How 5 Birmingham startups are working now—why it matters | Bham Now

how 5 birmingham startups are working now—why it matters | bham now


Kerry Schraeder, co-founder of Mixtroz. Photo via Mixtroz

What happens when Birmingham startups are told to slow down? They don’t—at least not this crew. Over two months after the state shut down, here’s how Magic City startups are navigating the decision to return to work, hosting pre-pandemic events and sustaining company culture (A.K.A killin’ the game).

1. Mixtroz

Like Bham Now, as a tech company, the Mixtroz team is able to more or less work remotely 24/7. Their biggest business shift, however, was to accelerate the development and launch of Virtual Mixtroz. The badass company did just that and now the new feature is already being used and available in the Apple and Google Play app stores, as well as online.

“In a nutshell going forward at Mixtroz, we will be very flexible in work locations. We’ll do it where it, and for roles that, makes sense. We will ensure that money is spent on client acquisition, marketing and technology—not on rented space that is not driving money to the bottom line.  I do believe we will return to an office within the next 6-8 months, when it becomes obvious we need to do so, …



Diverse students display inventions at HBCU showcase

diverse students display inventions at hbcu showcase


Students present their talents as they pitch their innovations at the third annual HBCU Making & Innovation Showcase in Washington, D.C., in February 2020.PHOTO: MICHAEL J. COLELLA FOR AAASA social media platform for online education, a smart cane that warns visually impaired users of objects along their path, and a mobile app that connects customers to restaurants eager to distribute surplus food were just a few of the inventions that student innovators from historically black colleges and universities displayed at a recent showcase.The American Association for the Advancement of Science, with support from the National Science Foundation, hosted the third annual HBCU Making & Innovation Showcase in February 2020 in Washington, D.C. The event, held in conjunction with AAAS’s and NSF’s Emerging Researchers National Conference, brought together 80 students and faculty members from HBCUs for 2 days of interactive workshops and training on invention and entrepreneurship. The conference culminated with 18 teams of undergraduate and graduate students from 13 colleges and universities pitching their innovations.“Entrepreneurial thinking and an invention mindset are critical to address the challenges that affect communities around the world, and in our own backyards,” said Neela White, a project director in AAAS’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program. “As we look …


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Innovative Steps Startups Are Taking to Reduce App Costs and Detect Fake Accounts

innovative steps startups are taking to reduce app costs and detect fake accounts


Startups must quickly come up with ways to reduce costs and detect new accounts that could be bloating costs.

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28, 2020

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As apps gain traction through word of mouth or features on websites, blogs and app stores, some of these apps face unique issues. These issues can range from sudden influxes of activity that stress server capacity to fake users that aim to swamp the app with content not relevant for the app’s actual goals. Because of these issues, app maintenance costs can quickly balloon. In fact, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook spend a significant amount of money on account removal already —estimates put worldwide startup spending on fake account removal around $1.3 billion per year.Whether startups suddenly need to hire new employees to manually audit new users and the content they post or new automated systems have to be developed to reduce the cost of these fake users, startups must quickly come up with clever ways to reduce costs and simultaneously detect …


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Bengaluru may lose 50,000 startup jobs in COVID-19 turbulence

bengaluru may lose 50,000 startup jobs in covid-19 turbulence


India’s startup capital Bengaluru is set to witness large-scale distress in its startup ecosystem due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An estimated 50% of the startups in the city, which is home to 8,000 startups, may wind-up operations due to severe cash crunch, leading to a loss of around 50,000 jobs.Already, some of the big players such as Swiggy, Zomato and Ola have announced lay offs, pay cuts and furloughs to reduce their losses.According to analysts, the main challenge for startups right now is to extend their runway, which translates to preserving cash until normalcy returns and demand picks up.Follow live updates on coronavirus hereK Ganesh, serial entrepreneur and partner, GrowthStory said: “Most startups are not profitable and depend on investor capital to survive every month. In this situation, when the business has come to zero, the amount of cash they need has increased exponentially. I estimate 50% of startups will shut down in Bengaluru.” Ganesh, who is a promoter of BigBasket, Portea Medical & others, said the focus for startups right now is to survive by cutting costs, so that they are able to open up once things get normal. Suresh Jayaraju, Senior Director and Head of Nasscom 10,000 Startups, said that pre-launch …


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Meet the who’s who of local tech community builders: Philly’s 100 RealLIST Connectors

meet the who’s who of local tech community builders: philly’s 100 reallist connectors


What does Philly’s tech community look like and who helps build it?It’s something we pay attention to all year, but we’ve been taking a closer look during Community Building Month, especially as the definition of community has and will change due to the coronavirus pandemic and shift to remote work and virtual events.For the past four years, we at have been bringing you lists of promising startups in Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C. and Delaware. Last fall, we launched the inaugural lists of influential and impressive engineers. Now, we’re happy to introduce the next evolution in the RealLIST series: RealLIST Connectors, our roundup of folks working to build their local tech, entrepreneurship and innovation community by linking others with an eye toward future growth and inclusivity.In this list you’ll see many different initiatives that these leaders have started and organized, but there’s one thing that unites them: It’s not just about them. In the conversations we’ve had over the years, it’s become clear that they care about their city’s tech and business community, and about leaving it better for future generations.Many have had success at …


