Global Virtual Reality Devices Market To Have A Massive Growth Rate Of 39.6%!

global virtual reality devices market to have a massive growth rate of 39.6%!


Virtual Reality Devices Market Global Report 2020-30: Covid 19 Growth And Change
The Business Research Company’s latest study on Virtual Reality Devices Market Global Report 2020-30: Covid 19 Growth And Change
LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, May 29, 2020 / — The global virtual reality devices market is expected to decline from $4.76 billion in 2019 to $3.99 billion in 2020 at a rate of -16%. The decline is mainly due to economic slowdown across countries owing to the COVID-19 outbreak and the measures to contain it. The market is then expected to recover and reach $1 trillion in 2023 at a whopping rate of 39.6%. The rising demand for virtual reality devices in changing the traditional way of imparting safety trainings to employees is expected to drive the market. However, due to COVID-19, the disturbances in demand and supply chain are to act as a major factor contributing to the declining shipments for virtual reality devices during 2020.
VR devices use advanced computer technology called virtual reality to create a simulated environment. VR devices such as head mounted display (HMD) devices, gesture tracking devices (GTD), projectors and display walls (PDW) enable the users to get immersed in a real environment and interact with 3D worlds. Some virtual reality devices include Oculus …



Amazon’s Gaming Sale Just Got A Lot Better

amazon’s gaming sale just got a lot better


It’s a good time to be a gamer. Not only are there more amazing games to play than ever, but they have this wonderful habit of going on sale all the time.

Amazon Australia joined with other retailers this week by discounting a ton of PlayStation games. And while those deals are still available, there’s a ton of non-PlayStation games and accessories in the mix as well, ranging from good deals on Switch physical games, Pro Controllers, and more.
Games like Darksiders Genesis are going for $39 (down from $59.95), Need for Speed Payback is only $19, the excellent Prey is going for $15 today, and the Saints Row 3 remastered is cheaper today for Switch users too.
This post has been updated since its original publication.

Most of the same offering as what JB had, with a couple of extra discounts on games like GT Sport and Spider-Man. It works out better if you’ve got Amazon Prime as well, although there’s no extra indies in Amazon Australia’s mix here.
For all of the current video game offers, head here.

JB Hi-Fi Has Some Cracking Gaming Deals

If you didn’t have enough to play on your PS4, now’s the best time. Sony’s just kicked off …


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Global Virtual Reality Market is Expected to Reach $91.00 billion by 2027 – Latest Market Research Report by Stratistics MRC

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GAITHERSBURG, Maryland, May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Virtual Reality market is accounted for $7.90 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $91.00 billion by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 31.2% during the forecast period. Stratistics MRC LogoMoreSome of the key players in virtual reality market include Sony, HTC, Google, Vuzix, Apple Inc., Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Eon Reality, Facebook, Inc, CyberGlove Systems, Sensics, Sixense Enterprises, Merge Labs, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, Dessault Systems SE, Lenovo Group Ltd., Autodesk Inc., and Magic Leap, Inc.Some of the key factors propelling the market growth are growing digitization and availability of affordable VR devices, penetration of HMDs in gaming and entertainment sector, huge investment in virtual reality market. However, health concerns relating to low resolution and lack of movement is the restraining factor for the growth of the market.Request for sample here: Reality (VR) is transforming the way we relate with the objects and environment around us. Virtual presents a 3D computer generated environment which a person can explore and interact with and the person becomes a part of the near-reality world. Virtual reality is gaining popularity across various sectors such as healthcare, entertainment, real-estate, education, …


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EA and the NFL extend exclusive partnership for Madden games until 2026

ea and the nfl extend exclusive partnership for madden games until 2026


Electronic Arts and the National Football League have renewed the exclusivity contract that gives the game publisher exclusive rights to make so-called simulation football games, which is the classification used for photorealistic football games featuring licensed team names and real players.
The contract now extends to May 2026, although financial terms of the deal, like past contracts between EA and the NFL, were not disclosed. The deal was voted on and approved on Thursday, although Polygon reports the terms were decided before today’s vote among team owners and that any such vote over NFL’s video game licensing renewal is merely a formality at this point.
While some football fans may have been hoping for the NFL to expand its licensing to other sports game franchises like 2K, EA and its Madden series will remain the only way to play simulation football for the foreseeable future. 2K Sports, owned by competing video game publisher Take-Two Interactive, signed a deal with the NFL back in March that grants it rights to make non-simulation football games. That means 2K cannot revive its Madden competitor NFL 2K and is restricted to what the EA and NFL deal calls “arcade-style games, youth games, and …


