AT&T’s 5G Network Gets More Dynamic

at&t’s 5g network gets more dynamic


AT&T just beat Verizon at getting dynamic. The company announced in a blog post today that it just launched Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), a new technology that quickly switches between 4G and 5G networks on existing airwaves to optimize speed and coverage.According to an AT&T spokesperson, “DSS will be available first in parts of our network in North Texas, and as we continue our rollout, we will continue to announce 5G market launches when available. It’s currently available on the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G and Samsung Galaxy S20 line, with more devices to follow.”DSS will let carriers glide more smoothly from 4G to 5G as more of their users buy 5G phones. “The term “dynamic” in DSS refers to the ability to allocate resources to each technology based on demand,” AT&T’s Igal Elbaz said in the blog post. “This requires that DSS is traffic-aware, and able to respond to changes. The performance of DSS will depend in large part on how frequently traffic demand changes and the granularity of the resource allocations.”Verizon also plans to use DSS later this year, but hasn’t given a firm date for when …



Telecom Firms’ 5G Rollout on Track Despite COVID-19 Hiccups

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“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” – Colin Powell, former U.S. National Security Adviser.True to this visionary statement, U.S. telecom firms seem to have never lost hope and remained confident about continuing their 5G deployment process across the country despite disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. However, they acknowledged that the momentum is likely to be hampered in some cities due to longer approval time for infrastructure setups, like small cells, as well as other necessary permits and changes. In addition, remote working procedures due to social-distancing measures and temporary closures of permitting offices are likely to somewhat delay the process.The seeds of optimism appear to have borne fruit as the virus outbreak highlighted the need for high-speed, high-bandwidth and low-latency connections — the hallmarks of the 5G network — for digital sustainability. Despite certain impediments, telecom firms have relentlessly provided the vital lifeline to countless humans as virtual communication replaced in-person exchanges with social distancing and the work-from-home option in vogue. The firms have worked in unison to effectively handle the upsurge in data traffic, prompting even the top administration to remain effusive about their contribution in the hour of crisis.In this backdrop, let us have a …


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Why AT&T expects a big boost to its 5G coverage

why at&t expects a big boost to its 5g coverage


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G is one of the first phones capable of tapping into AT&T’s DSS upgrade. 
Sarah Tew/CNET

AT&T is adding more resources to its budding 5G network. The wireless giant said on Friday that it has started deploying a new network technology known as dynamic spectrum sharing that could eventually lead to a big jump in coverage. The carrier has turned on a 5G network for 120 million people using low-band spectrum, with a goal to have a nationwide network this summer. But the new technology will allow it to use its spectrum holdings for its existing 4G LTE service (what AT&T calls “5GE”) to power its 5G network without disruption. Read more: 5G glossary, from spectrum to small cell to MIMOThis technique, which other carriers like Verizon Wireless have touted, is key to getting faster 5G, the next-generation wireless technology poised to change how we live our lives, to more people. Despite the promise of 5G, the early launches have seen either slim coverage or speeds that are only marginally better than 4G. AT&T, however, is not providing many details at the start of the new deployment, with Igal Elbaz, AT&T’s …


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Nokia reveals liquid-cooled 5G stations that cut their CO2 emissions by 80pc

nokia reveals liquid-cooled 5g stations that cut their co2 emissions by 80pc


This week in future tech, Nokia is hoping to make 5G base stations significantly more environmentally friendly using liquid cooling.

The first commercial deployment of a 5G liquid cooling base station in Helsinki has proven to be a success, according to Nokia that developed the solution. Working with the Finnish mobile operator Elisa, Nokia said its 5G AirScale base station was able to cut energy expenses by 30pc and lower its CO2 emissions by 80pc using liquid cooling.
Approximately 90pc of energy consumed by base stations is converted into waste heat, Nokia said, but liquid-cooled sites are silent, require zero maintenance and can be 50pc smaller and 30pc lighter than standard active air conditioning units.
“Nokia was first to introduce a liquid-cooled base station with the 2G, 3G and 4G base stations with Elisa in Finland,” said Tommi Uitto, president of mobile networks at Nokia.
“Now we have demonstrated the world’s first liquid-cooled AirScale 5G base station in commercial operations, making liquid cooling a reality for all network generations. This innovative solution supports operators in their quest to be more environmentally responsible while allowing them to achieve significant cost savings.”
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Omdia crowns South Korea as global 5G leader

omdia crowns south korea as global 5g leader


Research firm Omdia has revealed South Korea is the clear global 5G leader, and unfortunately for everyone else, it doesn’t even look to be that close a race.
Although Omdia stressed 5G progress is not a race between countries, it is very difficult not to measure success between the different countries and regions before deciding on a winner. Like 4G, 5G could inspire economic growth, but this will be disproportionately distributed to those who can cultivate a 5G era more successfully than others.
As it stands, South Korea is the leader in the 5G world, with Kuwait and Switzerland completing the podium, though it is not exactly a close race currently.

