Ecommerce Marketplaces Versus Social Media: On Owning the Customer Journey – Chief Marketer

ecommerce marketplaces versus social media: on owning the customer journey – chief marketer


The rise of ecommerce marketplaces have significantly altered the customer journey by combining awareness, consideration and purchase in one fell swoop. But despite this increase in efficiency, brand marketers still need to develop different strategies depending on which platform or marketplace they are using, according to a column in AdExchanger from Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer at AcuityAds.
In the case of marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and Target, the advantage is increased sales and a streamlined customer journey beginning with search and ending in purchase and delivery. However, the ability to capture customer data is limited and the brand-building experience is owned by those platforms rather than the brand itself.
Social Platforms
Social media platforms, including Facebook and Pinterest, now offer shoppable features. Since this enables brands to initiate direct-to-consumer relationships, there is a greater opportunity to cull customer data for future purchases beyond impulse buys. However, brand safety and accessibility across certain industries, such as healthcare, are challenges.
Open Web  
The customer journey across the open web can be significantly shortened for big-ticket purchases. But to make headway, brands need a strong direct-to-consumer relationship, consumer data tracking, CRM systems and more to successfully guide the consumer through the …



Website Design & Social Media Marketing – Skokie, IL Patch

website design & social media marketing – skokie, il patch


New Not-for-Profit wants local Website Designer with an understanding of Social Media Marketing, use of Facebook & other apps for the development of a following, and the Design and management of an on-line newsletter.  Please e-Mail …    Thank You


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Checklist for Effective Buyer Personas [Infographic]

checklist for effective buyer personas [infographic]


“So, get to know your customers. Humanize them. Humanize yourself. It’s worth it.” – Kristin Smaby
Knowing your customers better to gain a competitive edge, sounds simple but it’s easier said than done.
This is where buyer personas come into play. They put a face on stacks of the customer data that you have, enable you to personalize your marketing efforts, and target the right audience segments rather than mass messaging.
Even if you have personas in place, they should evolve with the direction your business is going in. Check out this crisp infographic to know everything there is to create clear and unambiguous personas.
To view this infographic in high resolution, click here.


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Rajasthan man held in social media influencers fraud case – Republic World

rajasthan man held in social media influencers fraud case – republic world


The Mumbai police’s crime branch nabbed a 21-year-old IT professional from Rajasthan for his alleged involvement in the social media marketing influencers fraud case, an official said on Saturday.

The SIT arrested Vijay Banthia, a resident of Jodhpur, on Thursday and brought to the city on transit remand, the official said.

Banthia was operating several portals that provided fake followers, views, subscribers, likes to profiles on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc, he said.

The accused had allegedly completed approximately 9,000 orders and supplied lakhs of followers, views and likes, the official said, adding that his payments were unearthed by the police while investigating another arrested accused Kashif Tanwar.

The SIT has so far identified 79 portals engaged in supply of fake followers, views and likes, he said.

Banthia was produced before a court that has sent him to crime branch custody September 21, the official said.

Earlier, the SIT had questioned Bollywood rapper Badshah in connection with the case and recorded the statement of digital media marketing company Qyuki’s COO and two employees in this connection. 

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Coast Line: Center hosts social media marketing classes in September

coast line: center hosts social media marketing classes in september


SANTA CRUZCenter hosts social media marketing classes
The Santa Cruz County Small Business Development Center presents a series of four social media marketing classes, held Thursdays in September. The online Zoom classes are designed to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and any professional who wants to grow their business with a stronger online presence.
Social media coach Karen Kefauver, an SBDC adviser, will deliver a presentation followed by questions and answers. Classes may be taken individually. Registration is now open. For details, call 831-479-6136 or email For a schedule of classes, visit
The class listings:
• Facebook Marketing for Beginners: Get Started and Succeed. 10-11:30 a.m. Thursday. Cost: $10.
• Facebook Advanced Social Media Marketing Tools to use now. 10-11:30 a.m., Sept. 10. Cost: $10.
• Instagram for Beginners: How to Master Basic Features for Business Success. 10-11:30 a.m. Sept. 17. Cost: $10.
• How To Use LinkedIn Effectively – Top 10 Tips for a Winning Profile. 10-11:30 a.m., Sept. 24. Cost: $10.
If you have a news event or announcement for Coast Lines, email and place “Coast Lines” in the email subject line. Coast Lines items are run at no charge. Please include contact information for questions. …


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3 Social Media Hacks to Help Your Content Go Viral

3 social media hacks to help your content go viral


Hint: Targeting emotions is key.

