Council Post: 13 Cues For Businesses To Up Their Inbound Marketing Game

council post: 13 cues for businesses to up their inbound marketing game


There are a few golden opportunities in marketing. When a potential customer starts off researching a business, it opens the door to one of those massive marketing opportunities.Through skillful inbound marketing techniques, a business can drive interest in what it does and facilitate the potential customer’s questions about their company. Inbound marketing, however, does require a bit of effort, and can easily stray off course. There are a lot of customers that a company can target, and narrowing it down to the relevant ones takes careful planning and considerable skill.
Below, 13 members of Forbes Agency Council explain some of the best techniques that a business looking to increase its inbound marketing presence can implement.

Members share their best inbound marketing tips.
Photos courtesy of the individual members

1. Advertise Your Value, Not Your Cost
If you compete with cost, prices drop and clients leave. If you compete with value, prices soar and clients line up. Don’t advertise the problem; that is just teeing up the competition to close your sale. Position behind your value, which can’t be stolen from you. Let price be your competitors’ problem. – Kirk Westwood, Glass River Media
2. Create Meaningful And Helpful Content
When potential customers …



Strategies and Inbound Marketing for Law Firms – Legal Reader

strategies and inbound marketing for law firms – legal reader


The key to success in inbound marketing is a scientific approach to the customer value journey. This will help channel your efforts to the right places.

Inbound marketing is an ingenious marketing method that uses the customer value journey to acquire customers. Instead of pushing products using traditional media, this system follows a more considerate approach for customer acquisition.
Law firms have an opportunity to improve their business revenue and market share by utilizing inbound marketing. Creating a customer value journey equates to acquiring its media, which creates a multiplier effect on the marketing efforts.
How can law firms utilize inbound marketing to improve their market command? 
Let’s review some strategies that can work in this quest.

Create the Foundation of the Strategy

Evaluating your target client forms the foundation of your strategy for inbound marketing for law firms. This will help you to base your actions on customer needs. 
Here’s how you can achieve that:

Know your Customer- Using keyword research tools look for hints such as location, age, level of decision making, gender, and other relevant factors. These factors will help you build a profile of your target customer. 
Understand the intentions of your customer- Using …


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Rise in professional messaging use | Inbound Marketing Agency

rise in professional messaging use | inbound marketing agency


As lockdown begins to lift for most, businesses are starting to review which quarantine-enforced measures they should keep in place and which to terminate.One area that many will review is whether they need the entire workforce back in the office full time or whether staff are indeed happy to WFH (work from home). Time will only tell whether the option to WFH in the long term is as appealing as it was before COVID-19. Perhaps the lure of water-cooler chitter-chatter and face-to-face collaboration will win the day over PJs and last night’s dirty dishes?Therefore many employers will be conducting somewhat of a social experiment for the remainder of 2020, evaluating whether staff are as productive now that the outside world has opened up, as they were during lockdown. Some staff will remain fully WFH, some will have a rotation system, and some may be offered a ‘working-from-anywhere’ policy, allowing staff to work from wherever, as long as they can charge their laptop and the job gets done.Increase in messaging use during the pandemicKeeping in touch with a much more remote workforce is going to be a challenge, perhaps more so than during the thick of the pandemic, …


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7 Best Digital Marketing Courses to Take in 2020

7 best digital marketing courses to take in 2020


These days, unemployment is at its peak, and this COVID-19 situation gives rise to it as well. This situation is not only disturbing the mental state but affecting the professional lives as well. Everyone is looking forward to the courses or things that will help them to get rid of unemployment.For cutting this problem, the digital marketing courses are making its place, and people are engaging in it as well. If you also wish to get rid of unemployment then here we will be going to disclose about the top 7 digital marketing courses can adapt during this tough situation. These courses will let you earn an abundance of money, and unemployment will not knock your doors at all.But before you let yourself enrolled in any of the course, an individual needs to understand the things linked with them. Until and unless they are not sure what they will be going to get after completion of the course, there is no use of it at all.Here will be going to disclose about the best 7 most popular digital marketing courses available that will polish your skills and let you make your career effectively.Seven Best Courses for Digital Marketing …


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3 Growth Stocks for In-the-Know Investors @themotleyfool #stocks $MELI $OLED $HUBS

3 growth stocks for in-the-know investors @themotleyfool #stocks $meli $oled $hubs


For many of us, it’s hard to go through the day without using a product from one of the “FAANG” companies. FAANG is an acronym that stands for five of the largest growing tech companies in the market today: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet’s Google. Owning some or all of these stocks over the past three, five, or 10 years has provided exceptional returns. But with the FAANG-five average market capitalization now approaching $1 trillion, it’s unlikely that these tech giants will have the same kind of returns going forward. 
Let’s use three of these companies as inspiration to look at a trio of lesser-known growth stocks that will appeal to in-the-know investors.

