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blankHello, Information Professional Network on the IAM Platform!

With the launch of our new Influencer Branding Service called Top Influence, I wanted to take some time to go over what it is that we are going to be focusing on so that anyone can take advantage of the new service.

If you have not been following our updates and have not learned of our services, then I will briefly go over what it is that we do and who we are.  You can also view my profile on LinkedIn.

Information Access and Management (IAM) Platform is a support structure for the Information Professional Network called IAM Network, the world’s largest network made up of those who professionally or substantially work with information daily.  In order to service the vast needs of a class of professionals and workers who work with an infinite product, we created IAM Platform.  This highly liquid, zero overhead, gig economy compliant organization scales and pairs as needed using resource-at-hand infrastructure in truly genius ways to create, house and deliver information curation, tips, tricks, tools, products and services to the hundreds of thousands of Information Professionals and Information Workers that use it daily.

The goal is to help you Dominate Your Information.  We are meritocratic and democratic in our operations and anyone has a chance to be a part of and build the Network.  We have many gateways but one purpose, Dominion of Information.  You can be a part of that story.  You can be a part of that information dominance.  Entrance is free but continuance in the Network and on the Platform demands participation.

You will enter through any one of many gateways (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat and our Web portal).  You will get familiar with the members and the mission and then you will start to participate and promote the Network and the Platform.  Participation takes many forms.  From helping to create products and services to place on the Network to interacting and engaging the members with Social support to help build the power and leverage of the Network and, as a course of consequence, the Platform.

We look forward to working with influencers from ALL expertise niches.  It literally does not matter where you come from, everything is in the beginning stages of digital transformation and everything is producing information.  Therefore, everything has the potential to contribute to the Dominance Leverage we seek.

We are not extremists and do not tolerate anything extremist in nature.  Other than that, all viewpoints are welcome.  Seriously.  Extremism is defined as behavior that tolerates only itself and seeks the elimination of any other viewpoint other than its own.  We will not tolerate that kind of behavior and it is the ONLY reason we terminate relations with someone.

We encourage all to engage.  For those who are considered influencers in their expertise, we invite you to seek out and enter through any of our gateways, some of them owned by our Founder Benjamin Alexander De Mers and others owned by the Network and the Platform.  Either way, you will get there.

The massive leverage of the collective is open to all.  Every single participation amplifies that leverage and all benefit.  Those who participate are expected to help those who are not as powerful to increase the power exponentially until dominance is achieved.  Then we hope computational power has equaled the leverage of the collective and we will use this dominance to create even more powerful applications and elevate humanity accordingly.

Top Influence is aptly named.  We look forward to working with you.


Team IAM

Partnership is the New Startup.


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