IAM Platform Influencer and Super Stars Qualifications

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Hello Everyone!

Some of you have noticed that we began a new tier of promotion for a certain classification of individuals who have achieved a certain level of influence and engagement with IAM Platform.  These are the true Super Stars and their metrics prove it.

Some of you also have asked that we clarify what this new list is and what it is all about.  We understand achievers like you all will want to wrap your head around it so here goes.

The point of this list is to single out true Super Stars.  As always STATS rule here.  While we understand you may be famous, engagement is the metric we use to establish this list.  Name recognition is great, but if you don’t engage then, well, you are sort of invisible while being present.  That’s not good in a SOCIAL situation.  So we designed and launched a branding service called #TopInfluence which allows anyone who has 10K or more Twitter Followers to receive a FREE promotional package (worth some $$$) and all we ask is that you do a few things in return.


  1. You must have 10 K or more followers
  2. You must NOT mute IAM Platform ( anti-social and keeps you from doing #3).
  3. You are encouraged to engage (retweet, reply, like, follow, click links, click hashtags, open media, etc.).  We base our engagement metrics on your engagement while on IAM Platform ONLY.  Without this kind of engagement, you cannot qualify as a Super Star.
  4. You must remain a follower of IAM Platform.

FOR SUPER STAR ENTRY – All of the #TopInfluence entry qualifications plus:

  1. You must have 200K or more followers AND/OR
  2. You must win the Monthly Retweet Reach Contest (Monthly Retweet Contest focuses on tweets that feature you that you have retweeted to your followers.  When you retweet content we produce that features you, we receive an impression count of all the followers of yours that viewed the retweet.  We tally that up and in this manner, we are able to gauge your true influence and reach.  Robots and fake followers will not register an impression because it uses the Twitter “View” parameters to qualify impressions.  We are truly interested in PEOPLE who actually see your tweets and retweets – our definition of influence).
  3. You can be on the list with less than 200K followers with a Monthly Retweet Reach Win.
  4. You cannot be on the list unless you have a Monthly Retweet Reach Win regardless of how many followers you have.
  5. You must not MUTE IAM Platform

So what content are we talking about that you have to engage with in order to qualify for free promotion of you or your brand?

We have various information products that we produce using our own tools, tools created by third parties, and Twitter in order to understand your engagement metrics.  These engagement metrics allow us to orient our curation, tips, tools, reviews, products, and services in such a way that everyone benefits from the growth directions these metrics “teach” us we can all go in together.  Currently, this has resulted in the following action points  from which we leverage value:

  1. Big ShoutOut – this is a professionally crafted bio of you and your expertise niche (best we can do on Twitter anyway).  This is tweeted and then saved to a “Moment” which allows us to evergreen this content on a weekly basis when Twitter “resets” the retweetability of that tweet.  The initial tweet, as well as the ensuing retweets, allow us to gauge our native network response to your “influence” as well as the remote response to your “influence” on your own networks through your retweet of content we produce featuring you.  This applies to all the content that we produce which will be listed below.
  2. #Cool2Follow – This is a segmentation of the total field of vetted influencers who, in groups of five, are placed in this spot on any tweet we craft manually.  This allows us to monitor your influence on that tweet through engagement targeted at your Twitter Username (replies, retweets, likes, link clicks – yes Twitter considers your @username as a link click).
  3. Thank yous – These are generated each time someone follows, likes, retweets or replies to anything that mentions our @username.
  4. Stats Blast – Detailed statistics on your account and activity from ALL activity across Twitter and on the IAM Platform.
  5. Recommended Connects – Stats will show us who is compatible and who is not and we offer these recommendations to you either in a tweet or DM whichever you prefer.
  6. Retweet your latest ten tweets and your pinned tweet – We will retweet your last ten tweets on a given day that we choose.  If you want them posted at the ideal time for your channel, then that is not free, but we can discuss this.
  7. #TopInfluence #TwitterChat – our weekly TwitterChat using the hashtag #TopInfluence where we discuss all things influence and more.  While you can get a focused session on Wednesdays starting at 1PM and ending whenever our fingers fall off, we recommend that you monitor that hashtag all throughout the week because influencers like you are encouraged to post to that hashtag on all things influence.
  8. Audacity Kings and Queens List – our yearly ranking list of those who have audaciously engaged and show real initiative in methods of engagement.
  9. Professionally crafted partnership promotions – we will collaborate with anyone and create professional creatives for that collaboration as long as there is clear value present for both parties.
  10. Speaking engagements – we will collaborate with anyone and create professional topics for discussion and carry forth that speaking engagement as long as it results in a clear and present value for both parties.
  11. Podcasts and video – we will collaborate with anyone and create professional sessions and video content on defined topics and carry forth the sharing or collaboration as long as there is demonstrable value for both parties.

This list is growing daily.  There is an opportunity for “plugs” to be inserted anywhere and everywhere in any of these directions we are going with our products and services.  We insert those plugs as you earn them by participating on the IAM Platform.

So it’s not a trophy for everyone, but it is meritocratic.  As you participate your metrics show it and you receive a promotion.  We will always inform you of any promotion that you are qualified for and you can refuse to participate at any time.  If you refuse to participate AFTER a promotion is run, we cannot remove you from any promotions that have already run.  They are part of the Twittersphere, presumably forever.

We offer both FREE and PAID products and services, just like anyone else does.  So if you ever want to know more, ether pop over to our corporate website, or DM us.  We would be happy to discuss any project you have in mind from web development, app development, and data analysis to SMM and more.  We are the World’s Largest Information Professional’s Network.  If it needs to be done, we can get it done, together.  Ultimately we leverage the social in social media.  That is a powerful thing.  As we all participate we all grow this platform and that is power that all of us can use.

Again, if you have any questions, just reach out to us via DM or email at  Either way, we are quick to answer.  You can also reach us at using Messenger.

The point of all this is to provide a place where influencers can go to SAFELY interact with vetted individuals who will not spam them and who will do no harm.  That is worth something to everyone, so let’s build this together.  Plus as we go along we can teach others and help them see that methods that harm do not have to be used if we all participate together to help each other.

See you on the Platform and thanks for listening.

All my very best always,

Benjamin Alexander De Mers
Founder and CEO
IAM Platform