Microsoft Excel 2016 – Using Excel Help

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This guide will show you how to use the Excel Help feature to make it easier to understand functions of Excel and find solutions.

Excel Help does basic things like show shortcuts for a function just by hovering the cursor over the button. It can also explain the purpose of the tool/function. Some functions even have visuals included.

Excel Help Window

  • On many of the tools and functions there will be a link which says “tell me more”. This brings up the Excel Help window.
  • Another way to finding things in the Excel Help Window is by using the search bar by the Design tab.
    • Type the requested function or featureand the search results will display what it thinks is the desired outcome.
  • There should also be a result which says “Get Help on [X]”. On Macs, this can also be done by selecting Help from the Menu Bar and using the search function there.

Insights Panel

  1. From the same search area where “Get Help on [X]” is found, there is a search result which says “Smart Lookup on [X]”. 
  2. Select this option to open the Insights panel on the right-hand side of the excel window.
For more information, please visit the Excel help center.