Virtual Reality in Aerospace and Defence: Regulatory Trends

virtual reality in aerospace and defence: regulatory trends



Given the maturity level of virtual reality, any vigorous attempt to regulate runs the risk of stifling the evolution of the technology. As a result, most regulators are taking a wait-and-see approach.
Listed below are the key regulatory trends impacting the virtual reality industry, as identified by GlobalData.
Around the world, regulators are concerned about the societal harm that can result from addiction to video games, especially amongst children. Chinese regulators – who oversee the world’s biggest gaming market – froze the approval of new domestic online game licenses in late March 2018. Subsequently, in 2019, China imposed a ban on games that feature blood or corpses. Although the impact of this new rule on the Chinese VR industry is yet unknown, the developers of popular first-person shooter VR games, like The Brookhaven Experiment, Serious Sam VR, and Resident Evil 7 VR, risk losing ground in China. Game developers will need to reintroduce censored versions of the titles to avoid legal risks.
However, China’s desire to dominate the global VR market leads us to believe that regulators will not attempt to stifle the industry with heavy-handed regulation. Age restrictions to access VR games are likely to emerge in the coming years. HTC, …



Michigan Is Developing a 40-Mile+ Driverless Car Corridor

michigan is developing a 40-mile+ driverless car corridor



Michigan announced an initiative to explore development of a more than 40-mile stretch of road dedicated to connected and autonomous vehicles between the cities of Ann Arbor and Detroit.
The project will be led by Cavnue, a subsidiary of Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, and will be supported by an advisory committee that includes General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp., as well as autonomous driving statups Argo AI and Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo.
“We are taking the initial steps to build the infrastructure to help us test and deploy the cars of the future,” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said in a statement.
Michigan said the dedicated AV corridor is the first of its kind and eventually will improve safety and transit access for communities along the road. The first two years of the project will focus on testing technology and exploring the viability of a highway dedicated to vehicles that drive themselves.
The goal would be to create a corridor “that allows for a mix of connected and autonomous vehicles, traditional transit vehicles, shared mobility and freight and personal vehicles,” the state said in the statement.
Most of the U.S. testing by leading autonomous-vehicle companies …


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Apple unveils the possible future of driving. It may have come from former NASA engineer Mark Rober

apple unveils the possible future of driving. it may have come from former nasa engineer mark rober


Apple published a new patent application Thursday for a new virtual reality-based solution to motion sickness experienced by riders inside a moving vehicle, and the idea may have come from former NASA engineer Mark Rober’s team.
What’s going on?
In 2018, YouTuber and BYU grad Mark Rober worked with Apple’s special projects team on virtual reality ideas, according to CNBC. He has since left the company.
But a new idea may have come from his team’s work. The new patent — called the “Immersive Virtual Display” — is loosely based on Rober’s team’s efforts for solutions to motion sickness.
So what does the packet say? Here’s how MacRumors described it:

“Apple’s patent application describes a VR system for vehicles with multiple uses. Simply, the system would provide virtual views that match visual cues with the physical motions that a passenger experiences. The VR experience would be immersive, replacing the view of the real world with a virtual environment. In addition to the obvious opportunities for entertainment, this virtual environment would be able to adjust in real time to accommodate a passenger suffering from motion sickness.
“The VR system, which could involve a headset or projection …


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Researchers explore sound to help improve robotic perception

researchers explore sound to help improve robotic perception


Robots primarily rely on two basic senses: vision and touch. But even the latter still has a long ways to go to get up to the speed with the former. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are looking to hearing as a potential additional sense to help machines increase their perception of the world around them.
A new experiment from CMU features Rethink Robotics’ Sawyer moving objects inside a metal tray to get a sense of the sounds they make as a roll around, slide and crash into the sides. There are 60 objects in all — including tools, wooden blocks, tennis balls and an apple — with 15,000 “interactions” recorded and cataloged.
The robot, named “Tilt-Bot” by the team, was capable of identifying objects with a 76% success rate, even determining the relatively small material differences between a metal screwdriver and wrench. Using the sound data, the robot was often able to correctly determine the material make up of the objects.
[embedded content]
“I think what was really exciting was that when it failed, it would fail on things you expect it to fail on,” CMU assistant professor Oliver Kroemer said in a release tied to the research. “But if it was a different object, …


