3D printed masks at The Citadel help save lives

While the 3D printers in the Daniel Library at The Citadel sat dormant, the man in charge of them had an idea. His idea was that these printers could be used to save lives, and other professors at the university agreed with him. So, for the past week and a half, Dan Hawkins, Dr. James Bezjian and Dr. Sarah Imam have been hard at work 3D printing six medical masks a day to be donated to the Medical University of South Carolina. This culminated Monday in the first drop-off of masks to MUSC.

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Loveland 3D printing startup prepares to release first product

LOVELAND — A new Loveland startup, built in the aftermath of former Loveland 3D printing company Aleph Objects Inc., soon will begin marketing its first 3D printer designed for the educational and small-business market. The company, called SynDaver West, is a division of Tampa, Florida-based SynDaver Labs Inc. SynDaver Labs makes synthetic cadavers for use in medical research, medical schools and other applications. “We’re the 3D printing division of SynDaver Labs,” said Curt Ketner, vice president of the Loveland company that began operations in January and employs 10 people. It is located in 7,500 square feet of space at 3121 N. Garfield Ave. near the former Hobby Lobby store. Ketner, who has been with the company since December, is in startup mode but has benefited from the experience of 3D printing professionals in the region. That experience has resulted in development of the company’s first printer, which is within days of release into the market.

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Materialise develops 3D printed connector for non-invasive PEEP masks

Belgian 3D printing company Materialise has developed a 3D printed conversion kit to create oxygen PEEP masks which could help to reduce the strain on mechanical ventilator supplies. The mask is designed to be fabricated from easily accessible medical equipment and the 3D printed Materialise NIP (non-invasive PEEP mask) Connector. While mechanical ventilators are in short supply and high demand, medical companies and institutions around the world are trying to find solutions to help healthcare systems treat COVID-19 patients. With decades of experience in the medical 3D printing sector, Materialise has been an active part of this effort, developing a number

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