FEATURE-Tech-savvy women could beat COVID-19 job blues in the Arab world

feature-tech-savvy women could beat covid-19 job blues in the arab world


By Ban Barkawi, Thomson Reuters Foundation6 Min ReadAMMAN, Oct 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – As COVID-19 swells the ranks of unemployed women in the Arab world, surging demand for digital skills could help many of them find work in a region where only one in four women has a job.The pandemic has taken an especially heavy toll on retail, tourism and hospitality jobs traditionally held by women, but experts say those able to retrain could tap into growth areas like digital marketing, e-commerce and online customer support.“This is a tremendous opportunity. These are areas where you can reskill someone relatively quickly,” said Jasmine di Florio, senior vice president at Education for Employment (EFE), a job training non-profit for young people in the Middle East and North Africa.“We need to teach young women all kinds of digital skills but we also need to continue to teach them human skills – things like empathy, teamwork, leadership… (that) are in even greater demand now because so much is going digital.”The fourth industrial revolution – a term referring to the new era of digital advances that is changing the way people live and work – is expected to double job opportunities …



Victorian government invests half a billion dollars in local startup contracts | ZDNet

victorian government invests half a billion dollars in local startup contracts | zdnet


The Victorian government has handed half a million dollars worth of IT contract work to three local startups through its startup procurement program CivVic Lab.Under the contracts, Ignition Immerserive, CheerMe, and She’s a Crowd will help the state government develop technology solutions for workplace safety, transport, and education. Each startup is expected to receive between AU$150,000 to AU$200,000 to work on the various projects.Ignition Immersive will partner with Worksafe Victoria to use virtual reality to improve safety in the construction industry, while CheerMe will work jointly with the Department of Education and the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions to create an app to address obesity in Victorian teens. She’s a Crowd will work with the Department of Transport to use crowdsourced spatial data to help planners enhance safety and mobility for women using the state’s transport network. “Connecting our local startups to government procurement opportunities is one of the most logical and impactful ways government can ensure the Victorian startup ecosystem is supported and continues to grow,” Victorian Minister for Innovation, Medical Research and Digital Economy Jaala Pulford said. Read also: Australian government is currently juggling 62 high-cost IT projects The additional contracts bring the total government investment …


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Programming for Startups: What You Should Know | BOSS Magazine

programming for startups: what you should know | boss magazine


Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen creating a software product, a lot needs to be done beyond choosing a layout and user interface. For startups, it’s equally important to consider the software product’s code. In this article, we’re going to outline pertinent coding basics and what code creation entails. This will make it easier for you to choose a suitable programming language for your software. Ultimately, this will help improve your startup’s coding efficiency.
Choosing the Best Programming Language
A software product’s source code is the multiple instructions that programmers write when creating software apps. These instructions guide computers on what to do and how to do it. Typically, this list of instructions is created in the computers’ word processing program as programmers develop a program.
Computers can comprehend binary language 0’s and 1’s. The translation of the code into binary language is referred to as compiling. After compiling, a computer can quickly and effectively process complex and large swaths of information.
Programming Languages Hierarchy
Programming languages fall into three categories. These are:

Low-level languages: These directly communicate to the device that runs the program. They include C, C++, and C#.
Middle-level languages: These begin to connect the …


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These 4 Startups Show Why The Natural Foods Space Has Untapped Opportunity

these 4 startups show why the natural foods space has untapped opportunity



The organic and natural foods market has been outpacing the growth of the overall food industry for years. In 2019, it grew at 5% compared to 1.7% for the overall food market. 
In 2020, the pandemic has accelerated the growth of the natural food space. Organic produce growth alone was up 20%. As more families have stayed at home, their food of choice has shifted towards organic food options. Consumers want to eat healthier, especially in light of findings that poor diets can make you more vulnerable to the coronavirus.
All this suggests that there are great opportunities for entrepreneurs in the natural foods space. The startups of today may become the mainstream brands of tomorrow. Here are three startups making inroads capitalizing on the natural foods trend.

