Business owners worried about possibility of more shutdowns as COVID-19 cases rise

business owners worried about possibility of more shutdowns as covid-19 cases rise


With a new record of daily coronavirus cases in Ohio set Saturday at 2,800, many business owners are concerned about what’s to come. Just last week, Governor Mike DeWine said he is not ruling out the possibility of more closures or shutdowns. Saturday was a great day for business for many bars and restaurants as the Buckeyes conquered Nebraska. But, for many business owners, a boom in business is hard to come by these days.



“I was very surprised,” Business leaders respond to CARES act funding announcement

“i was very surprised,” business leaders respond to cares act funding announcement


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – Governor Mike DeWine has announced apackage which will allocate more than $419 million to businesses across the state. On this post on Twitter, you can see that money will be allocated to seven different areas. Governor DeWine says this money would be coming from the CARES act and could be approved by the State Controlling Board as soon as Monday. Then, on November 2, businesses can start applying.


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Omaha bars, restaurants enjoy Huskers gameday business

omaha bars, restaurants enjoy huskers gameday business


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha bars and restaurants welcomed Husker fans for the start of their season.Saturday brought much-needed business. Now the Session Room says bars and restaurants need to keep their commitment to state health measures.Some establishments were almost as full as they could be.State health measures limit parties to eight per table and the Session Room can use all the business it can get.The owners are encouraging others to keep following the state’s guidance.“It is like babysitting. It is not our responsibility for you to know the rules, I post the rules, please follow those rules so we can stay open and continue serving you enjoying Husker games in an environment like this safely,” said Cindy Schnittgrund of the Session Room.The Session Room expects even more fans looking for a place to watch the Huskers’ home game next weekend.It’s an exciting scene for businesses who have adjusted all year to the pandemic.Copyright 2020 WOWT. All rights reserved.


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‘Pitch Night’ event to explore business opportunities

‘pitch night’ event to explore business opportunities


WINCHESTER — Crystel Smith has had an itch to hold an event that resembles the popular television show, “Shark Tank,” in the Winchester area. Next month, that will become a reality.Smith, who owns and operates Crystel Clear Business Strategies as a business coach and more, has partnered with Alex Skinner, the founder of InnoVault Coworking in Winchester, to host what the duo is calling a Pitch Night.The event will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Nov. 11 at the InnoVault Coworking Banking Hall at 100 N. Loudoun St., and will feature registered participants’ ideas for their new business or ideas for furthering one’s current business.One winner will receive a one-month business coaching session valued at $1,2000 from Smith, a one-year flex-time membership with InnoVault valued at $2,388 and a prize of $1,000.Smith said she always had the idea for a pitch night in the back of her head, but when she met Skinner at InnoVault and the two began talking about it she said she knew she could make it a reality.Skinner, who is also an economic anthropologist and the CFO of startup IP Haus, said he’d first been introduced to the concept about six years in Mongolia.“These …


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Business News: Oct. 24

business news: oct. 24


Walker JonesVirginia Continuing Legal Education, the nonprofit educational division of the Virginia Law Foundation, has just published Julia Savage’s publication “Virginia Family Law: A Systematic Approach.” Savage is a partner with Walker Jones PC, with offices in Warrenton and Washington, Virginia.The publication is a more than 1,000-page resource addressing divorce, annulment, pretrial diversion by the court, spousal support, child support, property, child custody and visitation, domestic violence, and more. The two volumes were written in 1998 and subsequently went through several revisions by Professor Richard D. Balnave, a professor emeritus of law at University of Virginia School of Law. Savage created the updates to the revised volumes with the most current law and newest statutory developments.

Available in print and electronic formats, this family law publication covers many recent changes in the law and the latest requirements regarding family law. More than 200 usable forms are included.As a member of the Virginia State Bar, Savage served on the Committee on Lawyer Discipline for nine years and on the Board of Governors for the Family Law Section for five years. From 2002-18, she held an appointment through the Supreme Court of Virginia to serve as a substitute judge. She serves …


