Video games affect your moral development but only until you’re 18 – new study

video games affect your moral development but only until you’re 18 – new study


Young people have probably spent much more of their time than usual playing video games over the last few months thanks to the coronvirus pandemic. One report from telecoms firm Verizon said online gaming use went up 75% in the first week of lockdown in the US.

What impact might this have on young people’s development? One area that people are often concerned about is the effect of video games, particularly violent ones, on moral reasoning. My colleagues and I recently published research that suggested games have no significant effect on the moral development of university-age students but can affect younger adolescents. This supports the use of an age-rating system for video game purchases.

Our sense of morality and the way we make moral decisions – our moral reasoning – develop as we grow up and become more aware of life in wider society. For example, our thoughts about right and wrong are initially based on what we think the punishments and/or rewards could be. This then develops into a greater understanding of the role of social factors and circumstances in moral decisions.

There is a long-standing debate around the effects of video games on moral development, particularly in young people, …



TCL’s new $650 6-series 4K TV has Mini-LED backlighting and supports 120Hz gaming

tcl’s new $650 6-series 4k tv has mini-led backlighting and supports 120hz gaming


TCL introduced its new lineup of midrange 5- and 6-series 4K TVs for 2020. Like previous years, they pack in a lot of value, with good design, four HDMI ports, and built-in Roku software that might eliminate the need to buy a streaming device. Importantly, they also pack in complete support for HDR standards, so you won’t be left out of the next HDR-enabled Super Bowl game, whenever that will be. It features what TCL calls the “HDR Pro Pack”, with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG. What warrants most of your attention, though, are the premium features, like contrast-rich QLED screens and accurate Mini-LED backlighting, that have slid down the pricing scale and are much more affordable.
At the low end, the 50-inch 5-series TV (model 50S535) costs $400 and has a QLED screen, a 60Hz refresh rate panel, and 40 local dimming zones. It’s definitely not the option you want if you crave the most cinematic experience or one that’s suited for fast-paced gaming, but a $400 QLED TV? That’s great. TCL’s new 5-series is also available in a $450 55-inch model and $630 65-inch model, each with a slight bump up in local dimming zones to 48 and 56, …


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NHL playoff games today: Full TV schedule to watch the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs, series by series

nhl playoff games today: full tv schedule to watch the 2020 stanley cup playoffs, series by series


The qualifying round and round-robin games are now behind us and it’s time to get to the heart-of-the-matter: the official Stanley Cup playoffs.
Aug. 11 begins an almost two-month march to the 2020 Cup champion as the first round kicks off and if it’s anything like the first nine days of the NHL’s return, it’ll be a doozy. Who will advance in 202 is anyone’s guess — because, well, anything is obviously possible. Regardless, it’ll be a wild ride. 

Here’s everything to know about watching NHL playoff games in 2020, including a complete TV schedule with start times and channels for every series.MORE: Watch NHL playoff games live with fuboTV (7-day free trial)NHL playoff games todayHere’s the full schedule of NHL plaoff games for Tuesday, Aug. 11:Tuesday, Aug. 11Game
Game 1: Lightning vs. Blue Jackets
3 p.m. ET (NBCSN, SN, TVAS, fuboTV)
Game 1: Stars vs. Flames
5:30 p.m. ET (NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS, fuboTV)
Game 1: Bruins vs. Hurricanes
8 p.m. ET (NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS, fuboTV)
Game 1: Golden Knights vs. Blackhawks
10:30 p.m. ET (NBCSN, SN, TVAS, fuboTV)
Check out SN’s live scoreboard for stats and more.How to watch NHL playoff games in USA, CanadaAll NHL playoff games will be broadcast …


