Penetration Testing and Information Security Training Market to see Huge Growth by 2025 | Offensive Security, SANS Institute, Cybrary

penetration testing and information security training market to see huge growth by 2025 | offensive security, sans institute, cybrary


The latest 121+ page survey report on Global Penetration Testing and Information Security Training Market is released by HTF MI covering various players of the industry selected from global geographies like North America Country (United States, Canada), South America, Asia Country (China, Japan, India, Korea), Europe Country (Germany, UK, France, Italy), Other Country (Middle East, Africa, GCC). A perfect mix of quantitative & qualitative Market information highlighting developments, industry challenges that competitors are facing along with gaps and opportunity available and would trend in Penetration Testing and Information Security Training market. The study bridges the historical data from 2015 to 2019 and estimated till 2026*. Some are the key & emerging players that are part of coverage and were profiled in current version are Offensive Security, SANS Institute, Cybrary, Penetration Testing and Security Service, Udemy, Sense of Security, Rapid7, Shearwater Solutions & Content Security Pty Ltd.
Be the first to knock the door showing potential that Global Penetration Testing and Information Security Training market is holding in it. Uncover the Gaps and Opportunities to derive most relevant insights from our research document to gain market size.
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Analyst at HTF MI have …



CyberSaint adds automation functionality to its CyberStrong platform to reduce manual intervention – Help Net Security

cybersaint adds automation functionality to its cyberstrong platform to reduce manual intervention – help net security


CyberSaint announced new updates to the CyberStrong platform allowing customers to drastically reduce manual intervention previously necessary to assess, manage, and communicate cyber and IT compliance and risk posture.
Unexpected disruptions and the increasing focus on digital transformation have heightened organizations’ need to seek innovative solutions that deliver advanced levels of automation.
Simultaneously, information security and risk leaders are challenged to have clear visibility into cyber risk and optimize resources across risk and compliance projects. CyberStrong is purpose-built for enterprises looking to transform their cyber risk management programs through automation in the wake of extensive digital transformation initiatives.
CyberSaint has a strong history of meeting the growing demand within the integrated risk management market, balancing intuitiveness and flexibility with an uncompromisingly robust feature set for customers, who range from high-growth startups to Global 500 industry titans.
“The market has now shifted as security teams realize the cost savings of automation. The evolution of the product has mirrored, in many fascinating ways, the direction that enterprises are taking in their approach to risk and compliance – with efficiency and agility by way of automation either displacing or augmenting bulky modularities such as legacy GRCs”, said Padraic O’Reilly, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder …


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LA Cyber Lab praised as model for cities sharing threat intelligence | StateScoop

la cyber lab praised as model for cities sharing threat intelligence | statescoop


Written by Benjamin Freed Oct 20, 2020 | STATESCOOPWhile many large cities have grown their cyber capabilities in recent years, some are also increasingly concerned with helping local businesses defend themselves from online threats. Historically, though, governments simply sharing threat information with members of their communities hasn’t necessarily resulted in better defenses, as small mom-and-pop operations typically lack the resources and knowledge to secure their data and devices.
But that’s been changing in Los Angeles in recent years, speakers said Tuesday during a CyberTalks session, thanks to the work of the three-year-old LA Cyber Lab, a nonprofit organization that provides cybersecurity assistance to small and mid-sized businesses in the greater Los Angeles area.
“In the past we’d share information with people who didn’t know what to do with it,” said Glenn Haddox, the chief information security officer for the Southern California Edison energy company and the president of LA Cyber Lab’s board of directors. “So it’d create anxiety. The bad guys share everything. We need to act as more of a team.”
LA Cyber Lab was founded in 2017 to serve as a vehicle for Los Angeles’ public and private sectors to collaborate on cybersecurity initiatives, including intelligence …


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Aspiring cyber entrepreneur is latest EWF INI Fellow

aspiring cyber entrepreneur is latest ewf ini fellow


IMAGE: Ruchi Banerjee, EWF INI Fellow
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Credit: Carnegie Mellon University Information Networking Institute

Ruchi Banerjee’s interest in cybersecurity began with a fascination with the unknown. “I think security is one of those fields where you know it exists, but you often don’t know exactly how it works,” she said.
Since she was in high school, Banerjee has been drawn to the puzzle of solving complex security issues, especially when it comes to protecting systems while finding vulnerabilities through the perspective of an attacker. “Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and being able to know how to secure something is a difficult skill to develop, but one that is important,” she explained.
Banerjee, currently a bicoastal information security student at the Information Networking Institute (INI), is embarking on the next big step in her cybersecurity career as an EWF INI Fellow–a full-tuition information security fellowship awarded jointly by the INI and the Executive Women’s Forum on Information Security, Risk Management and Privacy (EWF).
“[The EWF INI] fellowship is unbelievable!” she said. “I see this fellowship as a great opportunity to make long lasting connections with women who are already in the field of security and know …


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Risk-Based Security for Your Organization: What You Need to Know

risk-based security for your organization: what you need to know


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Securing the Internet of Things

securing the internet of things


National Cyber Security Awareness Month provides an opportunity to explore emerging fields in information security. Perhaps none is as overlooked as the rapid emergence of network-enabled smart devices, what researchers call the Internet of Things.We’re used to thinking about applications on computers, but we are increasingly surrounded by networked devices: voice-activated assistants, smart appliances, Wi-Fi cameras, video doorbells and more. These electronics are the new forefront in cyber security.
Giovanni Vigna focuses on this new frontier. “There is concern that there are a lot of hidden vulnerabilities in these devices,” he said. Vigna, a professor of computer science at UC Santa Barbara, serves as director of the campus’s Center for Cybersecurity and co-director of the Security Lab.
Manufacturers optimize networked electronics for ease of use, and that sometimes comes at the cost of eliminating security features. “Convenience versus security: this has been a tradeoff since the beginning of computing,” Vigna said.
What’s more, if you want your phone to communicate with your bathroom scale, your watch and your thermostat, you have to resort to the lowest common denominator between all the devices, he explained.
“A lot of people think that we can take current security analysis …


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Security Policy

security policy


Security is very important to Pitch and everyone here is doing their best to keep your presentations and data secure. This document describes our internal security policies and how those translate into creating a secure platform that you can trust.Data Protection
You can read our Data Processing Agreement in full as a recap.
We are committed to follow and implement all the guidelines and recommendations from GDPR with regards to all the data and information we handle, process, and store at Pitch.
Data Security
All of Pitch infrastructure runs in Amazon AWS, hosted in European regions. You can find more information about AWS security practices on their cloud security page.
Data Encryption at Rest
We use different Amazon AWS services, such as AuroraDB and S3, and we configured them to use AES-256 encryption for all data at rest.
Data Classification
We like to keep our data organized, and for that we created different categories on which all Pitch’s data needs to be categorized. The categories define who can access it and which level of monitoring they receive:

Public information – Information available in our main website and marketing information
Internal information – Unreleased information and details about Pitch …


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