Why I Joined TopTal and Why You Should Too

Information Access and Management (IAM) Platform powers IAM Network - 60,000 + engaged information professionals worldwide.

Hello IAM Network Digital Nomads!

Recently I had the privilege to join the ranks of TopTal’s Software Freelancers Community.  You might ask, why would you do such a thing when the IAM Network is so powerful and pervasive globally?  The answer is simple, networking.  There is always a value to partnerships and in today’s collaborative world there is only good that can come from how much access the modern freelancer has to partnership opportunities.

As you know, in the world of the digital nomad, publishing is king. Getting noticed and published is the key to a great resume.  The process at TopTal is like the selection process for The Voice or American Idol, only for developers.  One unique problem for digital nomads, as you have heard me say many times in my seminars, is the process of securing verification and validation that is authoritative in our line of work.  Saying you have done this or that is just hot air until you have the backing of a vetting process which verifies your talent.  On top of their standard entry process, there is a process that refines all talent even further called the Top 3%.  This is indeed a very exclusive club.  That alone is enough of an incentive to hop over and get involved.  Just like at IAM Network, you get in here and you are going to get noticed and you can never get enough of being noticed, right?  I want people to say, “wow, you got into TopTal”, or, “you got into IAM Network?”  Like they say, any press is good press!

In addition to TopTal I have joined UpWork as well.  These two, along with IAM Network, are the top digital nomad destinations online today.  So feel free to walk in my footsteps and get over to TopTal and start opening yourself up to more exposure.  One can never, ever get enough exposure!


Benjamin Alexander De Mers