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Games postponed in Scotland after breaches of virus rules

iam platform login page background


FILE – In this Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019 file photo, Celtic’s Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo controls the ball during the Europa League Group E soccer match between Rennes and Celtic, at the Roazhon Park stadium in Rennes, France. Scottish soccer is in danger of being halted by the countrys government after a Celtic player breached coronavirus rules by taking a secret trip to Spain and failing to self-isolate on his return. The Scottish champions have begun a full investigation into the actions of left back Boli Bolingoli, it was reported on Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2020. (AP Photo/David Vincent, File)MoreThe Scottish soccer season was thrown into disarray on Tuesday after upcoming games involving Celtic and Aberdeen were postponed at the request of the country’s government following breaches of coronavirus rules by players.Soccer authorities and government officials held a meeting after Celtic defender Boli Bolingoli took a secret trip to Spain, failed to self-isolate on his return, and played in a 1-1 draw with Kilmarnock in the league on Sunday.”It is difficult to imagine a more irresponsible action in current circumstances,” Celtic, the Scottish champion, said in a statement strongly condemning the actions of Bolingoli, ”and we find it beyond explanation.”A game …


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Singapore Sets Up Esports and Gaming Trade Body

singapore sets up esports and gaming trade body


Singapore has set up a trade body to monitor and develop gaming and esports in the region called the Singapore Games Association (SGGA). The trade body will also look to support and promote local game developers.  An official statement made by the organization said that it was created with an aim to create a sustainable games and esports ecosystem, as well as put the local sector on the world map.
The SGGA will build upon the work done by the Singapore Games Guild (SGG), which was a non-profit founded in 2017 and a sister organization of the International Games Development Association (IGDA|SG). While the SGG  was more focused on supporting locally created games, the SGGA will take on an expanded role as an enabler to support the full spectrum of the gaming and esports industry. 
The announcement also spoke of SGGA’s long-term plans including the formulation and administration of Singapore’s first accreditation scheme for the gaming and esports industry, and organizing programs to raise professional standards and community engagement. One such initiative is Singapore Esports, managed under SGGA to provide holistic development, and position Singapore as a country of choice for international esports tournaments and events. 
The non-profit, …


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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Has A Major Gaming Advantage Over Apple’s iPhone 12

samsung galaxy note 20 has a major gaming advantage over apple’s iphone 12


NEW YORK, NEW YORK – AUGUST 03: A Samsung Galaxy Note20 on display in New York City. (Photo by Dia … [+] Dipasupil/Getty Images for Samsung)

Getty Images for Samsung

This post was originally published on August 10th and updated on August 11th. Update below.
The timing of the Samsung and Microsoft partnership could not have been better.
The Korean company announced at its unpacked event last Wednesday that it has partnered with Microsoft to bring three months free subscription of game streaming service Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, via the Project xCloud app, to the phablet.
Update 08/11: Microsoft is launching a beta for its Android xCloud game streaming service. The Xbox Game Pass app, available on Google Play, will now let Game Pass Ultimate subscribers test out the cloud gaming service from August 11th. 

Recommended For YouThe official release date for the full cloud gaming service on Android is September 15th, which will include over 100 games. But, according to The Verge, there will be 30 titles available for the beta, which will be available to play from 9 a.m. EDT  and 6 a.m. PDT.
In a statement to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson explained that “existing Xbox Game Pass (Beta) app users will …


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Facebook Gaming: What is it, how to start using the platform

facebook gaming: what is it, how to start using the platform


Written by Karanveer Singh Arora
| New Delhi |

Published: August 11, 2020 8:39:43 am

Today we are going to take a look at how you can get started with Facebook Gaming. (Express Photo)Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have taken up gaming as a hobby, be it on a gaming console or just on a mobile phone. Eyeing this opportunity, Facebook launched its Gaming app earlier on Android and has now made the app available to iOS users. The new app is a competitor to Twitch and YouTube Gaming.
To build this platform, Facebook has partnered with Microsoft to bring over its Mixer platform’s popular features on the gaming platform. Today, we are going to take a look at how you can get started with the Facebook Gaming platform and how to download the app.
What is Facebook Gaming?
Facebook Gaming is a platform similar to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, but with a few more perks, especially for Android users. The gaming platform hosts home to a lot of streamers and influencers, and also allows normal users like us to start livestreams and showcase our gameplay.
Apart from the streaming factor, the platform allows users to join groups centred around particular …