Daily Harvest
Recommended For YouNot long ago, various specialty food delivery services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh led a wave of meal-prep delivery services that gained traction in major markets across the U.S. While there was a novelty effect with the introduction of these products, with the pandemic, they’ve seen renewed growth. Consumers want to avoid the grocery store and have more time at home, making meal kits an ideal product.
One such …


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This Black Female-Led Coalition Wants To Double The Number Of Women Of Color In Tech

this black female-led coalition wants to double the number of women of color in tech


Dwana Franklin-Davis brings decades of experience in tech to her role as CEO of Reboot … [+] Representation.

J. Harris Photography

Tech coalition Reboot Representation is working to close the gap for underrepresented women of color in tech with a goal of doubling the number of women from underrepresented groups who receive computing degrees by 2025.
It’s an ambitious goal. After all, the number of Black, Latinx and Native American women who receive computing degrees has fallen nearly 40% over the past decade. Dwana Franklin-Davis, CEO of Reboot Representation, who’s held senior positions at companies including Mastercard and IBM, is drawing upon her experience to motivate up-and-coming women of color in the field. 
“I am a Black woman in tech and have had a long journey through struggles and battles to rise in the tech industry,” says Franklin-Davis. “We see this moment as an opportunity to build equity. This is the time for progress to be made. This is an opportunity for women of color, who may not have the opportunity to enter into tech spaces otherwise.” 

Recommended For YouThrough its Black Females Moving Forward in Computing Program, in partnership with the United Negro College Fund, Reboot Representation is offering Black women …


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4 Startups Tapped to Pilot Capabilities at Defense’s 5G Living Lab

4 startups tapped to pilot capabilities at defense’s 5g living lab


Four startups this week won $50K a piece and an opportunity to pilot and test out their technologies at the Marine Corps Air Station, or MCAS, Miramar’s 5G Living Lab in San Diego.The chosen companies—COMSovereign, GenXComm, Omnispace, and vRotors—competed against nearly 50 total for the top spots through the National Security Innovation Network or NSIN’s Navy/USMC 5G Pitch Competition. That network is an organization within the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit.“All of the winners are developing technology that either will help the Marines establish and deploy secure 5G networks domestically and abroad, or uses the benefits of 5G networks to deliver new strategic capabilities to the war fighter,” NSIN’s Pacific South Regional Director Jesse Gipe explained.In an email to Nextgov Thursday, Gipe and others involved shared details into what the selected players have to offer and what will come next.Fifth-generation wireless technology is expected to introduce next-level connectivity and disrupt the world’s mobile landscape. In July, the Marine Corps and Verizon teamed up to launch the living lab as a testbed for the strategic exploration of 5G-enabled defense applications and use cases. The move marked the first time Verizon’s 5 …


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Data Company aims to usher more underrepresented groups into tech

data company aims to usher more underrepresented groups into tech


The presentations will be streamed on online tutoring service Varsity Tutors at 7 p.m. on Nov. 4 and Dec. 16 and will be available online and on YouTube afterward, said Howson, who is to lead the Nov. 4 presentation. She will be joined by Kirk Borne, chief data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the largest security contractors in the U.S., and by other professionals who use data in their jobs.


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Developer productivity tools startup Raycast raises $2.7M from Accel

developer productivity tools startup raycast raises $2.7m from accel


Workplace SaaS tools for teams have seen rocket ship growth in the past several years, and that adoption has given rise to a host of software tools geared towards improving individual productivity. Many of the startups behind these tools see building a cult following among individual users as the best way to set themselves up for later enterprise-wide success.
Raycast is a developer-focused productivity tool that aims to be the quickest way to get common tasks done. Today, it’s launching into public beta and sharing with TechCrunch that the team has raised new funding from Accel months after graduating from Y Combinator.
The company has closed a $2.7 million seed round led by Accel with participation from YC, Jeff Morris Jr.’s Chapter One fund as well as angel investors Charlie Cheever, Calvin French-Owen and Manik Gupta .
The desktop software takes a note from peers like Superhuman and Command E, allowing users to quickly pull up and modify data with keyboard shortcuts. Users can easily create and re-modify issues in Jira, merge pull requests in Github and find documents. The software is very much a developer-focused version of the Apple’s Spotlight search that aims to help software engineers navigate …


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