Nixplay Study Suggests Social Media Not Doing The Job For Covid-Era Millenials

nixplay study suggests social media not doing the job for covid-era millenials


Since the Covid-19 pandemic bit down on the world late last winter, already successful social media platforms and online dating services such as Match and eHarmony boomed. Meanwhile, newer faces such as Zoom and Loosid broke onto scene as young people couldn’t or chose not to leave their homes.A recent online study suggests that all of that social media activity fails to serve Millennials looking for connection during the Coronavirus crisis. Coming from Nixplay, a digital display technology company, the survey results these young people are willing to bend or break the rules for in-person social connections.

A new report suggests Millennials are missing gatherings and looking to break some social distancing … [+] rules.


Nixplay surveyed 2,000 American adults to understand their mental and emotional states as related to missed events and milestones during Covid-19 Researches then compared the opinions of Millennials compared to other generations.

Compared to non-millennials, the Millennials surveyed reported higher levels of loneliness than non-millennials (53% vs. 42%). S0me 40% reported FOMO or fear of missing out on upcoming milestones. That’s a highly sensitive point for Millennials who created the term.
Both Millennials and other generations report taking time with family and friends for granted before …



Social Media Coordinator

social media coordinator


Two Month Contract: Social Media Coordinator (35 hours/week)The Real News Network is seeking a temporary contractor/freelancer to assist us during the holidays. Optimum start date is Nov. 10, 2020; end date is January 10, 2021. There is some flexibility around start/end dates.

This assignment is 35 hours/week. Contractor should expect to work some evenings, weekends and holidays – but the majority of hours will take place during the hours of 10-6pm, M-F, Eastern.

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Required skills and experience1. At least one year of social media and communications work in a media, nonprofit or political context. (Graduates of special programs lacking paid experience are encouraged to apply.)2. The ability to create social media graphics and short videos quickly, on your own computer. (For example, grabbing a clip from YouTube and posting on Twitter; we don’t mean mastery of video editing software.)3. An understanding of social media platforms, including FB, Twitter, IG, TikTok, YouTube and Reddit.4. An understanding of current events and politics. The ability to communicate about current events in a visual medium while expressing a …


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Hit play: Sports content takes on new life on social media

hit play: sports content takes on new life on social media


DUBAI: Whether you are playing or watching, sports are best enjoyed in person. But with social distancing measures in place since earlier this year, like many other activities, sports have gone virtual.

In May, when ESPN aired the final two episodes of its Michael Jordan docuseries “The Last Dance,” 20 of the 30 trending topics on Twitter were related to it. That night saw more than 1.5 million tweets about the final episode, bringing the total volume of tweets about the series above 11 million. Even before the pandemic, in 2019, 22 percent of consumers were seeking sports content on social media — up 47 percent from just 2016.

In fact, sport — along with related topics like fitness and health — is one of the top three categories on TikTok right now. “In the last couple of months, we have built a concentrated community that started allowing us to engage with different pillars of fitness and health,” said Rami Zeidan, head of video and creative at TikTok. These pillars include everything from fitness motivation and health, lifestyle and workout tips to stunts and street performances, such as parkour and freestyle football.

A 2020 study in Saudi Arabia found that 73 percent of people on Twitter are football fans, with 85 percent of them …


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How Instagram Fueled My Journey From Entrepreneur to TV Host

how instagram fueled my journey from entrepreneur to tv host


26, 2020

4 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

October 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of Instagram. While it is almost hard to imagine the revolutionary app is 10 years old, it is also difficult to envision a world without it. Instagram has exploded in popularity, and with more than one billion active users, it’s no wonder why it is the go-to app for brands, professionals, companies and influencers alike. I find Instagram to be the most efficient and rewarding platform to interact with my audience, and while I look very fondly on its past, I am more excited about its future. With more than 25 million businesses on Instagram and 100 million-plus photos and videos uploaded every day, Instagram represents a tremendous brand-awareness opportunity, something I was recognized for by Forbes earlier this year. Recognized as a top influencer, I collaborate with brands looking to expand their audience, and I understand how the platform can be leveraged to gain immediate results. In my personal growth as an influencer, woman entrepreneur and TV host, Instagram has always been integral to all my endeavors. This was probably the first platform where I found support for The Wishwall. As an entrepreneur, when I founded …


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Scholars tracking social media see efforts to delegitimize election, imperiling democracy

scholars tracking social media see efforts to delegitimize election, imperiling democracy


The University of Washington’s Kate Starbird has been immersing herself in election disinformation, and what she’s found is deeply troubling. By tracking tweets, Facebook posts and news stories…


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Do Social Media Algorithms Erode Our Ability To Make Decisions Freely?

do social media algorithms erode our ability to make decisions freely?


