Alodia Gosiengfiao Rediscovers her Love for Gaming and Cosplay with her Strongest Connections at Home | Esports by

alodia gosiengfiao rediscovers her love for gaming and cosplay with her strongest connections at home | esports by


MANILA, Philippines – Celebrity cosplayer and Youtube creator Alodia Gosiengfiao lives by her favorite saying “Play is for work is play.”
Since the start of the quarantine, Alodia has been spending more time at home and rediscovering her roots in cosplaying and online gaming. With her passion for creating arts and streaming online games, these don’t feel like work for Alodia who has been cosplaying at the age of 15.
She shares, “Now that I’m home, I’m rediscovering my roots. Everything here is play for me and I get to share these with everyone online.”
As a YouTube creator and streamer, Alodia needs a reliable and powerful internet connection at home to ensure that she can level up her gaming skills. “Very important yung internet speed. So I’m just happy to be connected with PLDT Home because it helps me not just in my work but also in gaming and lovelife,” she quips.FEATURED STORIES
Now that she’s in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend and fellow YouTube celebrity Wil Dasovich, the couple makes sure that they stay strongly connected through constant communication.
In a rare interview moment of PLDT Home ESGS Insider Aiyana Perlas with the …



Why You Should Stream Next-Gen Games Before You Buy Them

why you should stream next-gen games before you buy them


Nearly everything modern humans do as individuals has some larger impact on the Earth’s climate, and gaming is no exception. Power-sucking consoles and PCs require quite a bit of power over their lifetimes, which has to come from somewhere. One might think console-free video game streaming services like Xbox’s Project xCloud and PlayStation Now would solve this problem, but their relationship with the environment is more complicated than that.

The idea of streaming as “cloud gaming” obfuscates the fact that streamed games have to be processed in a physical place. Project xCloud games played via Game Pass don’t just come to players’ devices from thin air; all streaming does, essentially, is move the console further away from the screen, and this distance means streaming requires more power than playing locally.

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Speaking to Polygon, University of Bristol Professor of Sustainability and Computer Systems Chris Preist explained the difference between streaming games and other internet data usage like this: Cloud computing generally requires a lot of processing power from either data centers or from internet infrastructure networks, …


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Sony unveils PlayStation 5 media remote that goes beyond gaming

sony unveils playstation 5 media remote that goes beyond gaming


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Sony unveiled an official PlayStation 5 media remote in a blog post Thursday, offering players the ability to seamlessly transition between gaming and other entertainment content.Continue Reading BelowPLAYSTATION APOLOGIZES, CLARIFIES PS5 VOICE CHAT RECORDING FEATURE DETAILS AMID PRIVACY CONCERNS FROM PLAYERSThe remote will allow gamers to power on the PS5 console and navigate through the system’s entertainment apps with ease, featuring built-in play/pause, fast forward and fast reverse controls. In addition, the remote allows users to adjust volume and power settings on compatible televisions. PlayStation 5 Media Remote (Photo courtesy of PlayStation)Sony’s newest PlayStation accessory will feature dedicated buttons for Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and Youtube, where users can watch favorite movies and television series, stream music, and broadcast and share their best gameplay moments.TickerSecurityLastChangeChange %NFLXNETFLIX INC.488.28+3.05+0.63%DISWALT DISNEY COMPANY128.35+0.79+0.62%SPOTSPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY283.49+11.61+4.27%AAPLAPPLE INC.115.04-0.71-0.61%Content from Apple TV will also be available at launch, as well as the opportunity to watch or participate in gaming livestreams via Twitch, according to Sony.BURGER KING TEAMS WITH PLAYSTATION TO GIVE AWAY PS5 CONSOLESOther streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Peacock will roll out …


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All virtual G2E 2020 will look at the present, future of gaming and sports wagering, the impact of Covid, 5G and more – Robert Mims previews

all virtual g2e 2020 will look at the present, future of gaming and sports wagering, the impact of covid, 5g and more – robert mims previews


The G2E 2020 is scheduled for next week. The Global Gaming Expo is a mega event that impacts the entire gaming, wagering and entertainment landscape. It is traditionally held in Las Vegas every year. This is the first time the conference will be totally virtual. I am excited about exploring the meetings and panel sessions without moving from one assembly hall to another. While I will miss the interaction of talking face to face and catching up with business colleagues, this is more feasible due to the pandemic.The conference will have informative sessions that will discuss the following topics: The reopening of casinos in regional and resort markets;The surge of sports betting and what it will transcend to; The role that media plays in sports betting and the partnerships that have emerged in 2020; The opening of casinos and sports betting venues in existing markets that have limited capacity due to COVID 19.There will also be the vendors that will provide the latest technological innovations to attract new and younger patrons. Major developers have products that are cutting edge in terms of design and functionality. 5G is the game changer and all prudent operators are looking to incorporate it …


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1 classic NES game explains why ‘Among Us’ is the hottest thing in the world

