investment in Salesforce – and will provide the company with an industry-specific, cloud-based platform to embrace digital-first operating models and deliver increased business value for B2B customers and partners. Starting with OTE Group, Deutsche Telekom’s affiliate in Greece, the transformation will be rolled out to 350 sales users and include Vlocity’s complete configure, price and quote (CPQ) capabilities.

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