5 Best Web Designers in Charlotte🥇

5 best web designers in charlotte🥇


The web designers. Source: Pexels
Below is a list of the top and leading Web Designers in Charlotte. To help you find the best Web Designers located near you in Charlotte, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.
Charlotte’s Best Web Designers:
The top rated Web Designers in Charlotte are:

Lazarus Charlotte – believes in doing what is best for its clients
Bellaworks – is enthusiastic about what technology can do for business
Web Design Charlotte – Elev8 Media – is a digital marketing agency that provides stellar results
Michelle Jones Creative Web Design – ensures your website doesn’t just look good, it boosts your bottom line
IMCG Creative Web Design – specializing in website design and SEO

Lazarus Charlotte
Lazarus Charlotte. Source: Screenshot from

Lazarus Charlotte believes in doing what is best for its clients. As well as creating exceptional websites. They promise to answer emails promptly and hit all the deadlines that they agree upon. Its mission is to reach those that want to grow their business but don’t know how to go about it. To create excellent websites that appeal to customers. And finally, it brings about growth.
They exist to help …



Single Piece 3D-Printed PCB Vice

single piece 3d-printed pcb vice


Making full use of the capabilities and advantages of 3D printing requires a very different way of thinking compared to more traditional manufacturing methods. Often we see designs that do not really take these advantages into account, so we’re always on the lookout for interesting designs that embrace the nature of 3D-printed parts in interesting ways. [joopjoop]’s spring-loaded PCB vice is one such ingenious design that incorporates the spring action into the print itself.
This vice is designed to be printed as a single piece, with very little post-processing required if your printer is dialed in. There is a small gap between the base plate and the springs and clamping surfaces that need to be separated with a painters knife or putty knife. Two “handles” have contours for your fingers to operate the clamping surfaces. It opens quickly for inserting your latest custom PCB.
PLA can be surprisingly flexible if the right geometry is used, and these springs are an excellent example of this. In the video below [Chuck Hellebuyck] does a test and review of the design, and it looks like it works well for hand soldering (though it probably won’t hold up well with a …


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In second year, Severance High School again welcomes new leadership

in second year, severance high school again welcomes new leadership


A sense of new and and a feeling of change was expected to float around the halls this year at Severance High School, which opens for a second academic year next week.The process of introducing the school to students and staff was never going to be limited to one first day in August 2019. Severance started with only freshmen and sophomores a year ago. A new freshmen class will arrive this year, and another in 2021 to complete the pictures as a grade 9-12 high school.
SEVERANCE, CO – AUGUST 13:From left, Severance High School Dean of Students Eric Lind, Principal Jen Brownhill and Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Ernie Derrera stand for a portrait outside Severance High School in Severance Aug. 13, 2020. (Alex McIntyre/Staff Photographer)
The arrival, then, of a new leadership group in the high school office this month occurs with less of a ripple effect than if administrators showed up replacing long-serving predecessors.
“This building is experiencing change every year,” said new Severance Dean of Students Eric Lind. “There’s so much new in Year 2. New staff, new materials — and that will happen next year, too.”
Lind, who arrived at Severance as a social studies teacher and track and …


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Baird says leadership has been lacking in Alexander City

baird says leadership has been lacking in alexander city


Woody Baird has been watching Alexander City officials from the sidelines for decades.Baird said the best days of the city were in the past with plenty of good paying jobs and Alexander City was thriving. He believes the city has lacked needed leadership and is seeking the office of mayor to provide it.“Anybody that knows me knows I have a passion for Alexander City,” Baird said Monday at TPI’s Political Forum. “If you have read any of my editorials or followed me over the years, you know my passion for Alexander City. I want to see Alex City survive and I want to see it better. Growing up I remember Alexander City was a vibrant community with good schools and a hospital, a place where your children could get a job and live here and could expect quality of life. That’s no longer the case.”Baird said the administrations since the glory days of Russell Corp. have not brought in jobs to replace those lost in Russell’s decline.“Our economy has been stagnant for the last 15 years,” Baird said. “We lost our mid-range salary jobs. We can’t survive as a retail-based economy at this …


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Leading Car Designers Work on Zortrax 3D Printers – MANUFACTUR3D

leading car designers work on zortrax 3d printers – manufactur3d


Above: Restoring vintage cars at the ABcar Oldtimers’ workshop in Poland/Image Credit: Zortrax

3D printing technology is indispensable in modern car design. World-leading brands like Ferrari extensively use additive manufacturing, especially in the early stages of developing new products. Vincenzo Mattia, an ex-Ferrari designer involved in the LaFerrari project, explains the Ferrari’s approach to design and how the company works with various 3D printers, including Zortrax.
Modern car design is a complex process that takes a multitude of different skills like processing carbon fiber, setting up suspensions and engines, or adjusting aerodynamics. According to Mattia, the best way to start a career in the automotive industry is to get a general education offered at renowned schools like the Italian ISSAM which stands for Istituto Superiore di Scienza dell’Automobile di Modena, and then narrow the scope of expertise down to more specific areas of interest.
At Ferrari, there are over 3000 people involved in the design process and it is impossible to do everything alone. Mattia names the five design stages every new Ferrari has to go through: the demo, mulotipo, prototipo, avanserie, and preserie. 3D printing is heavily used in the first two stages.
“The demo is the …


