Starting the Journey of a Family Vlog on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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I didn’t want to do it.  I just want to get that out at the onset.  My kids, Solomon, Cienna, Grace, Abigale and Abraham begged me to do it, because all their other friends thought it would be a great idea to get our wacky tribe on the tube, literally.

So I bought some equipment, camera, lights, software, a good computer and then did a ton of research into what we were about to get into.  I also utilized my kid’s VAST knowledge of YouTube content to steer the way into what we would create our channel around.

At the end of all that research and discussion, we decided on a family vlog format with various categories for our antics.  Our categories include (but this list is always expanding, lol) family vlog, family gaming, Do It Yourself (DIY), Challenges (where you take a challenge either from each other or the audience through comments), Reviews (where you review a product or service or other peoples videos), Reactions (where you watch content and react to it live with a picture in picture presence) and all-around tomfoolery.

When we first started out, we had nothing.  No experience and no content.  But we got together and started writing scripts and getting user stories together that would help us determine the storyline and the script.  Then we set about making our very first video.  We started with Family Gaming.  We made Family Gaming our first because it was easiest to screen record while getting everyone involved.  That went really well.  At first we just played in a world created by others.  Once we were familiar with that I created a world called the Six Kingdoms which has a Kingdom for each of the kids that they are all free to develop upon.  I set up all the initial palaces and roads and such and they created everything from there.

Now we do all our videos from our own little kingdom!  Totally fun.  Well, not ALL the videos we do are in The Six Kingdoms, we also do what are called Maps.  We use Maps created by others and do them as well.  It’s a ton of fun and the interaction is priceless.  Our audience agrees.  It gets us all in the same place and lets us all interact in ways that are very cool.  We started out with just the picture in picture with the game in the background.  Now we are expanding into greenscreen and remote cameras to give more depth to the presentation and experience.

We also go on adventures and record it in a reality TV way.  We are always looking to have fun, either in our own neighborhood or taking mini vacations and recording them.  We hope someday to have enough “clout” to be invited by theme parks and family vacation destinations that allow us to show their destination off for them to our fans!

We are going to keep doing this and hopefully you will find it fun, encouraging and entertaining to watch our wonderful and fun family and our family friendly content!

From all of us to all of you,

Tribe 6ix