Have you ever watched a video or movie because YouTube or Netflix recommended it to you? Or added a friend on Facebook from the list of “people you may know”?
And how does Twitter decide which tweets to show you at the top of your feed?
These platforms are driven by algorithms, which rank and recommend content for us based on our data.
As Woodrow Hartzog, a professor of law and computer science at Northeastern University, Boston, explains, “If you want to know when social media companies are trying to manipulate you into disclosing information or engaging more, the answer is always.”
So if we are making decisions based on what’s shown to us by these algorithms, what does that mean for our ability to make decisions freely?

What we see is tailored for us
An algorithm is a digital recipe: a list of rules for achieving an outcome, using a set of ingredients. Usually, for tech companies, that outcome is to make money by convincing us to buy something or keeping us scrolling in order to show us more advertisements.
Also Read: Shifting Identities: Performing Sexual Selves On Social Media
The ingredients used are the data we provide …


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Camon 16 TAIVOS Tech Features Buzzing all over Social Media – PhoneWorld

camon 16 taivos tech features buzzing all over social media – phoneworld


The globally acclaimed smartphone brand TECNO’s pioneer phone Camon 16 has become the talk of the town as the trailers have been released and buzzing all over social media. TECNO has released a few videos showing TAIVOS technology features in such a way that it seems more likely to be a sci-fi movie.The TAIVOS technology used in this photography phone has taken this smartphone to another level. TAIVOS imaging laboratory videos show that it is committed to innovative imaging technology to bring pioneering camera experience to TECNO users. TAIVOS technology videos created another hype among the audience and fans are now anxiously waiting for the release of Camon 16 to experience this technology.The TAIVOS intelligent photography system is the industry-leading camera solution. The lab videos have shown the remarkable features of TAIVOS technology embedded in Camon 16.  TECNO Camon 16 is not only the king of ultra-clear photography, but it supports multiple smart photography functions. The core photography functions of TAIVOS technology are AI wide-angle selfie dual camera which can capture selfies of more than two people. TAIVOS platform has powerful image processing capabilities and supports RAW domain image quality processing. The professional anti-shaky mode keeps the video recording more stable, …


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Discover the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business With This $30 Bundle

discover the right social media platforms for your business with this $30 bundle


Technology has made it easier than ever to launch your own business. However, the digital world also presents business owners with a number of challenges. For one, online businesses need to use social media in order to gain brand recognition. It’s not as simple as creating a Facebook page and calling it a day, either.

You need to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and social media in order for your business to thrive. However, choosing the right platforms for your business is important. For example, if your company offers B2B services, you definitely won’t be hitting the mark with a TikTok account. Luckily, the 2020 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Certification Bundle contains all of the knowledge you need to create a winning social media strategy that attracts customers to your brand. This bundle normally costs $2,093, but you can purchase it today for $29.99, or 98% off.
The 2020 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Certification Bundle features seven courses on how to effectively use the most popular social media platforms available to businesses. The first course you should tackle is the Social Media Strategy course. It illustrates why social media is important for online business. Also, it helps you determine which platform …


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Don’t Let Social Media Scare You | The Weekly Post

don’t let social media scare you | the weekly post


CHARLOTTE – Social media can be overwhelming and scary, but it doesn’t have to be.
The secret is to limit it in your life, even if you’re using it for business. The never-ending newsfeed scroll makes us feel like we’re missing stuff, but it’s not the stuff we need anyway.
Algorithms are excellent at pinpointing what type of updates are most important to you and showing them to you first.
Social media is one of those things that is a great servant but a terrible master. Look at your regular schedule and routine and determine how much time you really have for it in your day. Then limit your time spent scrolling to whatever that is. Set a timer if you have to.
Especially during a presidential election year, social media can really affect our mental health negatively, even more so during a global pandemic.
I keep saying it and I will continue to say it, curate your feeds to bring you joy, not stress. There’s no reason to get the news from several different platforms. If you watch the news on TV, skip it on social media. Or pick one social media platform to get …


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#EndSARS: How Nigerians harness social media against police abuse

#endsars: how nigerians harness social media against police abuse


Port Harcourt, Nigeria – For two weeks, thousands of young people across Nigeria and abroad this month took to the streets to call for the dissolution of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), an infamous police unit accused of extortion, extrajudicial killings, rape and torture.This was far from the first time Nigerians had made such a demand. It was, however, by far, the first time their calls garnered such widespread support and international media coverage – thanks, largely, to the prominent role of social media in spreading the word.
Peaceful protests against police brutality began on October 8 after a video allegedly showing a SARS operative killing a man was widely shared online.
The #EndSARS hashtag swiftly started trending, boosted in part by Nigerian celebrities and high-profile personalities with large followings. As the hashtag also spread beyond the country’s borders, a number of Nigerian Twitter users announced they would help cover the phone bills of others so they could afford to keep tweeting and maintain momentum.
Encouraged by the first protest held in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, Uloma Nwoke and her friends decided to also organise one in the Lekki area of the city. They shared a flyer detailing the time and …


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