10 most promising Slovenian startups to watch in 2020

10 most promising slovenian startups to watch in 2020


Somewhere between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea lies a country with unspoilt nature, friendly people and delicious food. Slovenia is also home to young entrepreneurial minds, who have been enjoying the thriving startup community. The scene has gained momentum, with a few global success stories, venture capital funds and the famous PODIM conference.
As with all of our lists, the selected startups were founded in the last 5 years, are growing their team and product quite fast, are doing something quite cool and have won funding or recognition in the past few years. They are not the only interesting startups in Slovenia, but are some that we think we should keep a close eye on.
So without further ado, are 10 Slovenian startups with potential to skyrocket in 2020.
Smart Optometry – Smart Optometry (2015) is developing digital solutions for the eye industry, to ensure eye and vision health. Their first product is a professional application Smart Optometry for eye specialists, which enables basic eye screening and diagnosis, while their second product, AmblyoPlay, is a vision training application for children between 4 and 14 years of age who experience eye problems. The startup has been backed by corporate investors and healthcare accelerators, most recently with a €150 …



Ready to scale up in South Korea and Asia? Join the K-Startup Grand Challenge (Sponsored)

ready to scale up in south korea and asia? join the k-startup grand challenge (sponsored)


If you’re thinking of scaling up your startup in South Korea or the Asian region in general, then this programme could be your foot in the door.
The K-Startup Grand Challenge is a 3-month startup inbounding programme organised and financed by the South Korean government, now in its 5th year. If you’re an innovative startup interested in expanding into Asia, the programme will help you settle and scale up in South Korea. 
Addressing startups considering an expansion despite during the current crisis, Eunyoung Park, Deputy Director of NIPA, and KSGC Europe & Africa lead, stated: “Being able to pivot your business and adjust to periods of uncertainty is crucial and even more so for startups. We definitely understand people’s concerns regarding COVID-19 and whether it is good or even necessary to expand the horizon in this uncertain time. However, we can say with confidence that South Korea has all necessary preventative protocols when it comes to social gatherings and opening businesses. While COVID-19 has been sweeping over the world, leaving vast economic aftermath, starting a business in Korea would be an opportunity to scale up your startup.”
K-Startup Grand Challenge is mostly looking for startups working in the …


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Cathay Innovation’s first investment in Germany is healthcare startup Medwing

cathay innovation’s first investment in germany is healthcare startup medwing


Medwing, a German startup with an ambition to tackle Europe’s shortage of healthcare workers, said on Tuesday that it has secured €28 million ($30 million) in a Series B financing round. Global venture capital firm Cathay Innovation led the round, marking its first investment in a German company. Other participating investors include Northzone, Cherry Ventures and Atlantic Labs.
The World Bank forecasted a worldwide shortage of 15 million health professionals by 2030, with demand being highest in affluent regions like Europe with an aging labor force and an aging population in need of care.
The pressing issue inspired Johannes Roggendorf, who previously worked at Rocket Internet and Bain & Company, to launch Medwing in 2017 and later brought on his co-founder Dr. Timo Fischer. The entrepreneurs discovered that, contrary to conventional wisdom, many healthcare workers in Europe wanted to work more, not less. Part of the reason why jobs were not filled was information asymmetry that led to a mismatch between supply and demand.
“There is a group of people who are willing to work more if they can manage their schedule,” Roggendorf told TechCrunch over a phone interview. “There are many qualified workers who left the healthcare system often because of inflexible working hours.”


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‘Frugality is a painful lesson many startups are learning through this crisis…’ – Express Computer

‘frugality is a painful lesson many startups are learning through this crisis…’ – express computer


Read Article As per a recent report, the global process automation market size was somewhat around $138 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% to $178 billion in 2020. Now, with the current pandemic, it’s quite debatable whether that’s achievable.However, startups have been strongly rooting for leveraging AI in their daily operations. Siddhartha S, founder, IN-D tells us why is that of paramount importance.Have you learnt any critical lessons during the pandemic? Does technology play a major role in easing things out?One critical lesson reinforced in last few months is the need for organisations to be able to run a location-agnostic seamless operation. KYC and customer onboarding, insurance claims administration, processing invoices, onboarding employees, even audits – an organisation needs to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be able to run these functions remotely but seamlessly. Therefore, what was earlier a need for which people were exploring solutions has become a necessity now, and in some cases critical to surviving.How is IN-D leveraging AI to the maximum possible extent?The problem with wider adoption of companies providing AI-based platforms is that they have been treated more like services companies than product companies. …


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The European startups’ talent market — what’s going on? | Sifted

the european startups’ talent market — what’s going on? | sifted


The European startup ecosystem has been hit hard by furloughs and layoffs, as companies work to keep their businesses afloat by using job retention schemes and keeping costs low. Reports estimate that a staggering 50% of European startups have furloughed some of their staff, while 49% have frozen hiring.
On the optimistic side, it means that there could be an influx of talent waiting to be snapped up by the companies that are still hiring — from developers to marketeers and even some chief executives.
Last week, Sifted teamed up with Microsoft for Startups to map out the talent space. Our panel included Sam Franklin, cofounder and chief executive of recruitment platform Otta, Keji Mustapha, head of network and brand at VC firm Connect Ventures, and Mark Seemann, founder and chief executive of employee engagement platform StaffCircle.


