How to Display your Twitter Feed on WordPress

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If you’ve ever wondered how to go about displaying your latest Tweets on your WordPress website, then this tutorial is for you.

We will be showing you how to install this functionality courtesy of AccessPress Themes.

Documentation of AccessPress Twitter Feed Plugin


  1. Log into your WordPress website as admin.  Hover over the Plugins menu item.  Select Add New.
  2. In the search box on the add plugin page, Search for the keywords AccessPress Twitter Feed.  Select the button Install.  When it is finished select the button Activate.  You will be automatically taken to the main plugin page in your WordPress website.
  3. For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on AccessPress Twitter Feed menu in WordPress of left admin menu.


Plugin Settings

You can configure all the plugin settings in the Plugin’s Settings Panel as per your requirements.

Twitter Consumer Key/ Consumer Secret/ Access Token/ Access Token Secret/

You should fill the correct details in these fields to make the plugin work properly.For this you will need to go to here and create an app to get those credentials.

Twitter Username

Please fill your twitter username in this field

Twitter Account Name

Please fill your display name for your Twitter Account.

Cache Period

Please fill the period of time in which the feeds should be fetched.Default is 1 hour i.e 60 minutes.

Total number of Feed

Please fill the total number of feeds you want to fetch each time.

Feeds Template

There are 3 pre available feeds template from which you can choose any one.You can still change the template while displaying in the widget section.

Time Format

Please choose the time format in which you want to show in each feed.Currently there are three formats available.

Display Username

Please check this if you want to display your username in each feed in the front end.

Display Twitter Action Buttons(Reply, Retweet, Favorite)

Please check if you want to display the Twitter Action Buttons such as Reply, Retweet, Favorite


As soon as you install the plugin, you will find a widget named “AccessPress Twitter Feed” and “AccessPress Tweet Slider” in the widget section which you can place in any widget area and configure as per your requirement.Since the widget has the multi instance, so you can add the same widget as much as you want.



There are two shortcodes one for displaying Twitter Feeds in normal manner and another for displaying Twitter Feeds in the slider.

Normal Twitter Feeds Shortcode

[ap-twitter-feed template=”template-1/template-2/template-3″]

Twitter Feeds Slider

[ap-twitter-feed-slider template=”template-1/template-2/template-3″]

Both the shortcode will work even if you won’t pass the template parameter and default template will be chosen which has been selected in the plugin settings section.

And that’s it.  You now have full integration between your tweets and your WordPress website!  If you enjoyed this tutorial please show your appreciation by following, friending or connecting with us below: