The Magic In Giving

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This week we have seen some pretty volatile stuff, haven’t we?  First @TonyRobbins sticks his head where the sun doesn’t shine and tries pushing an agenda with a real victim of sexual abuse because he was tone deaf immersed in his own “juice” (and for the record I don’t think Tony is a bad person, he just really, really allowed his ego to get in the way).  Second, we have more revelations that Social Media Platforms are doing more with your data than they should be (frankly I think we all suspected this).  Finally, we have all forms of e-commerce architecture coming under scrutiny as the government begins to probe taxes on the Internet.  What a week.

Some great examples of areas where giving has gone awry.  No?  So let’s examine giving and kindness and how it can be used for good and for growth and benefit to all.

In order to do that we first have to examine the word itself.  Giving is the act of exchange without expectation of return.  Giving differs from investment and does not consider returns.  It is a release, not a grasp.  For this reason, it is free and whatever is free is powerful.  It is not enslaved to emotions or agendas.  This is precisely why giving has the potential for magic.  OK enough blabbing.  Let’s examine some concrete examples.

blankThe first magic you experience when you start giving is the breaking down of walls and trenches that desperation builds.  It does not start slowly either.  It’s a freaking avalanche.  Why?  Because nobody, literally nobody, wants to be crushed, they want to crush it!  So they see the energy of your giving and in their starved state they crave it and do the same.  This explodes exponentially and soon every boat rises.  Give and you shall receive.  It’s a law.

The second magic you experience is the idea that promoting others promotes yourself.  It is also known as the principle of referral.  This is a very powerful magic indeed.  The formula for successful referral is successful advocacy.  This means that you must choose a format for a referral that allows your promotion of others to also promote you.  Further, you must choose a format which allows the promotion of other’s promotion of you to refer back to you!  Social Media is inherently capable of this.  Posting and sharing are built in with a tag to your profile so no matter where the original post goes, it includes you!  This allows you to forget about you.  Yes, forget all about you and start promoting others.  In essence, you start to realize it’s all information.  blankThe sharing of information and humans love to share information that is relevant and the greatest relevance for humans comes in the form of other humans.  That is why Social Media is such a popular form of information exchange.  Social Media is not the only form of information exchange, but it is a very popular one for the reasons mentioned above.  And that, simply put, is magic.

blankThe final magic you will experience is exponentiality.  This is like cloning yourself, or the ability to be in several places at once.  This is also known as the principle of bilocation.  Right now, on the Internet (which is really only about 13 or 14 years old), we have a full on land rush/land grab.  It’s a veritable New Homesteading Act.  Yet we are faced with a problem.  Have you ever seen the game where you place a human in a glass tube and blow money around and the human tries to grab as much money as possible in a defined amount of time?  What you experience while watching that is exactly what is happening online right now.  However, just like there are those who find ways to scoop up the cash effectively and there are those who are overwhelmed and gather no money, the same applies to this land rush.  The New Homesteaders are the Content Providers and the New Homestead is the Internet and Content Provider Platforms.  Once you understand this your orientation to content shifts dramatically.  As this shift in your understanding starts to grip you, you begin to feel the panic of the sheer size of the information that you about to process.  You realize quickly that you are not able to process enough content to make even the slightest dent in the massive momentum of the already existing information that is exponentially increasing every nanosecond of existence.  Even your own personal generation of information exceeds your ability to grasp and control it completely.  This is where the principle of bilocation works to your advantage.  Leveraging the first two principles we have already covered, we achieve the magic of bilocation.  Our action here is advocacy and being creative about advocating the content of others so that they are motivated to move your content and add their own “spice” to it.  Pretty soon you have a wonderful concoction that powers everyone who is participating.

A great example of this is the #TwitterChat.  Centered around the lowly hashtag (any hashtag will do), a group of dedicated individuals can create what is known as a  “#Trending” topic which gets blasted to anyone who is looking for that hashtag or mentions words that contain it.  With a potential audience of 500 million, that can get massive fast.

My good friends Marsha Wright (@marshawright) and Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar) have mastered the #TwitterChat.  Marsha currently has over 5000 dedicated Tweeters engaging her content and promoting their content as well in a veritable smorgasbord of synergy that promotes the magic of giving using all three principles we covered today.  Her #TwitterChat #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is always trending and covers entrepreneurship, motivation, B2B, kindness and trending topics.  Madalyn Sklar, another #TwiterExpert, has built an amazing #Twitter centric community discussing #TwitterTips.  These can be surprisingly structured and cohesive even though when you peel back the layers you see the amorphous nature of the gathering.  We “relate” to the subject that the hashtag centers us all on and that provides something out of nothing, MAGIC!

I hope that this helps you see a bit of magic today and helps you to understand that the reason you are not growing is not that you are not working hard.  It is because you don’t have strong magic helping you.  You need this magic to help you and if you will just reach out and start the journey on the path of giving you will experience an unbelievable tsunami of growth that will make waves.  Riding on that wave like the best pro surfer is you and everyone else you touch!


See you on the Internet!

Benjamin Alexander De Mers