Free Book Preview Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing
This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media marketing in businesses.

3, 2020

4 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Whether you own a nonprofit or a social impact company, your cause deserves mass exposure. At times, it can feel challenging to utilize social media to unlock this. With so many competing causes and companies, much of it can feel like white noise. Fortunately, thanks to today’s social media accessibility, it’s easier than ever to get shares and more eyes on your cause’s content. A recent report by Statistica found that 95 percent of young adults follow a brand online. Social media isn’t just for friends and social engagements anymore. Achieving virality is quite random, but there are a few social media hacks that can get you closer. Used consistently over time, these hacks can — at the very least — garner your cause more exposure than any of your previous social media efforts. Related: Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing1. Capture attention right off the bat Especially if you don’t yet have a big name or a significant …


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TECH TALK WITH MIKE: How to measure social media marketing ROI

tech talk with mike: how to measure social media marketing roi


Mike Gingerich

Measuring your social media marketing efforts is crucial to make the most of your marketing techniques. Tracking your ROI can help to minimize costs, and boost revenue. There are several ways you can measure social media marketing ROI, yet, 44% percent of businesses can’t quantify their marketing efforts. We’ve covered what we believe are the essential techniques for measuring your social media marketing.SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS
Depending on your business goals, there are specific metrics you should prioritize over others. A business that wants to increase sales will track conversation rates, leads and revenue generated from existing marketing campaigns. A company looking to boost its brand awareness will track reach and engagement rates instead.Below are some basic explanations of metrics that make it easy to measure social media ROI.Social reach — The number of people who saw/read your content on social media.Social Engagement rate — This is a ratio that tells you how many people interacted with your content (clicking a link, sharing, or liking a post) after seeing it on social media.Leads from social Media channels — People who interacted with your content and showed some interest in your business, i.e., taking some …


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Social VR, Facebook Horizon And The Future Of Social Media Marketing

iam platform login page background



Presence is more important now than ever. Many around the globe are staying home and limiting their physical, social contact. Families and friends connect via Zoom calls or drive-by birthday parties. Professionals spend countless hours on screens talking with colleagues and clients. “Zoom fatigue” is a new saying among remote workers. 
Spatial presence – the feeling of “being there” in a virtual space can unlock doors to social experiences and give people a sense of belonging and fulfillment in a world changed by a pandemic that keeps many physically apart.
The hours we spend on social media have also increased. A recent Statista survey showed that 29.7 percent of U.S. social media users used social media 1-2 additional hours per day. eMarketer notes that 51% of U.S. adults are using social media at higher rates during the pandemic. 

Social virtual reality, or social VR, has seen an increase in users too. Social VR apps like Rec Room, BigScreen, VRChat, and AltSpace have all seen an increase in traffic. AltSpace is even hosting one of Burning Man’s virtual worlds from this year’s virtual event. This week, Facebook announced the launch of the public beta for its social VR experience, Horizon, 

” …


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Social Media: A Critical Marketing Tool 2020

social media: a critical marketing tool 2020


By Lisa Striffolino

Local businesses across Tampa Bay are utilizing old and new social media techniques to keep customers engaged and discussing the role that it plays in their stores amid the COVID-19 virus.

The state-wide lockdown in Florida that was put into place in early April forced many customers to shift from in-store to online shopping. With this shift, local Tampa businesses such as Salt Pines, a men’s clothing store that has a following of over 5.6K people on their Instagram page, have explained the importance of using social media to stay in contact with their customers.

“Social media is a tool that lets us stay in touch with our customers and engage with them,” said Andrew Smith, founder of Salt Pines. “It has been a great way to familiarize the shoppers with our brand, and stay connected with them at the same time.”

Smith expressed how helpful having an online presence has been in these uncertain times since quarantine began.

Sorrento Sweets, a local italian bakery in Hyde Park Village in Tampa with an Instagram following of over 1.7K, has also shared similar feelings about the way that social media has come into play since the outbreak …


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