Fixing Keyboard Typing Multiple Letters using Windows 10

How to Fix Keyboard Typing Multiple Letters on Windows 10
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“My keyboard types letters twice!”

You might stumble upon the “Keyboard Typing Multiple Letters” or “Keyboard Repeating The Very Same Characters” issue after some Windows 10 updates. The Windows 10 PC keyboard immediately types a repetitive letter after you complete your typing, and after that, you get double letters on the screen.

If you face the issue of the extra letter throughout typing with the keyboard, you can follow the methods below to fix the issue.

Top 3 Methods to Repair Keyboard Typing Several Letters

Here are the leading three solutions to repair the keyboard problem. You can try them one by one till you get the issue repaired.

Method 1. Change Keyboard Settings to Repair Keyboard Typing Several Letters Problem

  1. Use Win + R to open Run.
  2. Type Control and press the Enter Key. This will launch the Control Panel. (Note: If you can not type the appropriate letters, we suggested using the on-screen keyboard.).
  3. Find and Click “View By Small Icons”. Click the Keyboard Icon.
  4. In Keyboard Settings, Change the Slider of Repeat Delay to closer to Long.
  5. Change the Slider of Repeat Rate to a proper situation that is close to Slow.

Type into the provided text bar to check the Repeat Rate.

  1. Click the Apply Button and after that the Okay Button to conserve the modifications.

Reboot the computer and try typing a word to see if the double or Multiple Letters Issue still persists.

Method 2. Modify the Registry to Resolve the Double Letters Concern Triggered By the Keyboard.

Likewise, you can go to your Windows 10 Registry to repair the Keyboard Typing Multiple Letters Problem. Keep in mind: PC Registry is an essential Database of Windows 10. Any inaccurate adjustment might result in extreme PC problems. So please back up the Windows 10 registry prior to any modifications.

  1. Open Run and type the word Regedit. Press the Enter Key. (Note: If you can not type the appropriate letters, please utilize the on-screen keyboard.).
  2. In the Registry Editor, find the following key:.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Accessibility \ Keyboard Response.

  1. On the Right Side, Double-Click the AutoRepeatDelay. Change the setting to 500. Click the OK Button.
  2. Change the setting of AutoRepeatRate to 50 and save the modification.
  3. Modify the setting of BounceTime to 35 and then click the OK Button.

Reboot the Computer system to enable the changes. Then test if your Keyboard works properly in your copy of Windows 10.

Method 3. Update Keyboard Driver to Fix the Automatic Keyboard Pressing Problem.

An Outdated Keyboard Driver can also lead to Windows 10 “Keyboard Typing Several Letters” problem as well as other Keyboard-Related issues, like “Keyboard Not Working”.

This is due to the fact that while the system might be updated, the keyboard driver doesn’t upgrade instantly. The incompatible driver causes the issue. In this case, you can utilize any Professional Driver Download Utility like “Driver Talent” or “Easy Driver” to upgrade the keyboard driver for your copy of Windows 10. Run the Driver Update Utility. Restart Your Computer.

That’s it. If you still fail to resolve the “Keyboard Typing Numerous Letters” problem on your Windows 10 Computer, please Contact Us for more technical assistance. If you have any other Windows 10 concerns, see the Windows 10 Tutorials Category using the Categories drop-down to the right.