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Seaquist Says County Badly Run, Time for New Leadership | The Suburban Times

seaquist says county badly run, time for new leadership | the suburban times


Submitted by Larry Seaquist for Pierce County Executive campaign.Larry opened his general election campaign for Pierce County Executive with a call for fundamental changes in leadership and direction of the county. Speaking before the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs forum in the first head to head debate of the campaign, Seaquist expressed his disappointment in the incumbent’s time in office.“Our county government is not being well run. Our county budget is mismanaged. The working climate for the county’s 3,000 employees is unhealthy,” said Seaquist.Reviewing his own career experience as a senior public service executive, Seaquist, a retired Navy Captain who once commanded the battleship USS IOWA, said: “Leadership is in my wheelhouse. Command in public service is what I do. I’ve taken over bad organizations and turned them into successes. And I’m a long-time budget guy skilled both at budget making and budget squeezing.” Questions from attendees touched on the COVID-19 crisis, economic uncertainty, and public safety. In a repeated contrast, Dammeier cited past progress and Seaquist responded by pointing out that the virus has changed everything and touches everything. “We’ve got to manage the virus as a systemic problem,” said …


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Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. Announces Changes in Finance Leadership

hertz global holdings, inc. announces changes in finance leadership


ESTERO, Fla., Aug. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: HTZ) ( the “Company” or “Hertz”) a global leader in car rental, today announced that Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jamere Jackson, has resigned to pursue a new opportunity. Mr. Jackson will remain with Hertz until September 11, 2020, to assist in the transition of his responsibilities.
The Company also today announced the promotion of R. Eric Esper to Executive Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer, and Kenny K. Cheung to Executive Vice President of Finance, Chief Operational Finance and Restructuring Officer, effective immediately. They will report directly to Paul Stone, Hertz’s President and Chief Executive Officer, as will the Company’s Treasurer, Scott Massengill.
Mr. Esper has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer of Hertz since November 2018. He previously served as Vice President and Controller of the Company beginning March 2018. From July 2010 to March 2018, Mr. Esper held a variety of financial leadership roles with Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., most recently as Vice President, Brand Finance & Strategy, and Vice President and Controller. Prior to that, Mr. Esper was with PricewaterhouseCooper, LLC. He is a Certified Public Accountant.
Mr. Cheung has served as Senior Vice President of Global Financial Planning & Analysis …


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Welcome to our latest FAQ Friday — on privacy— where industry experts answer your burning technology and startup questions. We’ve gathered Minnesota authorities on topics from software development to accounting to talent acquisition and everything in between. Check in each week, and submit your questions here.
This week’s FAQ Friday is sponsored by The Jed Mahonis Group. The Jed Mahonis Group helps businesses strategize, design, develop, and deploy custom iOS and Android mobile applications. The company has partnered with many startups and large brands over the years to deliver software that is used by millions of people around the world, including companies such as Great Clips, Green Mill, VSI Labs, and Kwikly.
Meet Our FAQ Expert
Tim Bornholdt, Partner at The Jed Mahonis Group | @timbornholdt
Tim got his start in web development in the first grade, so he’s been building websites and apps for more than 20 years. In addition to being an accomplished software developer, Tim is also an award-winning videographer and podcaster. He currently edits the C Tolle Run podcast hosted by Olympian Carrie Tollefson, and he hosts the Constant Variables podcast where he breaks down complex mobile app development topics for entrepreneurs and product managers.
How …


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PVM Communications Team Receives AAVMC 2020 Communications Excellence Award

pvm communications team receives aavmc 2020 communications excellence award


Friday, August 14, 2020

The communications program at the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine has been recognized with the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges’ (AAVMC) 2020 Communications Excellence Award.  Judges praised Purdue’s program for overall excellence that advanced the college’s strategic outreach. 

The award is for work completed during the 2019 calendar year.  The communications team consists of Kevin Doerr, director of public affairs and communications; Allison Carey, assistant director of communications; Wright Frazier, director of web communications; and Osmar Lopez, senior web developer.  Susan Xioufaridou, director of alumni relations and special events, also contributed work recognized with the award, as did Lauren Bruce, then marketing and communications manager for the Veterinary Hospital and ADDL.

“This award recognizes the creativity, skill, and commitment to excellence of our communications team,” said Dean Willie Reed. “I am very proud to have such a talented group of communication professionals in our college.”

In announcing the award, the AAVMC noted that Purdue University carried out a major themed celebration of its sesquicentennial in 2019, as the College of Veterinary Medicine simultaneously marked its 60th anniversary with messaging and graphics centered on a theme of progress and innovation. The college used multiple platforms to increase its …


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