Opinion – Just Who Elects the President of the United States anyway? Is Certification of an Election Just a Formality?

opinion – just who elects the president of the united states anyway? is certification of an election just a formality?

Certification of the election results is not a formality. It is the law. Furthermore, the vote by the Electoral College is not a formality, it is the law.

I get it, everyone hates Donald J. Trump for actually doing what he said he vowed to do: represent the American People as the Constitutionally protected First Estate of these United States of America. That vow trampled on a lot of plans some powerful unelected folks had for a level of integration with a reordering of the world in which the United States would give up quite a bit of its sovereignty to be a better world stage player or in other words part of a so-called New World Order or the Great Reset.

That being said, rational minds tend to think that there is a process for verification of an election for a reason. The space between the two administrations, whether it be a continuation of the previous administration or the beginning of a new administration that replaces the previous administration, is not just a concession/transition period. It is also, by law, a verification and confirmation period. This helps the American People trust that the election process is transparent, accurate, and fair. If one side feels that the election was not legitimate for some provable, impactful, and evidence-supported reason they have the right under the law to sue. This is what the Trump administration has decided to do.

Certain states have recount triggers that are automatically built into the system if the vote is very close and neither candidate received more than 50% of the vote. This is happening also.

The idea that this provisional transaction is a conspiracy of some sort is unfounded and leads to actual misuse of an unwatched system. We should all want all legally cast votes to be counted and in cases where there is provable wrongdoing, an audit of votes. We should all want that. This is exactly what happened in Bush V Gore. That election was not certified for 37 days. Was it a conspiracy? No. It was the process.

Fast forward to today where the media and popular opinion is calling an election long before anything has been certified and you get exactly what you are seeing now. It’s akin to driving off the car lot with a car that you have promised to pay for but have not yet finalized the transaction. You would be arrested for theft and the car lot would be right for having you arrested.

In 2016 America watched the process allow a duly elected president of the United States to be subjected to every effort possible to remove him from his duly elected position along mainly partisan lines. Yet, before the COVID-19 obliteration, his policies had American jobs, wages, and quality of life the highest in history across almost all groups. Was he really incompetent or was he an undesirable man with solid economic policies? Many have said, and with verifiable veracity, that if you separate the man from his policies, his policies place him as the greatest conservative US President in history. That may be overstating things and perhaps simplifying things, but not by much given the numbers that were generated. Still, the fact remains the overwhelming percentage of attacks against him were personal in nature and not due to his policies.

The point here is that the PROCESS allowed the actions of the Democrats in 2016 just as they are allowing what the Republicans are doing today. That is what is fair and if an administration survives these they are entitled to govern. They are not entitled to govern if the media or public opinion says so. That’s the law, folks.

So whether you are left or right-leaning as an American, you are still an American and what is going on in our elections is provisional not just a formality. Even so, we should all want everything that transpires in our great nation to be vetted and free and clear of any wrongdoing. Whatever it takes to satisfy that watermark needs to be done, especially in such contentious times. So rather than fearmonger and hyperbolize everything, we should instead get behind the legal process and let it play out. We all might just learn a thing or two about how great our system really is.

How far will the Trump Administration get with these efforts? That is a good question if you are willing to have the results be known to the fullest prosecutorial extent of the law. But that requires patience and methodical procedural action which most Americans are loathing to participate in. Which is sad really. If the Trump administration comes up with a big strikeout, we should all call out, “good game” and be done with it and move forward and work together to strengthen our nation and our people. If the Trump Administration should find wrongdoing, and it is provable, significant, and impacts the election results meaningfully, then we should all cry out, “foul” and do whatever it takes to remedy the misdeed and make sure it never happens again, for the sake of our claim that we have the greatest election process in the world. We should all be willing to go either way with well mannered, goodwill. Right now that is certainly not happening, and THAT is the shame here.

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