The Greatest Social Media Gift is Giving

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Hey everybody.  It’s been a riveting week out and about the Social Media waves this week.  Lots going on and lots to talk about.

First I wanted to talk about something that seems to be on the minds of a lot of you and that is growth.  Many of you have asked me what is the secret to gaining followers and engagement.  A lot of you are hunkered down in your bunkers waiting for some response or another from your advertising budget and I get it, that is the advice being given by the advertising company you hired, but in all reality, you should be doing one thing and doing it daily…


Seriously.  You need to rev up the engines of your creativity and innovation with some good old-fashioned giving.  In Social Media circles this means you promote the content and presence of someone else other than you.  At first, this seems anti-climactic, but in all reality, because of the way Social Media Platforms operate, you are promoting yourself at the same time you are promoting someone else, and that’s just, well, social.

Get ready for a flurry of activity.  Why?  I said it above.  Most Social Media Marketers and brand builders are hunkered down in our advertising silos and when the dam breaks because we stepped over the line, well, it’s contagious and everybody jumps on board and that’s a good thing.  Not only that, it quickly becomes exponential because, again, the way the platforms operate you are tagged in everything anyone else chooses to share that you originated.  Get it?

OK, getting off the soapbox now.

In other news, there’s a ton of activity going on using lists and trending topics on all the platforms.  There is nothing more important than pushing all the features you have available to you on each platform.  We call that well-rounded strategy.  You cannot expect exponential growth from one-dimensional thinking and action.  Not going to happen.

Finally, the Facebook fiasco is really getting people in a huff.  Let’s step back and realize something that really needs to be said.  Everything can be misused, including a human being.  Everything.  Mark had the best of intentions, but sadly, miscalculated those bad actors who are out there.  Should he have compensated, perhaps, but then would we have had the explosive growth in Facebook?  Probably not.  So it’s time for a reckoning and a reformation.  It happens.  Mark will navigate this and some new tools will roll out shortly, in fact, they already have as of this morning.

So keep pushing and keep giving and make sure you research, research, research!  Information wants to be free, so don’t push it where it does not want to go.  Work with it and it will work with you.

Stay awesome and keep rocking.  See you on the Social Scene!