How to Monetize your WordPress Blog (Series Pt. 1)

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Sounds easy doesn’t it?

blankNo?  Not buying it?  Whelp, no worries, that’s where we all started.  Just wondering, day in and day out, how, just how, did they do it.  How did guys like Neil Patel and gals like Tamara McCleary do it?  How do they make five figures a week basically shuffling information?

Well, the answer is manifold.  There are lots of things you need to learn and lots of things you need to master in order to really pull that kinda dough from the World Wide Web which just happens to be the greatest opportunity for advancement humanity has ever conceived.

The first thing you have to do is orient your mind to a whole new way of thinking.  This involves answering three fundamental questions.  1) Just what is the Internet?  2) Just what does it do?  3) Just how does it work?  In order to capitalize on something we have to understand it first.  I personally believe that many, many people stumble and fall at this Internet Business Thang because they truly just do not understand how truly different the Internet is and yet still grasp how fundamentally the same it is as well. So let’s answer some questions and see where you stand on your understanding.

What is the Internet?  The Internet is not a place.  It is not a thing.  It is a network of things that together create something else.  From the physical infrastructure that supports the Internet to the basic protocols that allow it to move data packages about, it is like a big package factory, warehouse and delivery system for the world’s data packages, regardless, truly, of the content that is in the packages.  So that is the first thing you have to understand so that you can rightly orient your mind to the Internet.  It facilitates YOU and YOUR content and really does nothing else.  OK?

Now the second question.  What does the Internet DO?  Well, as we mentioned above briefly, the Internet moves packages.  It does not care what is in the packages, it just moves them.  It uses protocols, known as Internet Protocols, which are like delivery routes, and Internet Protocol Addresses, which are like destination points, to move packages from one place to another and make sure that they get there.  So that is the second thing you should understand if you are going to wrap your mind around the Internet.  Again, YOU and YOUR content are still firmly NOT being created by the Internet.  This is key to understanding how to monetize your blog, which is way down the road from where we are now.  So follow along further here to the AHA moment, OK?

Now to answer the third question.  How does the Internet Work?  As we have previously briefly mentioned, the Internet is a support structure for the movement of Packages.  What is in the packages is irrelevant.  The only thing that matters is that there either is or is not a package and where it is going.  Because the Internet does not care what is in the packages it is moving, literally anything can use this package moving system to manipulate the way those packages move from one place to the next.  This is where we start to understand HOW your blog came to be in the first place and how you can understand that it is a TOOL for you to tailor the content that is in the package that is being moved about so that it speaks about you.  But we have one more thing to cover.  Remember when we discussed being able to influence the way packages are moved from one place to another?  It is precisely this capability that allowed Sir Tim Berners-Lee (sorry Al Gore, but he was the REAL inventor of the World Wide Web – Al actually had something to do with the creation of the Internet) to envision and create the World Wide Web.

By now you can see that the Internet and the World Wide Web are decidedly not the same thing. This is a cause for confusion that leaves many not understanding the power of either and therefore not understanding how to orient themselves for a solid business footing in either.  So now that we have established the answers to the three fundamental questions and we understand what the Internet is, what it does and how it works and we have now seen that it is compatible with products that can be built to enable a certain way of moving packages from one place to another (as distinguished from the total flow of packages moving on the Internet) and we understand that one of these products is the World Wide Web, we can now get to your Blog.

Remember when I mentioned Internet Protocol Address?  Well the World Wide Web uses these and creates another very important addition, like a postal code, to the Internet Protocol Address, it is called a Domain Name.  This domain name is a unique identifier which allows the personalization of the Internet Protocol Address.  Up until now, the Internet did not care what was in your package, right?  Well it still doesn’t but the World Wide Web, which is built using the structure of the Internet, does.  It cares very much so what is in the packages you are sending. It shows its care for this in the very structure that built it.  That structure is called a semantic markup language and just like you use words and sentences and paragraphs and pages and books and volumes and libraries to organize and  transmit information from one place to another in the brick and mortar world, so to the World Wide Web has created a language system to organize and transmit a digital copy of all that we have in the real brick and mortar world.  The structures in this language have certain “tags” which allow us to tell the difference between a cat and a dog or a still image and a moving image and so on.  How we refer to those objects is different than how we move them.  The Internet is going to move the package no matter what is in it but the World Wide Web is only going to move packages with a certain type of content.  This content is what is designated and defined by the language of hyperlinks and the structural language of the World Wide Web, namely Hypertextual Markup Language or HTML.  Just as there have been many iterations of our human speech based language, there have been five iterations of the machine language we call HTML.  Betcha you did not know that!

So how does all this relate to making money with my BLOG?  It relates because of what we said about orientation, remember?  Now that you can see the nuts and bolts of this “thing” we use you can position yourself to make money on it.  The most fundamental understanding of this educational moment we are having here together is that WE ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CREATION AND CONTENT OF OUR CONTENT.  We are still responsible for the context of our content and its value.  We are converting our brick and mortar world value into a value that can enter the packages that are moving on the World Wide Web.

Although this sounds like a lot of work, it really is not.  See your BLOG is run by a software that is built to make the conversion of YOU into a package that can be sent throughout the very unique delivery system of the World Wide Web plug and play easy.  You are literally publishing yourself and everything you see and hear, and taste, and feel and think, get it?