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Charitable gaming ground rules to reopen move ahead

charitable gaming ground rules to reopen move ahead


CONCORD — When casino-style games resume in New Hampshire, expect fewer poker and blackjack players under new “house rules” that also include no food or cash at gaming tables and masks “highly recommended.”The Charitable Gaming Operators Association has asked Gov. Chris Sununu and officials with the state Division of Public Health Services to include the state’s 12 gaming locations in the second phase reopening New Hampshire’s economy. No date for that has been set.Meanwhile, driver’s education and indoor sports are closer to resuming, with a number of conditions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.The gaming locations affected by the proposed changes generate a combined $10 million a year for New Hampshire charities.“We think this will do the job,” said James Rafferty, general manager of the River Casino and Sports Bar in Nashua.In 2019, the state received $3 million in taxes from the charitable games, which take place in Belmont, Berlin, Concord, Hampton, Keene, Lebanon, Manchester, Rochester, Salem, Seabrook and at two locations in Nashua.Rafferty said the operators employ 750 workers.A typical blackjack table will have seven or eight seats for players. Poker games are most profitable for charities when 10 players participate, Rafferty said.The new rules …


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Meet the entrepreneur making tours of Napa Valley wineries a (virtual) reality

meet the entrepreneur making tours of napa valley wineries a (virtual) reality



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Geoffrey Curley positions his tripod in front of the historic 19th century Victorian home on the grounds of Schramsberg Vineyards.

Sarah Klearman, Register

There was not a single visitor at Schramsberg Vineyards.No one gazed over the legions of sun-warmed vineyards or into the thick wilderness that surrounds the storied property, which had bloated with green in the late-season rain. The faint chorus of clinking glass floating through the grounds as employees manned the bottling line went unheard; the team at work inside one of the winery’s historic caves went unseen, even as they engineered stacks of wine bottles so tall they reached the lace-like cob webs on dangling from the ceiling.It all seemed a shame to Geoffrey Curley. And as it so happened, he was in a position to do something about it.Curley’s background is in theatrical design; today, though, he’s in the business of “creating experiences”. A decade ago, he founded his own company – Geoffrey M. Curley and Associates – and set …


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Jemal’s vision for the Statler: convention hotel, catering center, apartments and gaming

jemal’s vision for the statler: convention hotel, catering center, apartments and gaming


Washington developer Douglas Jemal plans to follow through on former owner Mark Croce’s vision to bring the former Statler Hotel complex back to life as a hospitality and entertainment venue closely linked to the current convention center across the street, while also adding a new gaming element to the 19-story building.
Jemal, who also owns Seneca One tower, is planning to spend over $100 million in the coming years to revive the nearly century-old landmark hotel building on Niagara Square that he acquired this week.
The details are still in flux, but the Statler City Foods banquet and catering operation would continue on the lower floors, while the upper floors are renovated into a combination of hotel and residential space, with a “hip” hotel operator.
The first floor could also have other retail, but he ruled out commercial offices.
“It’s a big building, and it’s not going to be one thing,” he said. “It’s not going to be strictly a hotel. It’s multiple purpose.”
Most important, he said, the Statler already sits across from the current convention center, and needs to be directly linked to it as a convention hotel. And he flatly rejected the idea that …


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Why Windows 10 Gaming Still Reigns Supreme Over Linux

why windows 10 gaming still reigns supreme over linux


Through the lens of an enthusiast, Linux gaming is healthy. Valve and Codeweavers (the company behind Wine) have boosted its profile significantly since introducing Proton, a compatibility solution that lets you play literally thousands of Windows-only games across dozens of Linux distributions. Ditto that for great services like Lutris, which employs Wine and pre-configured scripts to make installing games from Epic, Origin and Blizzard a mostly painless click-and-go affair. But the real problem with Linux gaming in 2020 has nothing to do with actual games.

The Radeon Adrenalin dashboard packs in more features than any companion app on Linux


In fact, I’m going to make a bold claim: Imagine for a moment that the only purpose for PCs was gaming. Even if 100% of Windows-only games were perfectly playable on Linux and with comparable performance, Windows would still win the battle, would still dominate mindshare and marketshare. Because PC gaming is increasingly about the entire ecosystem surrounding the games we play.
Let me explain.
I’ve been doing the professional tech journalism thing here at Forbes for 8 years, and have reviewed a closet full of GPUs and PCs. I covered dozens of hardware launches and spoke at length to AMD, …


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Here Are The Free PlayStation Plus Games For June 2020

here are the free playstation plus games for june 2020


Sony has announced two huge free games for PS Plus subscribers in June.

Credit: EA

Well, it turns out the leaks were partly right and partly wrong.
I wrote about two games that had been leaked as possible PS Plus games for the month of June: Marvel’s Spider-Man (which seemed very unlikely) and Star Wars: Battlefront II (which seemed more likely).
Turns out, the second leak was correct. Star Wars: Battlefront II joins Call Of Duty: WWII as the two free games for PS+ subscribers this June.
That’s quite a haul—two major, AAA shooters. One historical, the other space opera. Both quite different in terms of gameplay, map size and so forth, but also both first-person competitive shooters.
It’s almost like something got mixed up at Sony over the past two months. May’s two games were both sims—a city-building sim and a farming sim, which you can see here—now June’s games are both FPS’s.

That’s . . . odd, to say the least. Normally we’d get one shooter and one sim or something along those lines.
Whatever the case, I can’t recommend Call Of Duty: WWII highly enough. The new War …


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