How this digital nomad learned a valuable lesson in being present

how this digital nomad learned a valuable lesson in being present


A dream for many of us — especially those who have worked in offices — was to leave that sea of desks behind and earn a living while traveling the world. That’s what Marlene Quade and her partner had done for the past 13 years, with their daughter in tow for the past eight.But what happens when former digital nomads are issued stay-at-home orders? Quade describes her experience below.Who are you and what do you do?I’m Marlene Quade, co-owner and director of communications at Prime Mutual, a company dedicated to helping people find financial solutions to end-of-life expenses.How have you conducted business in the past?My partner and I started our business 13 years ago specifically for the freedom that comes with working remotely. We aimed for the ability to conduct business from anywhere so we could travel the world and raise a family on our terms. Now we own several websites and rental properties that we’ve operated from over 40 different countries and all 50 states. All we need to operate our business is our laptops, an internet connection, and a little peace and quiet. The latter is in short supply while in lockdown as our spunky 8-year-old bounces around …



Kibbo is rethinking #VanLife to create a community of digital nomads paying up to $3,650 a month to roam at will

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Kibbo is creating a business out of fusing the #VanLife community with a membership model to create an on-the-road collective of digital nomads on the west coast.Kibbo members can access “Clubhouses” — with a kitchen, laundry, common spaces, gear, and food — in different locations around California, Utah, and Nevada.For those who don’t have a tiny home on wheels but still want to partake, Kibbo rents newly converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper vans for a monthly fee.Monthly membership payments can go up to $3,645, not including the sign up fee.Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Kibbo is fusing the #VanLife community with a membership model to create an on-the-road collective of digital nomads across the country. Camper van and RV sales  have skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic as more companies started announcing long-term work from home plans. Now, Kibbo is hoping to jump on the trend of “working from anywhere” by creating a fleet of camper vans and “clubhouses” around the western half of the country to create a community around digital nomad-ship.The idea for the company came from its founder Colin O’Donnell, who decided to combine the “freedom of van life” with the community feeling …


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‘Code on the water’: Countries court digital nomads amid coronavirus

‘code on the water’: countries court digital nomads amid coronavirus


MILAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Offering sunny beaches, cheap living and low infection rates, countries are competing for a new generation of remote workers in a bid to ride out the pandemic and make up for lost visitors. From Estonia to Barbados, nations have launched visa regimes aimed at wooing “digital nomads” to bolster their economy, chasing the sort of people who mix work with travel and can set up shop any place with an internet connection. “Work from Paradise,” boasts the web page of the Barbados’ 12-month Welcome Stamp Visa, which launched in July allowing remote workers to relocate to the Caribbean island for one year. “Our new … (visa) allows you to … work from one of the world’s most beloved tourism destinations,” the country’s Prime Minster Mia Mottley wrote in a welcome message on the page. Interest in “digital nomadism” is set to spike in coming years as Covid-19 boosts remote working, said David Cassar, chief operations officer of U.S. tech firm MBO Partners. Even before the pandemic, numbers were growing, with more than 7 million people in the United States calling themselves digital nomads in 2019, up from about 5 million in 2018, according to research from the firm. …


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Digital Nomads: Future of Work, Life & Entrepreneurship, Online

digital nomads: future of work, life & entrepreneurship, online


Due to the re-emergence of Covid-19, many events may be postponed or canceled.Please make sure to call ahead.

Aug 6 19:00 pm – 21:00 pm

Event QR Code These may sound like a dream to the majority of people. But not for the community of Digital Nomads – people that live a nomadic lifestyle are accustomed to moving from a location to another. With advanced technology and communication tools, it is now easy to stay connected digitally and to accomplish remote work effectively and efficiently while sailing across the world!As technology is further evolving, more companies are becoming comfortable with a remote workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic has given organizations a unique opportunity to test out how this works and has revealed that their workers are just as or even more productive while working remotely. So, what does that mean for our future on the other side of this crisis?Join our fireside chat on 6th August at 7 PM (GMT +8) with an experienced Digital Nomad – Oli Nold, Co-Founder at NOMADX, to discover all the notions and enigmas around the Digital Nomad lifestyle and work.Know more here: Click Me!Images Editor’s Pick


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How COVID-19 Could Usher in the Era of the “Digital Nomad Visa”

how covid-19 could usher in the era of the “digital nomad visa”


Is your WFH view this good?

