The Ultimate Eye Health Smoothie

Vision is a critical function of a healthy lifespan. Losing vision is linked to depression and a lack of motivation. While this smoothie may not restore lost vision, it can go a long way towards retaining whatever vision you have left, barring any genetic issues you may be predisposed to. So follow this recipe closely and enjoy the results!

Ingredients (organically sourced only):

2/3 cup kale

1 cup carrots

1 cup coconut water

1 banana

5 strawberries

3/4 cup blueberries

1 Tbsp. ground flaxseeds

2 Tbsp. honey

1 cup peaches

1 ½ cups mango pieces

1 ripe banana

1 cup spinach

1/2 avacado (remove peel and pit)

This one is a great source of Vitamin A, which supports the health of your corneas. Plus, the greens in the smoothie provide zinc, which helps your body properly utilize Vitamin A. The blueberries and peaches in this smoothie are a great source of Vitamins C and E. These powerful antioxidants help prevent damage to your eyes that can lead to Age-related Macular Degeneration.

As an added bonus, this smoothie also has flaxseeds, which is are a wonderful source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3s are great for eyes because they can prevent dry eye and glaucoma by regulating fluid retention and normalizing eye pressure.  Finally, avocados are a great source of lutein, the nutrient essential for the development and protection of our healthy eyesight. They also add a smooth, creamy texture to this fruit smoothie.


Step One: DO NOT WASH ANYTHING. You will be using organically sourced ingredients and there are vital microbial beings, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals on them that your body craves. Chop all non liquid ingredients into chunks.

Step Two: Add all liquid ingredients and blend for 30 seconds.

Step Three: add all chunked ingredients.

Step Four: Blend until liquid. I use a Ninja Professional blender and it takes about 20 minutes to blend until liquid. Please use ice to cool this mix as it blends. Do not let it overheat.

Step Five: Consume immediately until gone.

Bless Everyone, no exceptions.