How can social media show ebb and flow of voter engagement in 2020 campaign? Marketing expert looks to data science

how can social media show ebb and flow of voter engagement in 2020 campaign? marketing expert looks to data science


Biography :Papatla can talk about how social media can show the ebb and flow of voter engagement on major issues in the 2020 election campaign. Papatla is a professor of marketing at UW-Milwaukee and co-director of the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute. He helps to oversee the institute’s Elecurator project, which uses a variety of data sources, including online and social media, traditional polling methods and political advertisements, to determine what issues are on the minds of voters. This big data look at voter behavior can help drive online strategies and outreach by candidates. Papatla also can speak about marketing trends, including why Instagram posts by consumers can affect how other consumers respond to brands, and how consumers engage with brands on social media platforms like Facebook.



Verve Media bags social media mandate for Zero Risque – ET BrandEquity

verve media bags social media mandate for zero risque – et brandequity


Verve Media has bagged the social media mandate for Zero RisqueZero Risque, the face mask retailer, has awarded their social media mandate to Mumbai-based digital media agency Verve Media. The agency will be working on creating a distinct positioning for the brand by providing a new look to the brand’s social media presence. They will also be responsible for creating and conceptualising relatable and engaging social media content and timely integrated digital advertising campaigns for Zero Risque’s audience. The objective of the brand is to reach the maximum number of customers by improving brand engagement with a strong social media presence. Read also: The Selfie Quarantined: Unveiling new consumer truthsVinay Singh Sangwan, co-founder, Verve Media said, “What excites us to work with Zero Risque, the market leader in the segment, is to take their digital presence to the next level. With an increased focus on health and wellness, we have the opportunity to create recognition amongst citizens about how engaging the brand is, with a focussed approach towards driving awareness and consideration.”


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Aurora grad ‘a rising star’ in social media marketing

aurora grad ‘a rising star’ in social media marketing


Liz Friesen offers training with Instagram, branding as part of iSocial Marketing team

Liz Friesen poses by a jet for a recent photo shoot, one of many images she has posted online as part of her social media marketing venture. “The idea with that picture content wise was small-town girl has gone big city,” she said. Friesen meets with a Grand Island photographer every few weeks to take new images to post along with her latest online content.

Less than a year after launching a new social media marketing venture with two former colleagues from Florida, Liz Friesen says she’s discovered her own niche in helping other people find and promote their’s — all online.
The Aurora native now spends most of her days on Zoom from her home in Hampton, teaching small operations, large corporations and everything in between how to utilize digital…
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Halloween Cupcakes Treats for Social Media Marketing

halloween cupcakes treats for social media marketing


Halloween 2020 is almost here, so are we with some creepy but yummy Halloween cupcake treats for social media marketing. Taste it for free & leave your feedback
Halloween is almost here, and even if it is 2020, we can’t afford to miss Halloween fun. Many of us have already started the preparations for Halloween 2020, from choosing Halloween songs to Halloween makeup, everything is being focused like it used to be done every year. But, Halloween Cupcakes are among the favorite and important parts of these preparations. You might be knowing how to make a creepy looking, but charming and tasty Halloween cupcake, but you might be still stuck in sorting-out an effective Halloween Social Media Marketing strategy, because you know it matters.
Yes, having an effective social media marketing strategy on Halloween is as important as the Halloween Cupcakes. As per the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending in 2019 reached $8.8 billion, and, this year, despite the tricky retail landscape because of COVID-19, is expected to reach at least up to $8 billion this year. This means the pandemic is expected to have hardly any or no impact on the sales during this festival season. This study makes it even more important for businesses …


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Here Is How You Can Use Memes as a Social Media Marketing Tool.

here is how you can use memes as a social media marketing tool.


Meme, the king of all content on the internet. We all love them, whether we would like to admit it or not. They have taken social media by storm. To a point where it is hard to imagine what we used Facebook for before memes.  With a platform like and many others, generating online content has become effortless. Memes too are one such idea. The internet itself gives you many meme-generators with pre-made templates and formats.Why Memes?By why is it that memes are making their way into marketing channels? These points below should clarify this doubt.1. FreeThe free nature of memes is the reason every online creator makes them. Memes are possible with free online tools and applications. They look professional even without premium software. For example, using a tool like InVideo, you can make memes videos for free.Just the basic knowledge of the trends is enough to make memes. This image is unlike other forms of content creation, like videos, or graphic design, that require years of learning and training.2. Establish Brand ImagePutting means on your social media platforms is one way to establish a peppy and fun brand image. Memes cater to a …


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10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

10 social media marketing tips for beginners


What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is about building awareness about your brand, especially your services and your products through different social media platforms.

The best goal for any social media marketing campaign is to lead the websites to get more traffic, to maximize the visibility and exposure of a service or a product, and to get more and more followers that will eventually turn into customers.


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest are the most popular social media platforms today. There are a lot more yet those the the key platforms now.