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County increases business aid

county increases business aid


Additional aid is on the way for some local businesses suffering during the pandemic after an increase to Stanislaus County’s Business Grant Program was approved by the Board of Supervisors this month. Supervisors on Oct. 13 approved $5.4 million in additional CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funding for the grant program, which originally consisted of $10 million first approved in July. The newly-adjusted $15.4 million in business revitalization and economic development support funding will be distributed through Valley First Credit Union to qualifying businesses and will allow those with applications scoring 65 percent or higher to receive grant money. The previously-approved CARES Act funding limited grant awards to business applications scoring 72 percent or higher. A total of 1,333 applications were received for the grant program during the application period of July 31 through Aug. 28, and 303 of those businesses were able to complete their applications thanks to the assistance of community navigators from six local organizations throughout Stanislaus County.  District 3 Supervisors Terry Withrow said the navigators are a great example at the County responding to feedback that more can be done for disadvantaged communities. “These navigators that we had out there did great work to go out there and try…and there were 303 businesses that were reached that …


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Eye on KELOLAND: A father and daughter business

eye on keloland: a father and daughter business


BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) – While it’s pretty easy to send an email or text to someone, it can be much more meaningful to receive something in the mail, whether that be a postcard or even a letter. One KELOLAND family is hoping more people will take that extra effort to do that with the help of their homemade greeting and postcards.

It’s a busy afternoon for this father and daughter in Brookings.

The two are hard at work creating products for their hand drawn stationery business – Kevin and Kaia.

“I’ve always liked to draw, it’s been something that is just a hobby of mine and so I started to draw and I would draw the pictures and Kaia would color them,” co-founder of Kevin and Kaia, Kaia’s dad, Kevin Smith said.

“I’ve always really like art so we wanted to make something creative,” co-founder Kevin and Kaia, daughter, Kaia Smith said.

As part of their business, the two create greeting cards, stickers, and postcards. They are hand drawn by Kevin, while Kaia takes the time to color the drawings.

“Our cards are done with on heavy cardstock, I use pencil and marker and then …


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Business Beat: Genesis in Williston

business beat: genesis in williston


Local News

Posted: Oct 23, 2020 / 06:52 PM CDT
/ Updated: Oct 23, 2020 / 10:17 PM CDT

A family owned business in Williston is reinventing itself.

What once was Starboard in Williston is now Genesis.

Name brand eye wear, jackets and shirts are just a few of their many selections.

The new business re-opened its doors at the beginning of the year hoping to create a family-oriented environment.

“We love people. The staff we have right now, they’re amazing to be around. They want to talk to you, they want to help you, and when we relaunched as a new company the idea was to create a style that the customer wants,” Store Manager Keiona Trimmer said.

Trimmer says they’re open Monday through Saturday.


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Rockville-based business boasts better baby booger picker | WTOP

rockville-based business boasts better baby booger picker | wtop


A small Rockville, Maryland, business is partnering with Walmart to sell a unique product the company calls the better booger picker tool for babies.
“It’s just a better way to clean your baby’s nose,” said Nina Farzin, the founder of the company and the product Oogiebear.
Farzin is the mother of three and holds a doctor of pharmacy degree.
“The booger picker. It’s the better booger picker. That’s what we refer to ourselves as,” Farzin said. “All the traditional, older methods address suction. And it just did not serve my daughter very well.”
The tool — promoted as a device to clear a baby’s nasal passages of mucus and ear canals of wax — includes a picking wand on a broad base that depicts the face of a bear.
“And the bear face is not just cute, it actually prevents the product [from going] further up the nose or inside the ear,” Farzin said.
Pediatricians counsel parents not to worry about ear wax and not to put anything in a child’s ear canal, but Farzin insists the limited access allowed by the design makes it safe.
The product is already available from some online retailers and …


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Business Spotlight | De Soto business specializes in marketing services for churches

business spotlight | de soto business specializes in marketing services for churches



Russ Ward explains the use of the logo and banner in the new welcome area at Murphysboro’s Berean Christian Church. Ward’s company, Speiro Communications, specializes in marketing efforts for churches. 


For The Southern
A big part of what Russ Ward’s company, Speiro Communication, does is providing public relations, marketing and social media services for a variety of companies around the nation. Of course, the goal for each company is to, in each case, meet the needs of the clients and reach their desired outcomes.With the rest of the company’s clients, Speiro strives to answer a higher calling. The De Soto-based company offers services and tools designed to help churches achieve both spiritual and numerical growth.“Our mission is to assist churches and businesses of all sizes in the means of conveying a message to a community, nation or world and to a generation that needs it,” the company’s website reads.For Ward, working with churches is not that different from working with for-profit businesses.“The thing is, it is different, but it’s the same,” he explains. “When you think about it, the goal and purpose of churches is to, …


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