The accounting technology journey: From paper to artificial intelligence

the accounting technology journey: from paper to artificial intelligence


Join industry experts for a live dynamic panel discussion on the Accounting technology journey. We’ll explore the past, present and future of technology in Accounting and Finance and how AI technology is redefining and modernizing business processes in the industry.While the “old way” may seem comfortable, over 50% of Accounts Payables and Finance departments are adapting and evolving with modern technology to digitally transform their data to make more informed and faster decisions. AP departments can yield positive outcomes in many areas toward cost savings, accuracy and productivity with AI technology.In this live panel we will discuss:The technology journey to 2020, and the effect of current events on the modern accounting departmentThe current state of AI technology and how machine learning can help optimize AP processesHow organizations are leveraging this modern technology to outperform their peers and create best-in-class business processesBest practices to evaluate and digitally transform AP data through AI



Cleveland’s Internet of Things collaborative to launch research hubs on community, business solutions

cleveland’s internet of things collaborative to launch research hubs on community, business solutions


CLEVELAND, Ohio — Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University will establish two technology research hubs to expand the Internet of Things collaboration.The partnership researches physical technologies that are connected through the internet. Examples include a smart speaker or an engine that relays information via sensors. CSU and CWRU launched a research collaborative in 2017 to further explore the area.By establishing two “research hubs” with a $3.1 million grant from the Cleveland Foundation, the partnership aims to present more solutions using the Internet of Things. One hub will focus on how this technology can help the community. The other will explore applications in manufacturing and healthcare.The community hub will also curate a list of “Smart Cities” projects in Cleveland on the collaborative’s website. “Smart Cities” projects integrate technology into public spaces, like the Ohio Turnpike’s “Connected Road” where drivers who enable technology in their vehicles can receive alerts through sensors on the highway. “Universities are key to building a knowledge economy for the future, and a partnership between two of the region’s most respected institutions of higher education is catalytic for Cleveland’s transformation,” CSU President Harlan Sands said in a joint press release.“The …


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Visual Artificial Intelligence on the Edge of Revolutionizing Retail

visual artificial intelligence on the edge of revolutionizing retail


“We are laser-focused on continuous improvements to customers’ experience across our stores. By leveraging Everseen’s Visual AI and machine-learning technology, we’re not only able to remove friction for the customer, but we can also remove controllable costs from the business and redirect those resources to improving the customer experience even more.” – Mike Lamb, LPC, Kroger’s VP of Asset Protection
This post was inspired by a recent Kroger article announcing the deployment of visual artificial intelligence (AI) in 2,500 stores and new IHL Group edge computing research. Multiple technological trends have been converging for some time, and their combination is leading to transformative store operations improving solutions.
By 2021, one billion video cameras will be deployed around the world. Endless possibilities in creating immersive consumer experiences emerge when artificial intelligence and machine learning are coupled with these visual data gathering devices.

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COVID-19 has become a disruptive accelerator of digital transformation trends that were already underway. It takes 66 days or approximately two months to form a new permanent habit. New shopping journey habits have emerged during the pandemic that will require intensified analysis of millions of data inputs to both protect transactions and remove negative experience friction.
What …


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Artificial Intelligence improves clinical trials | Lexology

artificial intelligence improves clinical trials | lexology


In case anyone missed it: attention on AI’s application to healthcare is apparently at ‘peak hype’. With the volume of healthcare data doubling every 2 to 5 years, it is no surprise that many are using AI to make sense of such vast amounts of data, and development of medical AI technologies is progressing rapidly. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in healthcare systems around the world, highlighting the need for technological interventions in healthcare. In line with these trends, the healthcare AI market is expected to grow from US$2 billion in 2018 to US$36 billion by 2025.
The breadth of AI’s application in healthcare is impressive, ranging from diagnostic chat bots to AI robot-assisted surgery. Other examples include AI enhanced microscopes that can more efficiently scan for harmful bacteria in blood samples; efficient and enhanced scanning for abnormalities in radiographic images; and AI algorithm analysis of tone, language and facial expressions to detect mental illness.
But as exciting as the prospects of these AI uses are, exaggerated and unsupported claims about AI’s capabilities in healthcare (such as its superiority over clinicians) threaten to undermine public trust in AI. This is especially important in healthcare, where patients …


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Experts: Artificial intelligence provides students more individualized teaching

experts: artificial intelligence provides students more individualized teaching


Artificial intelligence makes teaching more efficient. Credit: Aino Huovio

There is constant discussion of using artificial intelligence and learning analytics to support teaching. New digital methods, platforms and tools are being introduced more and more, and the opportunities created by the development of artificial intelligence are to be harnessed to enhance teaching and provide students with increasingly individualized teaching. Jiri Lallimo (Project Manager, Teacher Services), Ville Kivimäki (Expert, Dean’s Unit, School of Engineering), Thomas Bergström (Expert, IT Services) and Juha Martikainen (Systems Specialist, IT Services) from Aalto University have been studying the issue.