“Limited coverage, device availability and cautious launches has limited take-up in other global markets,” said Stephen Myers, Omdia Principal Analyst. “However, expansive coverage rolled out by Sunrise and Swisscom in Switzerland, Ooredoo and Vodafone in Qatar and Kuwait’s three service providers has rivalled Korea for breadth of market coverage.”
The results were calculated by weighting five different elements of the 5G industry; spectrum availability, service launches, network coverage, 5G adoption and the development of a supporting ecosystem. In every area, South Korea has exceeded expectations bountifully, a …


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5G towers could be attacked across the US this weekend, group warns

5g towers could be attacked across the us this weekend, group warns


A rumored 5G protest day could take place Saturday.
Corinne Reichert

A 5G protest is being planned for the weekend, NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association, warned Thursday. The Global 5G Protest Day could see mobile towers attacked on Saturday, according to an advisory, spotted earlier Thursday by Light Reading.”NATE as an organization has heard through official channels that there are 5G Global Protest Day activities being planned throughout the country this Saturday,” NATE said. “NATE reminds our member companies and their employees to remain safe, exercise vigilance and report any unusual or suspicious activities that they witness when traveling to and working at tower sites this weekend.”NATE, a nonprofit trade association, represents companies in the US, Canada, the UK, China, Singapore, Spain, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Israel, Jamaica, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Trinidad.Todd Schlekeway, NATE CEO, told Light Reading he heard rumors of a 5G protest day from carriers and tower companies. NATE, T-Mobile, Verizon and CTIA — which represents the US wireless industry — didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. AT&T didn’t provide a comment.Rumors of a protest day follow attacks on 5G towers in the UK due to false coronavirus conspiracy …


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Race to 5G: When Is 5G Coming Home?

race to 5g: when is 5g coming home?


T-Mobile and Verizon both sped up their 5G systems in May, but T-Mobile still has a ways to go on speed, and Verizon really needs to tackle its 5G coverage issue.According to our Race to 5G math, T-Mobile is still in the lead thanks to its massive blanket of low-band 5G across the country and its broad array of available 5G phones. The company even announced that it’s (sort of) the first network to support 5G in all 50 states, thanks to a roaming agreement with GCI in Alaska.But T-Mobile’s nationwide speeds are still low. At 78Mbps according to Ookla Speedtest Intelligence, they’re really 4G speeds, so it isn’t delivering what we’d call a radically new 5G experience (note: Ookla is owned by Ziff Davis,’s parent company).That will hopefully change over the next few months. Speedtest’s Milan Milanovic tested T-Mobile’s new mid-band 5G network in New York and found that even just adding a few mid-band towers in a few neighborhoods doubled average download speeds citywide. With peak speeds that he saw at 1.2Gbps, a broader mid-band rollout may finally be that fast, citywide 5G we’ve all been promised.

Sprint users with first-generation 5G phones …


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DoD Expands 5G Testing Program to Seven new Bases

dod expands 5g testing program to seven new bases


The Department of Defense(DoD) announced June 3 that it is expanding its 5G experimentation and testing to seven new military bases.The new sites are Naval Base Norfolk in Virginia; Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii; Joint Base San Antonio in Texas; the National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin in California; Fort Hood in Texas; Camp Pendleton in California; and Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.
This second round of sites, dubbed Tranche 2, brings the total number of installations selected to host 5G testing to 12. The testing is part of 5G development roadmap guided by the Department of Defense 5G Strategy.
The Pentagon is focusing its efforts on “large-scale experimentation and prototyping of dual-use (military and commercial) 5G technology that will provide high speeds, quicker response times, and the ability to handle many more wireless devices than current wireless technology,” according to a DoD statement.
Last year the DoD launched Tranche 1, which included five sites – Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State; Hill Air Force Base in Utah; Naval Base San Diego in California; and Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany in Georgia.
The bases were selected based on multiple criteria, including their “ability to provide streamlined access to site spectrum …


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