How To Get Twitter Followers: Simple Tricks and Tips That Just Work.

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So you tried buying followers and while you got bigger numbers, you got ZERO engagement, and now engagement is the ONLY metric that matters.  You tried following everyone you could only to see yourself spammed, banned, muted and suspended by Twitter.  You tried all the third party “tools”, “tips” and “tricks of the trade” and found yourself, once again, spammed, banned, muted and suspended by Twitter (strike two).

You are frustrated and looking for answers because even if these other methods did not work, they cost you money and time and a whole lot of effort.  You want to make good on your passion.  So how do you do it?

Here are some tried and true tips and tricks that do not involve anything you have to cheat to win at and cannot possibly get you spammed, banned, muted or suspended by Twitter.  And they just work.

Following these steps will allow you to gain followers that are relevant and want to engage with your content.  Hint: it’s called organic growth.

Step 1:  share content that is professionally curated and formatted.

Step 2: tweet when your tweets are most seen.

Step 3: tweet the correct amount of times.

Step 4: tweet with a schedule.

Step 5: curate, curate, curate.

Step 6: don’t be pushy.

Step7: be funny (when possible and appropriate).

Step 8: be concise yet effective.

Step 9: use visuals (pics and videos that attract).

Step 10: use Twitter Video.

Step 11: include a question in your tweet.

Step 12: include a timely and relevant poll in your tweet.

Step 13: make your bio and profile SEO friendly.

Step 14: make use of your “pinned tweet” feature.  Use your best content or advertise for yourself here (but DO NOT be pushy.  Use compelling creative, like a professionally produced intro video :))

Step 15: Make sure that your header and bios on other Social Media announce your Twitter presence.

Step 16: use a service to help you embed your Twitter feed in your website and blog posts.

Step 17: use a service to put a button that leads your audience to your Twitter feed from your website or blog.

Step 18: use powerful hashtags.  Powerful hashtags are ones that are trending in your area of expertise.

Step 19: use the power of relevant and appropriate mentions of influencers in your niche.

Step 20: reach out to and collaborate with influencers in your niche.

Step 21: be a community maven.  Join Groups on Facebook that are in your niche and promote your Twitter feed.

Step 22: go to live events and do a live Tweet event on your feed!  Makes you an instant star and expert.

Step 23: the appropriate following of appropriate and researched people in your niche.

Step 24: import your email contacts to Twitter and follow them.

Step 25: master Twitter Advanced Search to find people who you resonate with.  See our article on Mastering Twitter Advanced Search.

Step 26: help others get famous.  Helping others is promoting you too.

Step 27: DO NOT BUY FAKE FOLLOWERS.  Crap engagement is the first sign everyone is looking for to pin you as a fake follower buyer.

Step 28: be a notifications hawk and respond to every single comment and mention and retweet and reply.

Step 29: use TwitterChats and trending hashtags which you can find in your left sidebar at any time.  Interact, make lists of those who attend and start interacting with them.

Step 30: curate your content so that you are a trusted source of information.

Step 31: start talking and join in on conversations in your industry.  Nobody likes a silent poster.  They think you are a bot.

Step32: master and use Twitter Lists.  Period.

Step 33: be the host of a TwitterChat.  Create a hashtag that resonates with your niche and invite people to attend.  Set a structure for your TwitterChat so it does not get confusing or hard to interact.  Hosts only should ask questions while attendees will answer them in a format of Q: and A:.

Step 34: reshare the content that resonates best with your audience.  Some call this evergreening.  Just be sure to pay attention to Twitter Rules on resharing.  Retweeting is fine, but it is not fine to share the same content twice.

Step 35: do comparison posting.  This means that you do comparison marketing on content to find the best combination of content materials that resonate with your audience.  Color, subject, creatives, etc.  Mix it up till you get that bang.

Step 36: try incentives.  Do contests where people win swag or services you offer in exchange for their follow or retweet.  Just be sure to deliver and keep doing so or they will can you.

Step 37: use Twitter Ads to run promotion.  Try the new Promotion Mode from Twitter.  It’s cheaper than buying followers and you are going to get massive engagement if you content resonates.

Step 38: if you have employees be sure to make them your promotion army.

Step 39: master the Twitter Algorithm and use it wisely grasshopper.  See our article on how to Master the Twitter Algorithm.

Step 40: learn how to use your Twitter Analytics Dashboard and use that knowledge to inform how you tweet, when you tweet, what content you tweet when and to whom, etc.

There you have it.  40 great tips and tricks that do not involve cheating that will keep you plenty busy and provide solid results.  If you follow these steps you will have between 25 and 75 followers every day that stick and engage with you.

Finally, REMEMBER THIS:  it is not the number of followers that you have that matters.  It is the engagement with your content that matters.  Imagine someone with just 4K followers who gets hundreds of engagements on each post!  That is someone that advertisers are going to want to talk to for contracts on posting on your account.  And this can mean a good side hustle for you and as you continue to build your presence on your social media could turn into a dream come true as you mature into SMM and become an influencer and personal brand.

I hope this tutorial was helpful.  If it was, make sure you follow us on Twitter for even more great advice!

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