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CookIt Media Influencer Marketing Agency Named to Inc. 5000

cookit media influencer marketing agency named to inc. 5000


CookIt Media continues to establish itself as a leader in influencer marketing with the honor of being named to the nationally recognized Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America.
Showcasing the company’s commitment to delivering value to brands through influencer marketing campaigns, CookIt ranks No. 1,756. From 2016 to 2018, CookIt’s total revenue has grown by 243%.
“At CookIt Media, we believe that success in this business is built on authentic partnerships that drive awareness and build trust between all parties involved,” said said Laurie Buckle, CEO of CookIt Media. “Brands want to invest in an advertising strategy that truly delivers, and we’re determined to show them that influencer marketing is their solution.”
Recently, CookIt Media began a partnership with influencer marketing platform Tagger Media, to take a data-driven approach to running campaigns, researching well-aligned influencers and reporting meaningful results. CookIt leverages the 9B+ data points available on Tagger to help brands understand their potential for success, quantify the value of their influencer relationships, and prove ROI.
CookIt Media works to address the challenges that make influencer marketing complicated for brands and influencers alike. CookIt promotes the idea that successful partnerships are built on authenticity and respect, and fostered over …


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Microsoft has acquired land in the fast-growing Dulles Cloud Corridor in Northern Virginia, paying about $1.4 million an acre for land zoned for data center use. #datacenter #cloud #virginia #microsoft

iam platform login page background


The view from inside the cold aisle of a Microsoft Azure data center. (Photo: Microsoft)

Another hyperscale operator has acquired land in the fast-growing Dulles Cloud Corridor in Northern Virginia. Microsoft has reportedly bought 66 acres in southern Loudoun County, paying $93.7 million for the land.
The land deal could provide Microsoft with a data center availability zone adjacent to similar facilities for its leading rivals in the cloud computing wars. The property, known locally as the Quail Ridge Farm and renamed Arcola Tech Park, is about two miles from existing server farms for Amazon Web Services and Google. Microsoft’s purchase was first reported by the Washington Business Journal.
The Arcola Tech Park property is zoned for data center use, and is conditionally-approved by Loudoun County for up to 1.6 million square feet of data center development, with “significant entitlement work complete,” according to St. John Properties, which was one of the sellers along with JK Moving Services.
Microsoft paid about $1.4 million an acre for the land, the highest price yet in a series of transactions for data center properties in the Dulles Cloud Corridor, which includes the area immediately south and west of Dulles Airport, including properties along Route 50 and Loudoun …


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Robotic Arm Sports Industrial Design, 3D-Printed Cycloidal Gears

robotic arm sports industrial design, 3d-printed cycloidal gears


[Petar Crnjak]’s Faze4 is a open source robotic arm with 3D printable parts, inspired in part by the design of industrial robot arms. In particular, [Petar] aimed to hide wiring and cables inside the arm as much as possible, and the results look great! Just watch it move in the video below.
Cycloidal gearboxes have been showing up in robotic arm projects more and more, and Faze4 makes good use of them. Why cycloidal gears? They are readily 3D printed and offer low backlash, which makes them attractive for robotic applications. There’s no need to design cycloidal gears from scratch, either. [Petar] found this cycloidal gear generator in OnShape extremely useful when designing Faze4.
The project’s GitHub repository has all the design files, as well as some video demonstrations and a link to assembly documentation for anyone who would like to make their own. Watch Faze4 go through some test movements in the video embedded below.

[embedded content]
Cycloidal gearboxes, which have similarities to both planetary gearing and strain-wave gears, can be mesmerizing to watch. Check out our previous coverage for more information on what they are and how they work.


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Bharti Airtel teams up with AWS for digital transformation in India – Cloud Computing News

bharti airtel teams up with aws for digital transformation in india – cloud computing news


James is editor in chief of TechForge Media, with a passion for how technologies influence business and several Mobile World Congress events under his belt. James has interviewed a variety of leading figures in his career, from former Mafia boss Michael Franzese, to Steve Wozniak, and Jean Michel Jarre. James can be found tweeting at @James_T_Bourne.

Indian telecoms provider Bharti Airtel has announced a strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver cloud solutions to customers across the country.

The partnership heavily features Airtel Cloud, the telco’s multi-cloud product and solutions business. Airtel Cloud will build an AWS Cloud Practice, as well as develop Airtel Cloud products and capabilities leveraging AWS services.

Airtel Cloud will offer customers various AWS services as part of the collaboration, as well as ‘leveraging AWS’s innovation and transformation services across analytics, data warehousing, Internet of Things and machine learning to help customers adopt new services and migrate to the cloud from legacy infrastructures’, the company added.

“As part of their cloud adoption journey, enterprises are looking for agility, faster migration from legacy systems, and want to work with trusted partners who have the experience and depth in doing this,” …


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