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Two More Cardinals Games Postponed | Bleacher Nation

two more cardinals games postponed | bleacher nation


55 games in 45 days. That’s what the Cardinals would be up to now if they were to play their full 60-game schedule, because more games have been postponed. And I suspect it’s actually going to be even fewer days than that.Thursday’s doubleheader against the Tigers, which was itself a makeup for earlier postponements, has now also been “postponed”:This postponement was expected as Cardinals want to control the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s the focus right now. Plus, they’ve gotten two days on the field in the past 11 — a doubleheader to begin play would likely just add to the injury-risk scenarios in front of the team.— Anne Rogers (@anne__rogers) August 10, 2020The Cardinals are otherwise scheduled to resume play against the White Sox on Friday, but I’d imagine the only way that happens is if they have no new positives this week *AND* are able to get onto the field to work out together by no later than Wednesday. I don’t know that that’s realistic. This might be a situation where Friday’s game is pushed to Sunday as part of a doubleheader to give them one more day.Adding to that theory? The game on …


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MLB schedule has 29 total games postponed due to COVID-19, including Cardinals-Tigers doubleheader

mlb schedule has 29 total games postponed due to covid-19, including cardinals-tigers doubleheader


Watch Now:
GEICO 15: Cardinals and Pirates Series Postponed

Major League Baseball’s season is barely two weeks old, but the schedule has been changed multiple times due to coronavirus outbreaks on two teams. The Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, have both dealt with team-wide outbreaks. Miami was sidelined for more than a week before resuming play, while St. Louis has not been on the field since July 29.The Cardinals outbreak was still growing over the weekend, and it caused MLB to cancel more games this week. The Cardinals will not play their originally scheduled three-game series vs. the Pirates or their Thursday doubleheader vs. the Tigers. It’s unclear when the team will return to play.As of Monday, 29 different MLB games impacting a total of 11 teams had been postponed due to COVID-19 cases. The Cardinals-Tigers doubleheader was scheduled after the St. Louis outbreak as an attempt to make up already-postponed games. Two games in the St. Louis-Detroit series have technically been postponed twice. Here is the full list of postponed games and their original dates:Marlins-Orioles four-game home-and-home series (July 27-30)Yankees-Phillies four-game home-and-home series (July 27-30)Marlins-Nationals three-game series (July 31-Aug. 2)Phillies-Blue Jays three-game series (July 31-Aug. 2)Brewers-Cardinals three …


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NVIDIA Set to Reveal Next-Gen Gaming Chips @themotleyfool #stocks $NVDA $TWTR

nvidia set to reveal next-gen gaming chips @themotleyfool #stocks $nvda $twtr


NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) released a short video on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), using the company’s GeForce account, suggesting its newest graphics processing units (GPUs) used for gaming could soon debut. Additionally, NVIDIA updated the cover image on the GeForce Twitter account with additional clues leading to the nearly inescapable conclusion. 
The eight-second video featured an exploding star, with the hashtag “#UltimateCountdown.” Additionally, the cover art on the GeForce account was replaced with a still image of the exploding star and the caption, “The #UltimateCountdown. 21 Days. 21 Years.” Digging a little deeper into the clues suggests the next-generation GPUs could be introduced within three weeks.

The NVIDIA A100 server-based GPU, built on the company’s next-gen Amphere architecture, was introduced in May. Image source: NVIDIA.

An NVIDIA history lesson
NVIDIA introduced its original GeForce 256 gaming GPU on August 31, 1999 for the high-end gaming market. It was the first GPU designed for personal computers with the ability to perform the mathematical calculations previously handled by the computer’s central processing unit (CPU). Although the term was used earlier, NVIDIA marketed the GeForce 256 as “the world’s first GPU,” since it was the first graphics chip to include a transformation and lighting engine. 
Twenty-one days from now — August 31, 2020 …


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