Role of E-Commerce Applications in Transforming Your Business?

role of e-commerce applications in transforming your business?


Since the Internet has played a vital role, organizations and corporate have indulged in building “brand image online” to appeal more to clients. Call it entrepreneurs, traders, purchasers, or visitors – all of them are demanding more from developers for tailor-made web solutions to fit their business model.The web development industry has seen lots of transformations lately. A few are web componentization, the ascent of internet browsers, the presentation of single-page applications, the arrival of web application consulting, etc.Impact of Frameworks On Web Applications The quick Development of open-source frameworks has changed the Web App industry. Here are the significant changes: Rapid Development – Web development time has fundamentally decreased due to the extensive utilization of open source systems Surplus Tools – With the availability of various tools & technology today, we can optimize the development cost with many media segments and visualization. Ultimately resulting in unique & refined web applications Strict Quality Control – All the parts of frameworks are created with consistency as per the industry standards Reduced Cost – Vast community of experts & developers associated with web application development has substantially helped in lowering & regulating the development cost Introduction of Cross-platform Mobile App Development – This cross-platform …



TikTok Apologizes After Accusations Of Censorship Of #BlackLivesMatter Posts

tiktok apologizes after accusations of censorship of #blacklivesmatter posts


This illustration picture taken on May 27, 2020 in Paris shows the logo of the social network … [+] application Tik Tok on the screen of a phone. (Photo by Martin BUREAU / AFP) (Photo by MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images)

AFP via Getty Images

TikTok has issued a formal apology to its users after videos containing the #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd hashtags were temporarily displayed as having zero views.
Many TikTok users believed that the issue with the videos not gaining any views was due to an act of censorship from the company, which is owned by the Chinese internet giant ByteDance.
Executives at TikTok have explained that the reasoning behind the lack of views on videos containing the hashtags listed above was due to a technical glitch and that videos containing the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag have generated a total over 2 billion views.
In an official blog post published on Monday, June 1st,  from Vanessa Pappas and Kudzi Chikumbu — who both serve as US General Manager and Director of Creator Community respectively — they sent a direct message to their Black community in order to show support and solidarity during this difficult time. “We also fully acknowledge our responsibility to not simply wish for and talk …


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The Importance of Web Security in Digital Marketing

the importance of web security in digital marketing


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“Threat is a mirror of security gaps. Cyber-threat is mainly a reflection of our weaknesses. An accurate vision of digital and behavioral gaps is crucial for a consistent cyber-resilience.”Stephane Nappo

How would you feel when a stranger infringes on your privacy? How would you react when the unknown tries to misuse your information? Undoubtedly it would be an insecure feeling, and to prevent the occurrence of such situations, we take strict security measures to safeguard ourselves. Similarly, the web is also prone to certain security threats imposed by anonymous people to gain personal profits. Thus, ‘web security’ is the term derived for the security measures adopted to eradicate such online risks.

Web security plays a crucial role in cyberspace. Cyberspace is a comprehensive concept which deals with various activities carried online, out of which one such action is digital marketing. Digital marketing is described as marketing born over the internet with the help of new technology. It revolves around the concept of e-commerce.

Nowadays, digital marketing has become a trend because of the accessible digitalization. It has given rise to the modern form of the market, which is well suited to the people …


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Iowa City doctors launch COVID-19 safety program for businesses nationwide | Little Village

iowa city doctors launch covid-19 safety program for businesses nationwide | little village


A Mask of Wellness sticker in the window of Coralville restaurant 30 Hop. — Mask of Wellness website
A winking yellow smiley face, complete with mask, grins from the front window of Iowa City downtown anchor store Active Endeavors. Inside, customers find a skeleton crew of masked employees who, after completing a daily health-related self-certification, spend the day waiting on customers, meticulously wiping down frequently touched surfaces, steaming clothing from the dressing rooms and directing customers to any of six sanitizing stations throughout the store.
Like many downtown businesses, Active Endeavors is working to be “COVID-conscious,” while staying afloat in the face of the pandemic — everyone puts on masks, but keeps smiling.
The cheerful face in the window is the logo of Mask of Wellness, brainchild of Mercy Hospital Iowa City ER doctor David Krupp and local pharmacist Robbie Schwenker. A grassroots program emphasizing simple safety practices, Mask of Wellness is making an effort to preserve the local economy while still keeping consumers and workers safe.