What makes social media marketing so important?

They are very important because:

Social media marketing is the easiest and fastest way to make exposure to your service, product, or news – A tweet is likely to go viral in a few minutes and deliver your message to the whole world more quickly than traditional media or television.It is a trend, a lot of people spend so much time on social media platforms so if you need to reach your audience, you know where to find them.This is the new era of marketing. In the past, marketing specialists have found that …


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Expert Tips and Tricks for Social Media Marketing

expert tips and tricks for social media marketing


words Alexa Wang

Social media advertising has become the holy grail of marketing strategies. In the past few years, social media platforms have developed by leaps and bounds, surpassing everyone’s expectations and carving out a place for themselves among viable marketing channels.

So, it only makes sense to leverage these websites to help your business gain more momentum. However, how can you do this? Well, fortunately, social media marketing is not hard to grasp. By mastering a few techniques, your company will reach new heights in no time. So, check out our next few hacks to incorporate social media into your marketing plan.

Set a Special Plan for Each Platform

Although the goal of social media platforms is to help people stay connected, they are not all created equal. This is not to say that a certain platform is better than all others. Quite the opposite, all social media websites have their own unique vibe. It all boils down to how you use them, though. You cannot just use Instagram the same way you use Facebook and expect great success. What works for a certain platform does not necessarily work for others. This is why you need to create …


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What are social media users engaging with?

what are social media users engaging with?


In the second part of her series looking at golf clubs and social media, marketing expert Lily Hymes explores the type of activity from brands that social network users have been engaging with in 2020.
Social media isn’t the same as it was five years ago, or even two years ago – both consumers and trends continue to change and keeping up is key.
Forty-five percent of consumers will unfollow brands that publish irrelevant content on social media, while 75 percent of consumers will increase their spending with brands they follow. So… What is relevant in 2020 I hear you ask? Let’s find out…

User generated content
User generated content is among the top social media trends of 2020. Many of your visitors could be fabulous amateur photographers, so take a look through your tagged images, mentions and location check-ins to find the perfect story-telling images. Don’t forget to ask the user’s permission in order to use their image!
Need more? It’s important to establish connections with your audience via customer-centric content. Doing so not only builds relationships but also encourages a constant stream of content from your followers. So, don’t be afraid to tell your customers what to …


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Publishers Daily: Dan Bongino’s Conservative Site Tops Social-Media Engagements

publishers daily: dan bongino’s conservative site tops social-media engagements


The Facebook page and website owned by conservative, pro-President Trump commentator Dan Bongino have recently hit record engagement. Posts from Bongino’s Facebook page dominated a
list of the top 10-most engaged links in the U.S. on the platform, based on data from analytics platform CrowdTangle and shared on a Twitter account that tracks total daily interactions.As of midday Friday, eight of the 10 top performing links in the last 24 hours on Facebook were
Bongino’s. Fox News and CNN held the No. 3 and No. 9 spots, respectively.According to social-media analytics firm NewsWhip, which also includes Twitter and Pinterest
engagement, headlines on like “Gov. Cuomo Claims Trump Is Responsible for 100% of Coronavirus Deaths In New York” garnered over 191,000 engagements.According
to TheRighting, which analyzes conservative sites’ mobile and desktop traffic, Bongino’s site posted a 727% increase in year-over-year unique visitors for August attracted 3.14 million unique visitors in August, ranking as TheRightings 16th most-trafficked conservative website, based on Comscore data.In August
2019, drew just 380,000 unique visitors. “The Republican and Democratic national conventions and Biden’s historic selection of Kamala Harris as his
running mate dominated the news in August,” stated Howard Polskin, president-chief curator at …


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Social Media Marketing For Sports: How To Use Instagram, Twitter And Facebook To Keep Fans Engaged

social media marketing for sports: how to use instagram, twitter and facebook to keep fans engaged


In the modern sport era, social media is just as integral to a team’s marketing campaign as any other digital or physical form. Sports fan culture has boomed online, with relevant accounts sporting up to millions of followers across multiple platforms. The official NHL account @NHL clocked 124,000 views on a Tweet announcing the first selection of the 2020 Draft. ESPN MMA (@espnmma) has 106,000 on a throwback clip of Demetrious Johnson. The LA Lakers posted a close-up of the Mamba jersey as an announcement to Instagram, with over 320,000 likes in seven hours — and counting. Media plays several roles in sports and its fan culture, notes Sprout Social. These include:Official team updates, like new signings, pre- or post-game announcements and breaking newsLive updates for ongoing events, particularly matches or press conferencesOpportunities for fan engagement, including polls, giveaways, or caption contestsExclusive content, such as Q&As, behind-the-scenes photos, or video montagesFeatures regarding team-related community eventsWith more and more people using social media as a way to stay updated with their favorite teams and athletes, it is crucial to use these platforms to keep fans engaged and gain new ones. There are several strategies to promote fan engagement and boost a team’ …


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