The key is to listen to the end users
The use of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning is still at a fairly early stage, but technology is constantly evolving, and new opportunities are being discovered. The key is to remember that services are developed for students and teachers and should be kept at the center of all development work. It is pointless to develop services and functions that do not serve end users as desired.
“Artificial intelligence and learning analytics are based on data collection, and it is important to look at it from a useful perspective, to look at how better and more …


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Global Cloud Platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) Market Top Players 2026: Microsoft, Google, IBM, AWS (Amazon), Cisco etc.

global cloud platforms for internet of things (iot) market top players 2026: microsoft, google, ibm, aws (amazon), cisco etc.


This versatile composition of research derivatives pertaining to diverse concurrent developments in the global Cloud Platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) market is poised to induce forward-looking perspectives favoring unfaltering growth stance.
A newly compiled research report presentation on global Cloud Platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) market is aimed to unfurl veritable details about growth prognosis that are effectively harnessed by prominent market drivers and growth influencers.
The report also sheds light on various growth deterrents and retardants to offer a decisive understanding on barrier analysis to optimally identify growth retardants that stun growth in global Cloud Platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) market. In further report highlights, readers are equipped with thorough understanding on barrier identification and threat evaluation
Vendor Profiling: Global Market_Keywor Market, 2020-27:

AWS (Amazon)
GE Predix
Intel Corporation
Bosch Software Innovations
Ayla Networks
Zebra Technologies

DROT Analysis Driver Assessment: This section of the report also clearly identifies the major growth enablement triggers and drivers that push the growth trajectory.
 Understanding Growth Retardants: This report further entails crucial details on notable growth hindering aspects that …


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Top 10 Strategies for Testing Hyperconnected World of IoT

top 10 strategies for testing hyperconnected world of iot


By the year 2025, the number of IoT devices is expected to rise to 75 billion devices.
As believed by the industry experts, IoT will be the frontier for the Industrial revolution 4.0. We are already living in a world connected by things and driven by technology. As the Internet of Things (IoT) venturing to transform the technological world, its definition is not confined to creating smart devices. It is an amalgamation of hardware, software and internet that map out the transformation from a physical world of technology to its digital counterpart.
Every device we use generates data. In fact the amount of data that is generated on an everyday basis becomes overwhelming for some organizations. With IoT, the data generation becomes expounding. If we have to observe the impact of IoT in the current pandemic scenario, we will be amazed at how IoT has touched almost every aspect of the healthcare sector. From the sanitation of buildings to minimizing the transmission risk of COVID by integrating IoT sensors in the hospital devices, the technology has played a crucial role to mitigate the spread of COVID 19.
But the contributions of COVID 19 is not limited to healthcare setting, it has been heavily deployed in …


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RS21 Hires Leader in Artificial Intelligence

rs21 hires leader in artificial intelligence


Dr. Michelle Archuleta Leads AI Innovations as RS21 Director of Data Science
RS21, an industry leader in developing interactive, big data analytics and visualization products and an Inc. 500 fastest-growing company, welcomes Michelle Archuleta, Ph.D. as its Director of Data Science. Dr. Archuleta is an entrepreneur, inventor and practitioner of artificial intelligence (AI) with 15 years of experience. She has 6 pending patents and has published in top reviewed scientific journals with a focus in the fields of systems biology, computational biology and utilizing applied mathematics and machine learning.
Recommended AI News: Intel Xeon Scalable Platform Built for Most Sensitive Workloads
“I’m excited to use AI for good and tackle high impact projects at RS21,” said Dr. Archuleta. “I am looking forward to collaborating with the data science team, UX/UI design experts and developers to identify those ‘aha’ moments that lead to new knowledge, a better path forward, and ultimately, make a difference in people’s lives.”
Dr. Archuleta is also the founder of AIpiphany, an AI startup that uses natural language processing to break down medical jargon and health records into patient-friendly language, so patients can understand and use the information to better advocate for themselves. Her background in …


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Recent Developments Regarding The EU Framework For Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Technology – European Union

recent developments regarding the eu framework for artificial intelligence (ai) – technology – european union


European Union:

Recent Developments Regarding The EU Framework For Artificial Intelligence (AI)

20 October 2020

GTG Advocates

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Artificial Intelligence is a wild beast with astronomical
potential to benefit society, yet still a beast that must be
carefully nurtured and tamed. With its innate characteristics such
as its operational opacity and partially autonomous behaviour, AI
poses potential risks for EU Citizens’ fundamental rights.
Thus EU lawmakers are analysing the best ways to both embrace and
regulate its use.

European Commission Proposal

The European Commission set out an AI strategy in 2018, with the
goal being to reach EU-wide consensus on developing a
‘human-centric’ approach to AI that respects EU values
and principles. In 2019, the Commission published a non-binding
guideline on ethics in AI establishing 7 key criteria that AI
developers should respect, including for instance;
non-discrimination and fairness, accountability, transparency and
privacy. In 2020, the Commission released a white paper that
highlighted the importance of adopting a unified European approach
and set the ball rolling for legislative proposals. Public
consultation demonstrated that there was widespread agreement that
the Product Liability Directive and national liability rules would
need to be revised …


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