The Travel Shutdown Made This Businessman 61 Pounds Lighter

the travel shutdown made this businessman 61 pounds lighter


Unlike numerous Americans whose lives have been lost or harmed, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lifestyle and led to an improvement in the health of Illinois-based business traveler Jeff Summers.The 55-year-old Summers is not the only one who has seen unexpected beneficial results after the deadly pandemic struck, says Robert Kushner, a doctor, weight management expert and professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. The pandemic eliminated or substantially reduced business trips, making many frequent business travelers healthier, he says.
“Summers, a patient in Kushner’s practice, lives outside Chicago in Wheaton and directs sales and marketing for a software company.” He traveled on business about every week before the pandemic, including quarterly trips to Europe. 

A pandemic-related halt in business travel resulted in the loss of 61 pounds for Illinois-based … [+] businessman Jeff Summers. This photo was taken before the weight loss. The photo below was taken this year after the weight loss.

Hawke Photography

Jeff Summers after his weight loss.

Jeff Summers

“Travel often involved customer or co-worker entertainment with little regard for the volume of food and alcohol I was consuming,” Summers says. “My schedule was highly unstructured, my sleep varied wildly, my eating habits were …



AdventHealth Gordon to host virtual Living Well class

adventhealth gordon to host virtual living well class


AdventHealth Gordon is hosting a virtual Living Well class featuring Julia Danforth, MD, on Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 6:30 p.m. online via a Zoom meeting.During this class, participants will learn some healthy cooking tips for the upcoming holiday season.Cheryl Shaw, owner and chef at Nita’s Kitchen and Vive Wellness Cafe in Calhoun, will lead the virtual class alongside Danforth and will demonstrate how to make a plant-based “neat loaf” and discuss plant-based alternatives for holiday dishes.Danforth is a board-certified family physician. She believes that health is more than just the physical body, but mental and spiritual wellness as well.Danforth earned her medical degree from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in California followed by a residency in family practice at Florida Hospital in Orlando.She is a member of the American Academy of Family Practice and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Danforth was board-certified in Lifestyle Medicine in 2017 and is blessed to be able to formally pursue her lifelong career passion.Participants can use Zoom on their smartphone, computer or tablet. Participants can also dial in with their phone to join the meeting.For more information, call 770-773-9201 and press 1 to speak with …


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Why are applications up almost 50% at VT-C School of Medicine?

why are applications up almost 50% at vt-c school of medicine?


The school’s application deadline for the Class of 2025, which has 49 available seats, was Dec. 1.
“More and more people are discovering the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and recognizing it as a place to become systems-minded scientist physicians,” said Lee Learman, dean of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. “In addition, our continued success in matching all of our graduates to top-choice residency programs is attractive to prospective students.”
The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine has been in demand since the first class started their studies in 2010, but has become more competitive each year. Over the past five years, the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine averaged around 4,000 applications for less than 50 available positions.
Medical school applications are up nationwide this year. The American Medical College Application Service, which processes submissions for most U.S. medical schools, reported a nearly 17 percent increase in applications near the end of October. In the past decade, the year-over-year increase has averaged less than 3 percent.
“There are a few reasons why more people may be applying to medical school this year: the pandemic may have increased a desire to pursue medicine and give back …


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December Food & Lifestyle News

december food & lifestyle news


What’s new in the City of Angels this month? Here is a food and lifestyle news update for December. Scratch/Bar & Kitchen Launches New Takeout Tasting Menus Chefs Phillip Frankland Lee and Margarita Kallas Lee have teamed together to offer beautiful, elegant and exclusively curated tasting menus specifically designed for takeout. Limited to 10 guests per night, diners can pick up the special Scratch/Bar & Kitchen 10-course menu Wednesday to Sunday evenings at 7pm, priced at $125 per person. They also are offering a delicious Sushi/Bar takeout menu including their 16-course menu of nigiri, offered daily for pickup at 7pm, $95 per person. Visit Wonderland Brings Holiday Cheer to LaLa LandExperiential Supply Co’s new Wonderland holiday drive thru experience is taking place now through December 23rd and December 26 through December 30th from 5 to 11pm at the Westfield Promenade site in Woodland Hills. This unique in car experience leads guests through a dazzlying display of holiday lights and scenery, tickets at Mora Rooftop Offers Specialty Pizza for Pickup WeHo’s Mora Rooftop added a specialty pepperoni pizza to their menu, specifically for takeout. Chef Mindy Oh’s tribute to lock-down comfort food, this yummy pepperoni pizza ($18) houses …


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Local family medicine practice featured in national campaign

local family medicine practice featured in national campaign



Dr. Niel Rasmussen is seen at Headland Family Medicine in this 2018 Dothan Eagle file photo. The medical practice was highlighted in a national campaign by Athenahealth.