Image source: Getty Images

1. MercadoLibre: Amazon isn’t the top e-commerce player everywhere
Even with Amazon’s hefty $1.3 trillion market cap, it isn’t the leading e-commerce enterprise around the globe. For Latin America, MercadoLibre (NASDAQ:MELI), which was founded in 1999, is the top dog. With a market cap of less than $50 billion — more than 20 times smaller than its American e-commerce cousin — it still has huge opportunities ahead.
Latin America has 644 million people and one of the fastest-growing internet penetration rates in the world, making it a hub for …


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Courting a Continental clientele: Travel Weekly

courting a continental clientele: travel weekly


Jeri ClausingAs the European ban on inbound American travelers drags on, river lines that cater to North American travelers are looking to other markets and new partnerships to get their ships and their passengers sailing again.This month, both Amadeus River Cruises and AmaWaterways said they will launch their first sailings of the season, but with European passengers only.Marcus Leskovar, executive vice president of Amadeus, said they are planning to begin limited sailings this month with five ships, first on the Rhine, Mein and Danube, then expanding into France and farther down the Danube to the Black Sea.”Obviously, things are still are still developing, and we may have to make adjustments,” he said.

Both lines said that in addition to wanting to get some ships back on the rivers, the limited sailings will enable them to implement and perfect their new Covid-19 health and safety protocols.While Amadeus, which is based in Germany, has long had a more diverse international client base that enables them to more easily restart without North American guests, AmaWaterways said it has partnered with a German tour operator to begin sailing the AmaKristina on the Rhine on July 5 with German speaking guests.AmaWaterways …


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A European Summer Without Americans Threatens Already Struggling Luxury Hotels

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A European Summer Without Americans Threatens Already Struggling Luxury HotelsMoreThe European Union’s temporary ban on American travelers due to the swelling coronavirus count in the U.S. will particularly hurt American-based chains and the upscale end of the European hotel industry.Nearly 18 million Americans traveled to EU countries in 2018, the most recent complete year of data provided by the U.S. National Travel and Tourism Office. More than a third of the annual volume went to Europe during the peak summer travel season. Americans traveling to Europe accounted for just over 20 percent of Marriott’s European room nights in 2019, a company spokesperson said to Skift.A summer in Europe sans American tourists may not be a collective wipeout for hotel operators, but it will likely be further bad news for high-end properties already grappling with low occupancy from the pandemic.“The American chains will take a hit, but other brands in the midscale or budget segments won’t be affected at all or only just a little,” said Nicolas Graf, associate dean at New York University’s Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality.U.S.-based companies like Marriott and Hilton will likely feel the biggest sting from the …


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Why Inbound Marketing for Law Firms is Important – Legal Reader

why inbound marketing for law firms is important – legal reader


This marketing strategy is also an advantage for the law firms not only because of an unshakeable audience, but because it is friendly to the pocket and saves business time. 

In the current digital era, instant information is what people thrive on. This has seen the efficiency of inbound marketing as compared to traditional methods of marketing. Inbound marketing is a strategy wherein the information is available for those who are intentionally seeking it, whereas outbound marketing is an in-your-face strategy that usually receives a dismissive response.
Inbound marketing is important for law firms, and below is a list of reasons why this is the case.
What is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound marketing is a strategy of distributing information on an array of platforms. The information is ready for the audience, and at their own convenience. Inbound marketing platforms include podcasts, newsletters, social media pages, and blogs. On the other hand, outbound marketing is a strategy that includes interrupting the audience by trying to get their attention. Platforms for outbound marketing include direct email, calls, spam, and telemarketing. Inbound marketing for law firms is important for attracting potential clients in search for legal advice, as well as for content nurturing for …


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Police Raid Wirecard Headquarters as Administrator Kicks Off Asset Sales

police raid wirecard headquarters as administrator kicks off asset sales


FRANKFURT — Wirecard’s administrator said he has received strong inbound interest for the payment firm’s assets and will shortly mandate banks for the sale of individual parts of the company.”A large number of investors from all over the world have contacted us, interested in acquiring either the core business or business units that are independent of it”, Michael Jaffe said in a statement after a creditor committee meeting late on Tuesday.Wirecard filed for insolvency last week owing creditors almost $4 billion after disclosing a 1.9 billion euro ($2.1 billion) hole in its accounts that its auditor EY said was the result of a sophisticated global fraud.To recoup some of the money, Wirecard’s U.S. subsidiary – formerly Citi Prepaid Card Services which Wirecard acquired in 2016 – has already been put on the block.”The most urgent goal in the provisional insolvency proceedings is to stabilize the business operations of the company’s subsidiaries,” Jaffe said, adding insolvencies of individual units could not be ruled out. “Wirecard Bank is still not insolvent. Payouts to merchants and customers of Wirecard Bank are being executed without restrictions.” (Reporting by Arno Schuetze; Editing by Christopher Cushing)


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