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Cincom Claire Oancea Joins IAMCP, Women in Tech Boards

cincom claire oancea joins iamcp, women in tech boards


Cincom Systems, Inc., a global supplier of enterprise software solutions and a Microsoft Dynamics partner, announces that as part of a push to work more closely with communities that make up the tech industry, Claire Oancea, Cincom Channel Manager, has joined the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) and Dynamic Communities’ Women in Tech boards.Recommended AI News: 5 Ways Smart Cities Can Defend Against PandemicsSusan Fine, Cincom Director of Channels and North American Sales, says, “Claire manages Channel Development for Cincom and understands the power we have to reimagine the way we can do business. Her experience is invaluable to our partners and customers, and we know it will be helpful to IAMCP and Dynamic Communities in this new digital business environment.”As part of the Women in Tech board, Oancea will help plan the yearly Community Summit, the top training and networking event across the globe for Microsoft Business Applications. This year the U.S. event will be held in Nashville, from October 6-9.Recommended AI News: 3 Steps To Channel Customer Feedback Into Product InnovationAccording to Tonya Anderson, Global Partner Program Manager for Dynamic Communities, “Our Women in Technology session for Community Summit will have some new and …


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Win a Wild Card to compete in Startup Battlefield at Disrupt 2020

win a wild card to compete in startup battlefield at disrupt 2020


Ready to take advantage of every opportunity to keep your startup on track and moving forward? Yes, yes you are. Exhibiting in Startup Alley during Disrupt SF 2020 is nothing but opportunity. It offers founders beaucoup benefits, but there’s one more whopper waiting for two standout startups. We’re talking about the Wild Card entry to compete in Startup Battlefield.
Yup, buy yourself a Startup Alley Exhibitor Package and you’ll have a shot at joining Disrupt SF 2020’s elite Startup Battlefield cohort. The winner of this epic pitch competition takes home the coveted Disrupt Cup and $100,000. And who couldn’t use that kind of equity-free cash infusion right about now?
Here’s how it all works. Exhibit in Startup Alley, where you’ll demo your tech products, platforms or services to potential investors, customers, engineers, media outlets and, well, the list goes on. This is no time to take your foot off the gas, and Startup Alley offers a prime opportunity to network one-on-one and build relationships with the people who can help keep your startup moving forward.
Now, about that Wild Card. The discerning TechCrunch editorial team will review all exhibiting startups and — talk about a tough task — …


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South Bay by Jackie Pandemic Survival Guide May 28, 2020

south bay by jackie pandemic survival guide may 28, 2020


You may have heard that last week the Manhattan Beach City Council did some legal finagling that allowed retail shops to fully open with protective measures in place. The minute I heard that, I predicted neighboring cities would quickly follow suit and buck the county orders. Well, they didn’t have to, because a few days later the county announced that all retail could fully open. Coincidence? I think not. It wouldn’t look good for cities to blatantly ignore county mandates – or God forbid, have the county try to enforce them – so they bowed to the pressure. This is the powers-that-be attempt to save face and cast themselves in the role of hero by pushing up the re-opening time line. Listen, when you’ve got millionaires, billionaires and captains of industry alongside small business owners protesting in the streets and ignoring county and state directives, that poses serious questions to your authority. They finally recognized they had better listen to their constituents, else lose their power altogether. Government officials work for we, the people…. and we can never let them forget it.Anyway, there’s not much going on this week…. if it weren’t for all the valuable programs offered by Beach Cities …


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Why Google rewrites meta description – Inbound Marketing Blog

why google rewrites meta description – inbound marketing blog


I’m currently in the middle of a keyword review for a new client. I’ve gone to town on the keyword research, we’ve hashed out the targets, and now it’s time to apply them to the website. Hold on to ya butts – it’s time for some sweet, sweet meta.I love copywriting. Sure I have a preferred writing style, and I obviously have my favourite topics, but it largely doesn’t really matter to me what I’m writing. I enjoy putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) for long pieces, short pieces, social media content… and even meta descriptions. Something about hitting that perfect character (or rather pixel) limit with a well-structured, super-optimised, and grammatically-correct bit of copy that makes me feel Top Banana.And then Google goes and ignores it in SERPs.Why isn’t Google using my meta description?There are a few reasons this could be happening, and you’ll probably not be surprised to find that they’re all about the user.1. Your meta description is stuffed with keywordsIn the past, metadata was heavily abused by webmasters in trying to improve their positions in organic search. The meta tag is …


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