When asking our listeners if they’ve changed their hiring plans as a result of Covid-19, 12% said they’re hiring more, 26% said they’re hiring the same, 44% have cut back on hiring and 18% have laid off staff. 
It’s clear that the talent landscape is all over the place, so here are the main takeaways from our webinar to keep you in the loop.

Get …


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With Startup Valuations Down, VC Firms Seek Deals |

with startup valuations down, vc firms seek deals |


With valuations sinking, startups are becoming reticent to fundraise like normal. But venture capital firms, seeing the lower prices, are becoming more aggressive on buying amid the weak markets right now.A Forbes piece, quoting numerous experts in the field, paints the picture of an environment where startups and even bigger businesses and unicorns find themselves with a lack of funding, but also where venture capital firms are ready to be on the market.Data from, which tracks European startups, says valuations are down by around 40 percent for startups.Because of that, smaller startups that have been profitable could find themselves facing piqued interest from venture capitalists, according to TravelPerk co-founder and CEO Avi Meir, although other experts note that the road ahead could just as easily be very tough on small businesses.That comes from investors looking into new, previously unexplored fronts of the market, looking for “pockets of things that people haven’t looked at,” according to Thomas Beaudoin of Goodwin, who advises on venture capital funds. So startups, previously focused on growth, now might find it more lucrative to look at profits.The bigger businesses and unicorns may have a particularly difficult time in that …


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QNAP releases quad-core NAS SMBs and startups

qnap releases quad-core nas smbs and startups


QNAP Systems, a computing, networking and storage solution provider, has released a startup and SMB-focused quad-core 1.7 GHz NAS.The TS-431KX NAS includes 10GbE SFP+ connectivity to provide high bandwidth for intensive data transmission.

The TS-431KX supports Snapshot technology and HBS (Hybrid Backup Sync) local, offsite and cloud backup that enables a well-rounded disaster recovery plan to ensure uninterrupted services.

The quad-core 1.7 GHz processor comes with 2GB RAM and is upgradable to 8 GB, with one 10GbE SFP+ and two 1GbE network ports. 

Coupled with a QNAP QSW series 10GbE/NBASE-T network switch, users can easily build a high-speed 10GbE network environment. 

Tool-less and lockable drive bays allow for simpler installation easier while also ensuring the drives are safe and secure.

“The TS-431KX is a quad-core 10GbE NAS that is ideal for streamlining collaborative workflows in SMB IT environments,” says QNAP product manager Jason Hsu.

“Not only can it facilitate centralised data storage, backup, sharing, and disaster recovery, but the TS-431KX can also be used as an IoT (Internet of Things) platform and run a wide range of productivity-boosting apps to enhance organizational performance.”

The new NAS’s Notification Center consolidates all QTS system events and alerts to …


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Startups must adapt to new models due to Covid-19 pandemic

startups must adapt to new models due to covid-19 pandemic


Startups will have to adapt to the new demand environment and change its business models as the world learns to live with the Covid-19 pandemic which has disrupted economies globally and caused massive job losses, founders and investors said during a webinar organized by Bennett University.
“We are used to high-touch, high-contact environment. We have to enable contactless interactions as we live in the new environment. It has to be voice and biometric interactions in retail, hospitality. We see voice internet growing in the days to come,” said Vinish Kathuria, Managing Partner at SenseAI, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) venture fund that helps AI founders turn their ideas and technology into successful businesses.
Kathuria added that as people avoid traveling long distances to avoid containment zones, startups will also have to be hyperlocal. India will have to “Atmanirbhar” and build its own unique business models, and not copy the US and China models, he added.
The theme of the global webinar, organised by the Department of Computer Science Engineering of BU on Monday, was ‘AI Solutions for Covid’.
“This is war. They bring uncertainty around future,” said Jaydeep Singh, CEO and Founder, Empass Learning Private Limited.
He said education technology companies …


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EU-Startups Job Board: 5 jobs waiting for you in sunny Spain

eu-startups job board: 5 jobs waiting for you in sunny spain


With many Spanish cities now in phase 1 or phase 2 of the ‘de-escalation’ of the quarantine, many more startup jobs and opportunities are opening up. The EU-Startups job board, which we just relaunched, is proof of this, having received a small influx of jobs the past few days.
Whether you’re a marketer, software developer, content specialist, sales representative, manager, intern or more, there is a growing selection of startup jobs on the EU-Startups job board. You can easily search by location, full-time/part-time, and keyword to bring up some jobs in your area.
Today though we’re highlighting some of the cool jobs available in Spain. Let’s get to it.
Are you an animal fan, and speak French? Then Hector Kitchen, the French dog and cat food treat startup could be looking for you. They’re hoping to boost their digital marketing with a new member of the team, which will include tasks like planning and executing email marketing strategies, coordinate the content creation team and overall attracting more and more pet lovers!
Ready to take charge? oQQur is looking for a co-founder / CTO to boost their startup to the next level. oQQur is an app that streams, interacts …


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