Social Jukebox: Awesome Playlists for Your Social Media Posts.

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Hey everybody.  As you all know I am always sticking my nose in stuff and tinkering around and then letting you know about it.  So this week I stuck my nose in and tinkered with Social Jukebox (@SocialJukebox) the creation of brilliant and talented duo Tim Fargo (@tim_fargo) and Len Sixt.

The signup process was very friendly offering ways to sign up via your already created accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or you can create a separate account with a username and password.  Then with a few more details (email, name), you are in.

Once you get in, you will want to spend some time visiting their YouTube channel here.  Their YouTube channel has some really helpful tutorials waiting for you which quickly get you up to speed on what you need to know to use the site.

Now you get to create jukeboxes:

  1. from other jukeboxes from other creators or
  2. you can create your own using a variety of sources. 

If you choose to create your own jukebox, then you can:

  1. create the entries manually or
  2. you can upload the entries in bulk or
  3. you can even tie in a curated RSS feed into the jukebox that the system will check for you automatically and add any new entries it finds.

But that is not the best part.  The best part is the evergreen function.  This function is described as “tipping over the hourglass” and all your posts in the jukebox automatically retweet on Twitter or repost on Facebook and LinkedIn and become “evergreen”.  You don’t have to do a thing.

The user panel offers the ability to target posts, view a visual schedule, auto schedule posts, view analytics and add jukeboxes.  The User Interface is well designed and easy to use and understand.  Plus Tim is amazing at getting back to you if you have a problem by going here.

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I found Social Jukebox refreshing and I really liked the RSS Feed tab.  I would like to see a few more RSS feeds available (ten is a good number that I see a lot).  Currently they offer three.  Even so, you can consolidate feeds at Feed Informer for free and use consolidated feeds as your three primary feeds for now (and that is plenty powerful).

All in all, this is a handy, inexpensive, very professional and rock solid tool to add to your toolbox of Social Media Management tools.