Sandra Seitamaa/Unsplash

Once the purview of plucky freelancers, the working life of a digital nomad could soon be a reality for many salaried employees. In the past, the “as long as I have my laptop” mindset has attracted scores of gig economy vets, willing to invite the potential wrath of immigration authorities so long as it meant getting to spend consecutive months in London, Cape Town and Bali, all on a patchwork of tourist visas.
But the pandemic has shuffled the status quo, and certain countries — especially those that rely on tourism — have already started waiving the red tape, in an effort to let anybody stop by for a few months, and make a foreign locale their office. As Pieter Levels, founder of the digital nomad online resource Nomad List, recently told Skift: “Once the work goes remote, that gives people the chance to first work from home, then work outside the house in a cafe for example and then work a bit on their holiday. [But] once they’re there, a percentage might consider to extend that holiday and make it their main lifestyle.”
While many people’s first selections — the Italys …


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Estonia Opens Applications for Digital Nomad Visa –

estonia opens applications for digital nomad visa –


Estonia has opened applications for its Digital Nomad Visa (DNV), which permits international citizens in Estonia to work for an international employer or as a freelancer.A Digital Nomad Visa permits aliens who are engaged in jobs independent of location, to work remotely in Estonia. Technology, finance and marketing are the main areas of activity in this kind of visa, reports.
Estonia’s Ministry of Interior had previously announced that this kind of visa could be granted for both short-term (C-visa) and long-term (D-visa) stay intentions.
Before applying for Estonia’s DNV, persons must ensure that they meet the following criteria:

You must prove that you are a “digital nomad” meaning that you can work independent of location and perform your work duties remotely using telecommunications technology.
You have an active work contract with a company that is registered outside Estonia, and of which you are a partner shareholder or freelancer for clients of international countries.
You have to provide evidence that your income met the minimum threshold during the six months preceding the application. At present, the monthly income threshold is €3,504 (gross of tax).

As part of the borderless area of Schengen, visa holders of Estonia’s …


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Struggling Tourist Destinations Pitch Themselves to New Digital Nomads as Remote Work Locales

struggling tourist destinations pitch themselves to new digital nomads as remote work locales


The dream of living life as a “digital nomad” is not new. The term first entered the popular imagination around 2014, when freelance designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and writers with privileged passports would head to southeast Asia or eastern Europe for a cheaper lifestyle reliant only on Wi-Fi and a little bit of hustle.It was an enviable, if niche, dream for many. But the forces of the pandemic have changed that a bit. With the cultural acceptance of remote work accelerating years in a matter of months, more and more individuals are seeing that not only do they not need to work from an office, but they don’t need to work from home, either.Some tourism destinations are pivoting their offering to cater to this recently-expanded market. And in doing so, they are helping make up for the steep decline in short-term leisure tourism revenue. If travelers are avoiding coming for just a few days due to the headaches of travel restrictions, Covid testing on arrival, and/or quarantine, why not invite them to come for months?One example is Bermuda, which opened its air borders to travelers on July 1 with required testing on arrival. Within weeks, said Glenn Jones, …


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Bermuda, Barbados launch digital nomad visas – Cayman Compass

bermuda, barbados launch digital nomad visas – cayman compass


Bermuda is the latest country to roll out the red carpet for the world’s remote workers.Trying to offer an alternative work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bermuda has launched a ‘Work from Bermuda’ one-year residential certificate.The certificate costs US$263.Premier David Burt is encouraging those working from home to explore the option of working remotely from Bermuda for the next year. In a press release, he said Bermuda had successfully managed the coronavirus pandemic, which allows its residents and visitors more flexibility than in other jurisdictions.“As a holder of a residential certificate, you will be a long-term visitor in Bermuda and we are ready to share our vibrant culture and unique brand of hospitality to cure the coronavirus blues,” Burt said. “No need to be trapped in your apartment in a densely populated city with the accompanying restrictions and high risk of infection; come spend the year with us working or coding on the water.”A ‘Work from Bermuda’ certificate holder is entitled to reside in Bermuda and work remotely for a full year. A certificate holder’s dependent family members can also stay on the island with proof there are sufficient means to support them. …


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Online Applications Open for New “Work from Bermuda” Residential Certificate

online applications open for new “work from bermuda” residential certificate


Article content continuedJohn Huff, President and CEO of the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR), noted there has already been significant interest from the global insurance industry and ABIR members. He said: “The potential for this opportunity is extraordinary. Re/insurance is Bermuda’s flagship industry and we are ideally located between New York and London, two other major industry hubs.”“Insurance is a relationship business,” Huff continued. “Our market represents more than 35 per cent of the global property and casualty reinsurance market and so we have a lot of stakeholders around the world. There are a number of C-suite executives, risk professionals and advisors who currently have the ability to perform their roles remotely and are already familiar with the benefits of Bermuda and would welcome the opportunity to work from here. Whether they choose to base themselves from Bermuda for the entire year or simply to wait out the stress of COVID-19, the perfect work-life balance awaits them.”Chris Evans, co-founder of software start-up Flyt Ltd (which recently sold to Just Eat, a UK online food order and delivery service), spoke about his decision to relocate to Bermuda and the trend towards remote working during last year’ …


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