The Ultimate Smoothie Recipe Guaranteed To Increase Your Healthspan

We all want to be healthy. We all want the highest level of wellness that we can possibly have while we are alive. It is not enough to have a long lifespan anymore. What is important is to live as much of that lifespan in good health. This is known as our healthspan. While currently, it is not possible for humanity to increase lifespan to any sustainably large degree, we are living longer and it is because we are learning to increase our healthspans.

Increasing the healthspan starts as early as it is possible to do so. For those of us who grew up in households where some sort of effort on the part of our parents gave us a head start on nutrition, we are fortunate. For those of us who are parents now and who are very active in promoting and fostering a healthy lifestyle for our kids, we should be very proud that we are brave enough to care enough to help them when they have no idea how important our actions will be to them in the future.

With global pollution at an all time high, with nutrition at an all time low and with pesticides killing all microbes that normally would give us a wide range of essential vitamins and all enzymes that would normally give us a boost in functionality, it is essential that we begin to reverse these catastrophic changes that are happening to our world, one person and one household at a time.

I feel very passionate about this and my household practices prebiotics, probiotics and eating organic from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. A few of my children still eat meat occasionally, but it is occasional at best. Some of my children also like yogurt and different cheeses. So we are not vegan by any stretch of the imagination as a family. I am the closest to being a vegan but I still eat honey.

Starting early is just one of the considerations that can be done in increasing the healthspan of the human being. Another is understanding how the body works, what exists in your microbiome (not just your gut) systemically and adjusting your actions to suit that understanding. The key takeaway is that this understanding radically alters what you consider food, the way you intake that food and the way you seek to digest that food.

As I mentioned previously, the gut is not the only place in your body where you find microbiome and billions of friendly microbes performing critical functions throughout your body on the cellular level and also as a hive systemically. These microbes are also different in different areas of the body. Extrapolating gut microbiology to the heart, or lungs or central nervous system is as dangerous as intaking pollution or pesticides.

When life first began organizing it was bacteria being marshalled by viruses to organize and perform advanced functions that the viruses could not. One can say that we are entirely built by viruses and our bodies server their agenda and that that agenda is sentience and consciousness. Why this is remains a mystery as a fact, but many theories exist in philosophies and religious systems around the world. Enough so that it is beyond mere coincidence that such knowledge is trivial or coincidental. Something is driving us somewhere that is for sure.

I have always had a deep passion to understand and cooperate with maximizing my being while alive. I felt that it was ultimately compassionate to provide these living creatures inside of my body with care. For me it was the ultimate expression of self care, taking care of the plants and animals that live inside my body. Most people don’t think of it that way, but it is undeniably true. It is also unknown by most people that these animals and plants are aware of “bad” animals and plants as well and have adapted to them over millions of years.

I happen to believe in both creation and evolution. I am rare in that belief but undaunted. I believe an intelligence began the conditions for life, or, “set the stage” if you will and evolution took over and carried out that plan with some continual guidance by the originating intelligence in the form of embedded intelligence. Again, where that process is going is largely unexplored by humans, but what knowledge exists plainly tells us that it is going somewhere and we appear to be a part of that.

So how does all this apply to me finding the recipe for the Ultimate Smoothie that is guaranteed to expand your healthspan? Well, my passion and fascination for life on this planet led me to many experimental actions and a ton of research, not just in books but with oral traditions of native peoples as well. What I found is that the plants and animals in the external (micro/macro) biome are complementary to the internal (micro/macro) biome. As such, the more I learned about the inner biome the more I could see the needs of this inner world in the world that surrounded me. I also became aware of a “second brain” or what some people call a “gut-brain” that had real and discernable preferences that if I paid attention to them gave me very positive results in my level of wellness.

I learned that most people jump from stimulants to relaxants in an endless cycle that abuses their endocrine systems to the point of failure. I learned that the natural metabolic energy systems of the body are far more active and restful than this cycle but that in order to experience this phenomenon I had to have perfect balance in my bodymind. So I embarked upon a journey of discovery to discover the holistic solution to a balanced bodymind. Part of that journey was meditation, which I talk about in my journal, but part of that was most assuredly nutrition/medicinal.