The idea originated when Krupp reached out to Schwenker at NuCara Pharmacy about a COVID-related project. That resulted in a discussion about how they, as health care providers, might save more lives working on prevention at …


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SFMOMA Faces Censorship, Racism Accusations Over George Floyd Response | KQED

sfmoma faces censorship, racism accusations over george floyd response | kqed


On Monday, SFMOMA issued a statement on Instagram saying its post from Saturday “should have more directly expressed our sadness and outrage as an institution at the ongoing trauma and violence that continues to disproportionately affect Black lives.” The statement names Floyd and other black people killed by police and vows to foster change within the organization.
The response is “too little, too late,” Brandon said. “They’re trying to save themselves.”
Nan Keeton, SFMOMA’s deputy director of external relations, elaborated on the museum’s decision to delete Brandon’s comment at a staff meeting Tuesday. Because Brandon’s comment named senior museum leadership figures and included the phrase “museums kill black people too,” SFMOMA deemed the remarks “potential threats” that “target individuals,” Keeton said in a video acquired by KQED. “This language threatens the safety of the museum and its staff,” she said.
Brandon, after seeing the video of the staff meeting, described Keeton’s statement as a bad-faith misreading of her comments that continues a legacy of casting black people as threatening figures. “I was struck by the choice not to use my name. I mean, Nan has met my mom,” she said. “It’s more of …


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GoodFirms Announces the Most Recommended WordPress and Web Development Companies for Q1 – 2020

goodfirms announces the most recommended wordpress and web development companies for q1 – 2020


Top WordPress Development Companies
GoodFirms unveils the list of WordPress and Web Development companies for building engaging and dedicated websites for varied businesses.
WordPress and Web Developers are highlighted for delivering end to end solutions to different sectors of companies.”— GoodFirms ResearchWASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2020 / — The economy is everything for the small business, so when it comes to maintaining the website, the motivating key factor is the better page ranking in the Google search. Here WordPress is open-source software that helps the sites in ranking on the search engines as well as assists you gain the trust of your clients. Therefore, to make it effortless for you to choose the right WordPress partner, GoodFirms has revealed the list of Top WordPress Development Companies that are known to provide optimal solutions to their patrons.List of Best WordPress Developers at GoodFirms:IndiaNIC
Unified Infotech
Cyber Infrastructure, Inc.
OpenXcellToday, WordPress has become a powerful website builder and a robust content management system (CMS). It is also highly known for its easy to use and flexible features that are enough to build different types of websites. WordPress is written using …


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Is Google Signaling It Might Dump AMP in the Future?

is google signaling it might dump amp in the future?


AMP, which stands for “advanced mobile pages,” is a technology created by Google in 2015 as a way to make web pages load faster.
The technology, however, has been controversial in web development circles. It requires extra work for developers, critics say, while also increasing Google’s control over the web.
In the last two years, there have been various changes in AMP. In 2018, Google went to an open governance model for the technology. In May, Google announced that for news having specifically to do with coronavirus, it was waiving the requirement that stories in its “Top Stories” carousel needing to be AMP stories.
Now, as part of its announcement in a May 28 blog post that it was rolling out Google algorithm changes to take effect in 2021, Google announced more AMP changes. The company will remove the AMP requirement from Top Stories eligibility altogether-not only for coronavirus stories.
“AMP will no longer be necessary for stories to be featured in Top Stories on mobile; it will be open to any page,” the post continued. “Site owners who currently publish pages as AMP, or with an AMP version, will see no change in behavior — the AMP version will be what’s linked from …


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St. Clair County Jail Inmate Roster: Tuesday, June 2, 2020

st. clair county jail inmate roster: tuesday, june 2, 2020


Disclaimer:Information presented on this website is collected, maintained, and provided for the convenience of the site visitor/reader. While every effort is made to keep such information accurate and up-to-date, the St. Clair County Detention Center can not certify the accuracy and/or authenticity of any information. The reader should not rely on this information in any manner. Under no circumstances shall St. Clair County, the Sheriff of St. Clair County, the web development supplier for St. Clair County Sheriff, the employees of St. Clair County nor the employees of St. Clair County Detention Center be liable for any decisions, actions taken or omissions made from reliance on any information contained herein from whatever source, nor shall the St. Clair County Detention Center be liable for any other consequences from any such reliance. *Booking and release times are approximate.


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What Should We Do If YouTube Censors on Behalf of the Chinese Communist Party?

what should we do if youtube censors on behalf of the chinese communist party?


A funny thing has been happening on YouTube. For some reason, certain combinations of Chinese characters have been immediately removed from the platform within a few short seconds. No warning or reason would be given to the Mandarin-speaking moderatees. And it’s not like they had been foul or freaky in a foreign tongue. The Hanzi Which Shall Not Be Named were merely 共匪  (“communist bandit”) and 五毛 (“fifty cents”).Huh? Why in the world would YouTube want to immediately take down those particular phrases? Well, according to YouTube, they didn’t. It’s an algorithmic mistake, you see. The company told The Verge that upon review, they discovered this odd insta-deleting was indeed an “error in [their] enforcement systems” that is currently being patched.How strange that this automated fluke would tend towards the direction of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) preferences. These terms might seem random to Westerners, but they carry significant political weight in China.It’s not nice to call someone a bandit, whether they are a communist or not. But in the Chinese context, the term 共匪 has a very particular meaning: it was used by Nationalist partisans led by the Republic of China’s Chiang Kai-shek against the People’s …


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