Now, nobody wants to experience everything about everything (well I do, but then again, I am decidedly NOT normal), we just want to experience this thing or that thing and we want to do it when it is appropriate and relevant, right?  We want it to SPEAK TO US.  So how do we get it to speak to us/them/everyone?  We use what we have learned and we write about it envisioning how it is going to be witnessed by those who have opted in to receive our “packages”.

So you can see now that it is not so very different than you already know how to make money in the brick and mortar world, it is just that you have to embrace the way in which things move and how people access things on the World Wide Web.  For one thing, and there are countless “things” you are going to have to learn about how it is also very different than your brick and mortar reality, it is a ton more IMMEDIATE than you have ever experienced in your life.  That means that what you are is immediately translated, without filters, without history, without context, without any understanding except what you have given it right then and there.  In fact the only way a package on the World Wide Web has any meaning is if it is linked to other packages in a meaningful way by YOU.

Remember those hyperlinks we talked about?  Remember that whole Internet and World Wide Web relationship we talked about?  Remember that whole World Wide Web and Blog relationship we talked about.  Well, I have to let you in on a naughty little secret.   Those relationships are NOT monogamous!  (Oh shoot, the cat’s outta the bag and she’s screaming!)  That’s right, there are countless other “things” that have relationships with the World Wide Web “thing” which in turn is just one relationship that the Internet has with many other “things”  That is how we get the term Internet of Things.  Of course to really blow your mind I would have to tell you that all of these relationships can have relationships with each other no matter who starts the relationship!  Yep, that’s right, you are being cheated on constantly.  So lets say you have a SKYPE call going on and you are also using your BROWSER to surf the WORLD WIDE WEB, well, these are all “things” using the Internet to move their packages and they are also using each other to move different content within those packages in a giant Whoopsie of cheating that is only organized by the ability to do so (and believe me that ability is endless).

So as you start to develop a vision of how to monetize your BLOG, yep, your little old blog in the middle of that maelstrom, you have to first get in touch with your voice.  Remember when I said you have to SPEAK TO THEM?  Well, trying to figure out what someone is looking to hear is impossible to sustain.  It might be possible to know in any given moment, but we don’t write things in one moment, it takes many moments to craft something and put it into the digital world we know as the World Wide Web right?  For some less and for some more.  But all of us spend TIME crafting when we do finally understand just exactly what it is that we are crafting on, how it works and what it does.

So what does that mean for YOU and YOUR CONTENT?  It means that both YOU and YOUR content have to find something that is able to be heard.  WHAT?  I can’t hear you!  Exactly.  That is the point.  Now understanding the giant cluster fuck of the World Wide Web is going to make sense to you more and more. Just because you build it does not mean that they will come (well the truth is they will come, but they will not stay) it also does not mean they will hear you (well the truth is that they will hear you but will they LISTEN).  Remember, everything is connected, so everything is just a connection away, so you really DO hear it but you do not listen to it.  It is the din.  The messy massive noise machine.  So what do they LISTEN to?  They listen to YOU.  Finding YOU is the most important thing you can do.  It is also the very last thing anyone should be able to pull out of your cold dead hands when you have penned your last.  That YOU is the only YOU that YOU have in YOUR life.  It is the ONLY thing that is YOURS.  Therefore, learn to concentrate singly on YOU and get a real feel for how YOU are experiencing YOUR unique point of view.

Now that sounds a bit myopic, and believe me it is.  So at some point you will have to start relating to how this new YOU that you have discovered relates to every other YOU-person out there but you must never allow YOUR YOU that you have discovered to ever be displaced by any other YOU-person that is out there.  I am harping on this because even though there is an interminable and ubiquitous omnipresence of information out there, there is only ONE YOU.  In fact you are the rarest of finds in all of existence.  That is why for most people finding YOU is the hardest thing to do!  But if you want to make money with your BLOG, you have to do this.  You have to find YOU.

Now I know, there are tools and stuff that we have to go over and I am going to get to that in the next part of this series.  For now, little miss or mister YOU, I want YOU to go and sit down with YOU and get to know YOU.  Look at your world, your brick and mortar world and how you have formed within it.  Look at the way you relate to you in that world.  Study yourself and everyone that knows you.  Study how you relate to them knowing you.  Believe me it gets pretty complex.  So how do you know when you have studied enough?  Well, the honest answer to that is that you will never get to the end of it, and that is a good thing, but the equally honest answer is that you will get to a certain point of mastery with it and that is enough.  Basically, when you are comfortable enough to say anything no matter what anyone thinks of it, you are eligible for enrollment in content generation 101.  That will be the title of the next blog I send out.  Not sure when.  In an hour, a day, a week, I will keep you guessing (another secret you will learn) and believe me I am going to milk that anticipation with every single ounce of anticipation wringing power my fingers, palms and wrists can wring out of the world.

OK YOU, go find YOU.  Then come back here and learn some more.

OH, I forgot, if you come back before you have found you, just beware, you will eventually have to do it because you will so easily forget who you are when you start using the tools and systems that I will show you that you give up because there is one little secret I will share with you now about this whole journey you are about to embark upon.  It is a single question that every single act of diligence is going to SCREAM at you in a blood curdling pitch at ear bleeding decibels: “why am I doing this?”  If you don’t have a really good answer for that question, well, guess what, diligence does not just shut up and go away mocking you, NO, it just keeps asking you that same question like a rabid five year old.  SO you have to be ready to give that answer and there is a specific answer to that question by the way and we will get into that as we start orienting our new understandings we have gained here today with the tools and techniques that will explode your VOICE onto the scene and believe me the world needs MORE VOICE and less NOISE!

See you on the other side…