1 classic nes game explains why ‘among us’ is the hottest thing in the world


Being a 1995 baby meant I spawned during the meteoric rise of 3D gaming. Sony released the first PlayStation months before I was born, and the Nintendo 64 arrived only two years later. Although I grew up during a new dawn for consoles, one of my earliest and fondest gaming memories involved the 1984 8-bit platformer Balloon Fight.The Nintendo Entertainment System title is barebones, like most titles at the time. However, its dedication to co-op gameplay is the perfect historical example of why simple games that are rooted in having fun with friends, like the recent indie sensation Among Us, will always have a place in gamers’ hearts.My parents were skeptical about buying me a console, worried that I’d be glued to the TV all day. Instead, they opted for handheld alternatives, like the Game Boy Color. Without a console to call my own, I spent countless hours in the early 2000s on the floor of my childhood friend’s room, where we took turns clearing levels on Super Mario 64. My video game experience was fundamentally changed when my bud’s dad dusted off his NES and slotted in his Balloon Fight cartridge.Until then, my friend and I had only been passing …


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G2 Esports Vs Damwon Gaming Will Surely Show Us The Overall Winner Of Worlds

g2 esports vs damwon gaming will surely show us the overall winner of worlds


G2 could be world champions for the first time.

Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images

Since day one of the League of Legends World Championship 2020 the talk has been around which of the top Chinese teams will win the competition, with back to back wins for the region in 2018 and 2019, and the home turf advantage they are surely the favourites. But now with just three matches left to play in the competition, it seems that the winner of the G2 vs Damwon Gaming semi-final matchup will head into the final as the team to beat. 
The G2 vs Damwon matchup, which takes place this morning, is the first semi-final to be played at Worlds 2020 and features the top team from Europe facing off against the top team from Korea. Along with China, these two regions are considered the best in the world, so the action will no doubt be incredible when they hit the rift. 
The other semi-final between Chinese teams Top Esports and Suning will surely be great as well, and the winner will no doubt feel like they have a shot at the Summoner’s Cup next weekend, but really based on recent performances it is hard to …


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Why are gaming consoles selling out in the era of smartphones?

why are gaming consoles selling out in the era of smartphones?


(Representational Image)&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

Key Highlights

Gaming consoles selling like hot cakes in 2020

Xbox series X selling faster than Google Pixel 4a

Are people switching from smartphones to gaming consoles?

Bring on the high-speed internet, increase the broadband connectivity and gaming market in India will be bigger than music, movies and TV put together. We are not saying this. Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s Richest Man predicted this.

And looks like COVID-19 just accelerated this process. 6 months of lockdown and social distancing means, gaming has been one of the biggest sources of entertainment for Indians

We first saw it in the world of fantasy Sports, Dream XI has become a huge brand and as a sponsor of IPL has now become a household name.

MPL, Loco and other game streaming services started seeing huge traction with investors ready to come on board. DreamHack & ESL gaming merged to become a colossal entity. But now the interest is getting into the traditional set of gaming too.

Gaming laptops, graphic cards, gaming consoles, joysticks, gaming headphones and even gaming mouses, all of them are selling like hotcakes this festive season. The 2 biggest e-commerce giants saw gaming accessories selling out almost as quickly …


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Microsoft could release Xbox TV streaming stick for cloud gaming

microsoft could release xbox tv streaming stick for cloud gaming


Microsoft may soon let you play Xbox games on your TV without owning an Xbox console. VIEW GALLERY – 2 IMAGES Microsoft might finally be developing a low-cost Xbox HDMI stick specifically designed for cloud gaming. The idea is to have a cheap Amazon Fire TV-like device that plugs directly into an HDTV and allows users to play games streamed from the Project xCloud cloud gaming service. This kind of device was actually in development in 2016 as Project Hobart, but it was scrapped. Rumors swirled that the project had been resurrected in 2019. This was a year after we predicted that a low-cost set-top box or streaming stick could be part of the new next-gen Xbox family.Xbox gaming boss Phil Spencer now outright says a streaming stick could indeed come to fruition. Microsoft appears to be ready to make good on all the prototypes and strategies that it cut in the past. Now that Xbox is truly a cross-platform webwork of monetized services and subscriptions, and now that Project xCloud is being rolled out, the time is right. Read Also: Microsoft bundling Project xCloud with Game Pass is transformative”I think you’re going to see lower priced hardware as part of …


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Melqart Asset Management’s Latest Gaming and Tech Stock Moves

iam platform login page background


Michel Massoud’s Melqart Asset Management is an event-driven hedge fund that was founded by Massoud in 2015. Melqart employs a fundamental bottom-up approach to portfolio construction and utilizes three main sub-strategies, which are merger arbitrage, sub-investment grade credit, and special situations equity.By 2017 the fund’s assets had already risen to over $600 million, prompting it to place a hold on accepting new clients. Nonetheless, Melqart’s AUM surpassed $1 billion by 2018 after the fund returned a stellar 24.59% in 2017 and by 2020 it was again seeking to raise money to capitalize on widening deal spreads. Through the third quarter of 2018, Melqart’s compound annual return stood at 14.84%.Below we’ll take a glimpse into Melqart’s long portfolio and see how it traded some leading gaming and tech stocks in Q2. Expo for video games, call, xbox, modern, warfare, leisure, usa, fun, gamepad, business, e3, culture, show, playstation, video, consoleBarone Firenze / Shutterstock.comAcacia Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACIA)- Shares Bought During Q2: 1.09 million – Value of Holding (as of June 30): 73.30 million- Q3 Return: 0.31%Acacia Communications is still going through the lengthy regulatory approval process when it comes to its pending acquisition by Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO). The deal has received approval in …


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