Naturopathy and shamanistic practices date back to the dawn of humanity and this knowledge is vast within our DNA even if it has been long forgotten in our sciences or oral traditions. Learning to listen to the inner world is a skill that can be mastered and the human race can reboot this ancient knowledge from the indestructible book that we carry in every strand of DNA in our bodymind. What I did was utilize ancient and self-determined methods of learning to listen to that knowledge. Experimentation was done scientifically and results had to be repeatable and sustainable and not just a one-off reaction to some action I was taking. This took time. This took lots of research. This took lots of passion. I endured tons of ridicule from my academic peers and those who wanted me to be successful academically. But for me, that took a back seat to the actual results I was having internally and externally. I was the mad scientist who was sure of his results. I was my own experiment and nothing could stop me but me.

At some point in this journey after swinging into fasting, juice fasting, raw food veganism, carnivorism and all sorts of diets that were mine (or our ancestors) long before they had the modern names they do, that the key was digestion. The ability for the body to ingest and process what it needed with the least resistance. How to accomplish this was the next adventure and the one that took the longest to complete. I do not say that I have discovered the end of it all. I suppose I will always be learning and discovering better tweeks to what I have created so far, but it is a powerful medicine. I believe food is medicine you see. I believe nutrition is medicine. I believe life/being alive is medicine for the Soul. It is a life outlook that has been verified so many times in my life that I see it being as real as my breathing.

So let’s get into the recipe shall we? Enough of my long windedness. I hope you are all still awake!

We start with a base of 4 cups of raw organic coconut milk/water. To this we add the following organically sorced ingredients:

1 full leaf of kale (including stem)
1 full top of a dandelion plant (fresh from the ground if possible)
1/2 cup of spinach leaves (including stem)
1/2 cup of radish leaves (including stem)
1/2 cup of romaine lettuce
1 medium carrot
1 cored apple
1 whole lemon (peel and seeds included)
1 whole orange (peel and seeds included)
1 radish (including root)
2 red banana peppers (including stems and seeds)
1/2 beet (2″ in diameter)
1/2 cup pineapple
1/2 kiwi (unpeeled)
1/2 cup strawberries
1/4 cup blueberries
1/4 cup cranberries
1/4 cup raspberries
2 green onions
2-inch ginger root
2-inch turmeric root
2 cloves garlic
1 full dandelion root (freshly sourced if possible)
1 cup broccoli
2 tablespoons of spirulina
1 teaspoon of whole milk thistle
1/4 teaspoon of He Shu Wu root powder
1 scoop of plant-based protein powder
1 scoop of collagen
Barley Grass
1/4 cup Jerusalem Artichoke
1/4 cup Nova Scotia Dulse
12-20 Grapes (peel included but no seeds)
1 banana
5 ripe cherry tomatoes (including peels and seeds)
1/4 cup of raw organic honey (locally sourced if you can find it)
1 cup of filtered water sourced ice


Step One: Since you are using organically sourced ingredients, DO NOT WASH anything. There are vital microbial beings, vital vitamins and minerals and trace minerals on them that your body craves. Chop all ingredients save for the powders and liquids into chunks (be sure to slice all roots in thin slices perpendicular to the longness of the root).

Step Two: add all liquids and powders to the blender. Blend for 30 seconds.

Step Three: add all your cut ingredients.

Step Four: Blend until completely liquid. You will need to test this, but with my Ninja Professional it takes about 20 minutes to achieve. This is the reason I add the ice because the blending process will heat up the smoothie till it steams. Warmth is good but too hot and you kill beings and enzymes. So be careful to monitor your mix as it is blending and add ice chunks as you go if needed.

Step Five: Consume as much as you can within 15 minutes and then seal the rest in an airtight container and put it in the refrigerator. Drink within 24 hours for best results.

Step Six: make this a lifestyle and do this every day.

NOTE: if your blender is too small to hold all these ingredients then you can split the mix up into 4 equal parts fairly easily and blend each separately. If you know that you cannot consume the entire mix in one sitting (because this is actually your meal to start the day) then you can place all your chopped ingredients into zip lock baggies in 2 to 4 equal parts and blend them as you go throughout the day (recommended). Just be sure to measure out equally reduced amounts of powder for each serving (very important).

So that’s it, the grand poobah of Smoothie Recipes. You will find that after about a week this is going to revolutionize your existence. You will eat less and have so much energy that you will literally need a relaxant like Valerian root for a few days to get used to it and learn to use that energy and well being in doing something good in the world!

Bless everyone, no exceptions.