Display Facebook Page Feed on WordPress

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blankIf you’ve ever wondered how to display your Facebook Page Feed on your WordPress Web site, this tutorial is for you.


Today we will be providing you this functionality courtesy of Facebook Page Widget.

Step One:

Log into your WordPress Web site as an admin user.  Locate the dashboard main menu.  Scroll down to the Plugins menu option.  Hover over this selection and select Add New.

Step Two:

When you arrive on the plugin search page locate the search bar.  Enter in the keywords Facebook Page Widget Priam.

Step Three:

Click the Install button.  Wait for a few seconds and when the button changes color and says Activate, click the Activate button.  Wait a few second and you will be redirected to the main plugins page of your WordPress Web site upon successful installation.  If you receive an error you will need to do a google search for incompatible issues with this plugin and your version of WordPress OR the theme you are using with your WordPress installation.  However this is extremely rare.

Step Four:

Configure your plugin in the following manner:

Locate your dashboard main menu.  Scroll down to Appearance.  Hover over Appearance and select Widgets.  When you arrive on the Widgets page you will see the Widget for Facebook Page Widget.  Click and drag the Widget to any sidebar you wish for it to appear.  When it is set in the position you desire, click the down arrow in the far right of the new Widget.  Configure the options as below…

Title: Enter a title for the widget

Facebook page:  Enter a facebook URL

Width: Enter A width

Height: Enter A Height

Hide Cover Photo: Select Yes Or No

Show Friends Faces: Select Yes Or No

Show Post: Select Yes Or No

And that’s it your Facebook Page Feed should show on the sidebar that you selected!  Pretty cool huh?  Now anything you post to that Facebook Page is going to show up on your WordPress Web site post or page depending on your settings in choosing where to display it.

NOTE: to display on pages select the sidebar you placed the widget in from the sidebar select widget on the right side of your editor.

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