Special to the Eagle
Local medical practices have faced numerous challenges during the coronavirus pandemic this year, and one practice’s approach is being highlighted in a national campaign for healthcare company Athenahealth.Headland Family Medicine is featured in the company’s video docu-series “Thriving on the Frontlines: Stories of Resilience and Resolve,” which takes viewers inside the stories of physician offices as they chart new paths in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The second episode follows Dr. Niel Rasmussen, his wife Amy, and their staff as they navigate the pandemic and help their high risk rural patient population stay safe and healthy.“Being picked was an honor. We were floored and, if I’m being honest, a little intimidated about the filming process,” says Amy Rasmussen, office manager. To get the full picture, the production company spent a few days with the Rasmussen family and their office staff. “They filmed us at our practice and doing our day-to-day, like eating as a family and running …


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The one thing you can do now to protect yourself from the Corona Virus

the one thing you can do now to protect yourself from the corona virus


I’m sick and tired of having to deal with the Corona virus, and I want to get on with my life. I believe in science and I listen to the experts, but I am not going to put my life on hold trying to protect myself from some little organism I can’t even see. I don’t want to live in fear. Someday I am going to die, but as long as I’m alive I’m going to live fully. Here’s my plan and I invite anyone who would like to join me to come along.There is only one rule. Starting today I am going to make my decisions based on love, not fear. Many years ago, my wife, Carlin, volunteered with the Center for Attitudinal Healing and brought home a copy of the book, Love is Letting Go of Fear, by the director of the center Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. My first act of love today was to take out my copy of the book and share Jerry’s words: “Fear always distorts our perception and confuses us as to what is going on. Love is the total absence of fear.”
Dr. Jampolsky …


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Forbes Insights: How Telemedicine Is Transforming Healthcare: How AI And Edge Are Shaping The Future

forbes insights: how telemedicine is transforming healthcare: how ai and edge are shaping the future


When Covid-19 struck the United States earlier this year, telemedicine proved life-saving, facilitating safe and effective patient care from afar and helping physicians pool their resources at a time when the virus strained the healthcare system. 
“I think it’s fair to say that telemedicine helped stop the collapse of the health system here in the U.S.,” says Steve Allen, director of health solutions for Intel’s Health and Life Sciences group. “Now, it’s becoming recognized as valuable technology with real benefits to all parties.”
Advancements in computing and AI made cutting-edge applications of telemedicine possible years ago. In large part, what stood in the way of full deployment until now was policy. 
But after Covid-19 was declared a national health emergency in March, the federal government relaxed regulations out of necessity, enabling wider implementation and opening the floodgates of innovation. Medicare began compensating physicians for a broader range of telehealth services. Meanwhile, enforcement of certain HIPAA restrictions were effectively waived, allowing doctors to treat patients and prescribe medication through their screens. 
Now, says Allen, “the genie is out of the bottle.”
Here, we explore how edge computing and AI put transformative capabilities in the hands of healthcare workers during …


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Q&A: How Does Beatty Harris Sports Medicine Help Patients Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle?

q&a: how does beatty harris sports medicine help patients achieve a healthy lifestyle?


What are the elements of a healthy, active lifestyle?

A: The building blocks of a healthy, active lifestyle include nutrition, exercise, good sleep hygiene, and mental and spiritual health.

A healthy diet is as much about what you put into your body as it is when and how much. It can be challenging to make large changes in your habits but if you can pick one aspect and make little changes, over time these changes can add up to big leaps in your health. Start planning out your weekly meals to include a variety of nutrient-dense foods with a balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. This will provide the body with the energy it needs so you don’t feel sluggish throughout the day. Meal timing and portion control can be addressed in time.

Tricia Beatty and Allen Harris of Beatty Harris Sports Medicine.

Sleep allows your body to heal and recover from everything you have encountered in your day. Consistent, uninterrupted, high-quality sleep gives you more benefits than just feeling refreshed; it can help improve heart health, reduce stress, improve memory, and repair the musculoskeletal system for improved athletic performance.

Exercise is something that can look very different …


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Republican Women Federated Hosts David Santos at Weekly Meeting – The Lake County Bloom

republican women federated hosts david santos at weekly meeting – the lake county bloom


The Republican Women  Federated group of Lake County had their weekly meeting outside at the Green View Restaurant in Hidden Valley lake on Wednesday. The guest speaker for the event was David Santos who is the president of  Adventist Health Clear Lake (AHCL) and has held that position since 2014.Mr. Santos gave an inspiring talk regarding the new philosophy of and progress of AHCL, which is to offer the most comprehensive primary care services focusing on prevention, wellness, and lifestyle medicine.  Going beyond primary care, Mr. Santos explained, AHCl will include expanding the Live Well Institute, establishing partnerships with mental health and addiction recovery services, and enhancing relationships with several other community organizations.Mr. Santos explained that the innovative  Live Well Program includes a partnership with  Konocti Wellness Center which is a collaborative effort between AHCL and the Konocti Unified School District and includes a clinic located on the campus of Lower Lake High School. AHCL has also opened Restoration House and will soon be opening Hope Center. Both facilities are dedicated to helping Lake County’s most vulnerable residents.AHCL has in the last six years raised its ratings nationally in many categories of health care, indicating that the …


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